Saturday, 3 March 2018

Full Moon in Virgo 2nd March 2018

Full Moon in Virgo today (2nd March) at 11 degrees Virgo. So the previous 4 days and the next 4 days may feel more emotionally charged or you may simply feel more sensitive. Virgo can be quite critical and self critical too. The usual broken sleep or strange dreams are all possible as are big revelations or releasing emotions. Full Moons may feel hard but they always lead to the New Moon in a few weeks when things feel fresher and calmer hopefully, as a rule of thumb. Of course, it depends on the aspects to other planets.
Virgo is a perfectionist, hard working, practical sign which is rather analytical too. As this Virgo Full Moon is opposite Sun and Neptune in Pisces (along with Mercury, Venus & Chiron) the swing between fantasy, imagination, escapism, confusion and a desire to get things done could be challenging. If you find you're dreaming and imagining magical thoughts one minute and then seriously analysing in detail practical matters the next, don't worry. Full Moon times can be beneficial for stopping bad habits, rather than indulging (If you do indulge, take care as excess is more likely and can get out of control) With health conscious Virgo and the Moon in positive trine to Saturn, being in control and remaining grounded are assisted. Additionally Virgo's obsessive or extreme attention to detail could be positively used for tasks that need to be done or for artisan work.
No planets are retrograde in the first week of March which is very unusual so it's a great time to get things started or done before Mercury Retrograde's pre Shadow influence which begins on 8th March, even though it doesn't go Retrograde until 22nd March through to 11th April. Mercury Retrograde in Aries may bring impatient communication, people blurting out insensitive comments or people selfishly or angrily throwing their toys out of the pram.
Mercury (planet of thoughts and communication) Retrograde conjunct Venus (planet of love, creativity, healing, money) may turn more thoughts to review or revisit the area of love, relationships, conversations and past connections. The odds are more likely to bump into (literally) or hear from old friends or loves from the past. Aries is ruled by Mars the planet of war and action so a potentially good time to re visit or re do creative projects. Aries can be accident prone and traffic problems and machinery/technological breakdowns often increase during Merc Ret periods, so don't kick that washing machine in frustration if it conks out or impatiently rush to get somewhere as you're already late; you're more likely to injure yourself or others in the process. Headaches may be heightened too during the Mercury Retrograde period in Aries.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Dec 3rd 2017 - Gemini Full Moon & Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius

If you've been experiencing an over active mind, strange(r) thoughts and restlessness, it may be the waxing Full Moon's influence. This Super Full Moon' in Gemini (11 degrees) may be felt for two weeks before and after 3rd - emotions may run higher and in the air sign of Gemini, erratic thoughts and excess nervous energy are possible. Full Moon in Gemini is sociable and likes to be busy but instead you may feel like you're running around in multiple directions with lots to do, but not achieving much with many delays and set backs. Don't be hard on yourself, it's a challenging time, especially with Mercury turning Retrograde on 3rd in Sagittarius. 

The usual generalities apply for Full Moons (often a time of release and revelations) and Mercury Retrograde (increased technological problems, worse traffic delays, machinery breakdowns, miscommunications, bumping into people from the past, past memories rising) but this combination is a bit different to the norm. 

This Super Full Moon in Gemini square Neptune may bring strange thoughts with dreamy, confused feelings, you may simply feel out of sorts. With the Sagittarius Sun conjunct Mercury Retrograde conjunct Saturn, pessimistic thoughts turn serious and Gemini's normal high energy, could feel dampened. Don't worry just being aware of this potential Neptunian distortion of reality, misperceptions or over idealism (for some) could help during this time; reminding us that things may not be as the seem. So delay making important decisions, if possible, particularly with Jupiter trine Neptune, as the magical illusion or fantasy may burst. Also be aware the shadow side of Gemini energy is the trickster (Magician reversed card in the Tarot). So take extra care during the next few weeks, not to be gullible and falsely led by deceptions and lies. Some people may try to take advantage of you. Read the small print (especially carefully during the Mercury Retrograde period) and ask the right questions. Or if you're feeling too fuzzy minded or dazzled, simply don't say yes, put things on hold until Mercury turns direct on 23rd. In fact, better to wait til after 28th January as the post Retrograde Shadow from 23rd - 28th may be experienced even more strongly. 

Mercury Retrograde is in Sagittarius a fiery, optimistic, philosophical, freedom loving, future orientated sign but conjunct Saturn and with the Full Moon in Gemini, cold, harsh truths may arise, unpleasant facts (pr lies) discovered or a bubble may be burst during December. People may be harsh with their words or 'facts' but they may regret what they say or what they've done after Mercury turns direct. Beyond the Super Full Moon's influence Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius is a retrospective time to review our philosophies, ideals and where we may wish to venture in the bigger future. 

On the plus side Mercury Retrograde is a great time to slow down, to re visit thoughts, re write, re plan, re do and to generally reflect. December 10th's Uranus trine Mercury could inject some excitement and awakening into our previous serious thoughts and December' 18th's New Moon in Sagittarius trine Uranus could be great for problem solving and innovative ideas.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 7th Aug 2017

The Full Moon, Lunar eclipse at 15 degrees Aquarius on 7th August, 2017 (7.10pm London) with Sun conjunct Sirius on 8th August until 14th August is a powerful time to re charge, energise and open our eyes, hearts and our awareness and to rise beyond the mundane and the physical, a time to understand our emotions and to have illumination about our Shadow self and relationships with human kind. Some say it is a portal to understanding more about the universe. Sirius is 23 times brighter than the Sun. Hence why with the Sun close to Sirius it's like getting an extra boost of self confidence and self awareness in unison with Aquarian emotional awareness. Some articles I've read write about how Atlantis and the Egyptians worked with Sirius. The usual waxing Full Moon effects may be felt from increased sensitivity, to strange dreams, broken sleep and feeling emotionally overwhelmed. Aquarius is a rebellious, independent, sociable sign, so people may feel more inclined to be out there connecting with people, feeling friendlier and wanting to break out of old habits or routines. Although the Full Moon increases emotions, Moon in aspect to Mars could be irritable, impatient and Aquarius can be quite cool and distant. At the least it emanates independence. Uranus rules Aquarius and it's an unexpected, lightening energy so with the 'Lion's Gate Portal' at it's referred to on the 8th with the Sun conjunct Sirius plus the Full Moon - unexpected breakthroughs or insights are even more likely. Jupiter square Pluto from 4th is a powerful aspect where greed or a desire to succeed or unbury treasures (whether knowledge or money) are heightened. Pirates of the Higher Consciousness. Mercury Retrograde in Virgo continues to cause disruption to technology and transport but reflect and give extra time and back up any important data.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 12th August until 5th September 2017

Mercury turns Retrograde in Virgo on 12th August (11 degrees) and turns direct on 5th September in in Leo (28 degrees) so coincides powerfully with the Leo Solar Eclipse on 21st. The effects may start to be felt now, with an intensified pre shadow retrograde influence from 8th-11th August and in intensified post direct influence from 6th to 12th September. By 20th September everything will feel back to normal. Virgo is ruled by Mercury so this Retrograde is likely to be strong and with Mercury in opposition to Neptune, confusion, mistrust, mis communication, fuzzy thinking, mix ups with schedules all heightened. On the plus side re visiting, re writing, re scheduling, re organising are all good as earthy Virgo is practical and likes to sort things out. Getting out old photos, reading old emails, re making or rebuilding could be constructive. Mercury Retrograde is a good time to slow down and reflect, 'pause for thought' effect. Retrogrades increase the chances of machinery, technological or communication breakdowns, mix ups with dates and plans, along with more travel disruption. Time often feels slower and set backs and delays mean it's wise to leave extra time for travel and to be equipped in case you're stuck somewhere i.e water, food, a coat, a good book and even a torch or matches (dull but useful.) Virgo is perfectionist, can be obsessive, analytical and shy, so introversion, focusing on details or obsessively putting things in order are all accentuated. As always but especially with this Mercury Retrograde, think carefully before you speak, re read any posts or emails before hitting that send button and take care with the words you choose as criticisms can hurt and arguments could lead to relationship breakdowns. With the lunar eclipse on 7th August do be aware that any deceptions could come to the surface over the following months, so generally with this Mercury Retrograde, think before you act. All common sense really!

New Moon in Leo, Sunday 23rd July 2017

Today's New Moon at 0 degrees Leo is strongly energised by Mars. Moon conjunct Mars is fiery, passionate, playful, creative and in the mood for action. New Moons are always good for instigating change or doing something new. With Moon/Mars square Uranus a rebellious edge could be added to the influence, along with impatience, restlessness and impulsiveness. Moon square Uranus is innovative and could cause erratic moods or irritability. These influences although potentially volatile are also fun and crave excitement. Some people may deliberately act in ways for the shock value. Uranus relates to technology and science so breakthroughs could occur in these areas. The grand fire trine between Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries and Moon, Mars in Leo following through in August is exciting overall. Unusually there are two new moons in a row this year in Leo, the next is the more powerful Solar Eclipse on 21st August. But before writing about this I will follow up with Mercury Retrograde updates and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on 7th August.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Full Moon 9th July 2017

This Sunday 9th July at 5:06 am London time, there is an incredibly intense Full Moon at 17 degrees Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. So things are heating up (think Gordon Ramsey, hell's kitchen!) Pluto is a powerful planet that is extreme, deep, linked death, rebirth, transformation, taboos, crisis, manipulation. So although in Capricorn this Full Moon will feel more Scorpionic. The usual build up of emotions, anger, strange dreams, restlessness, sensitivity are all likely to have been experienced in the last few weeks. And this influence can expect to be felt for around 2 weeks after 9th. As the Moon conjunct Pluto is in opposition to the Sun and Mars in Cancer, pent up anger or repressed feelings or resentment could come to the surface and result in arguments or power struggles. What concerns me about this Full Moon is the potential increase in crazy, aggressive drivers on the road or people simply looking for a fight or to cause damage or worse. Pluto in opposition to Mars is war like, destructive, passionate, aggressive. Jealousy fuelled or competitive drunken fights between alpha males with this hot, balmy weather is how this Full Moon potentially feels. Sun (one self) in opposition to Pluto could represent an inner fight, negative self esteem or self destruction. On an emotional level Pluto in opposition to Mars can be manipulative, possessive, obsessive ('bee in the bonnet') Moon in opposition to Mars in Cancer may be moody, short tempered, critical, hyper sensitive. So an intense, dramatic Full Moon which feels like skeletons could come out of the closet or things could become explosive or dangerous. So please take extra care everyone and avoid being alone in risky places or with strangers (ruthless sexual predator energy/violence heightened) or where there are too many people. Try not to over react or take extreme action as things will feel different once the Moon starts to wane towards the Full Moon. Sorry to sound like the messenger of fear. On a positive note Moon conjunct Pluto can be cathartic, great for detoxing and deep transformation. There is a positive fire trine between Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Sagittarius and the North Node in Leo so a sense of excitement and freedom and inspiration looking towards future actions is indicated. The Lunar and Solar eclipses in August are going to be particularly lovely ones, so something to look forward to.

Full Moon 9th June 2017

Today's Full Moon in Sagittarius is conjunct (close to) Saturn in challenging angle to Neptune. This could be felt in a variety of ways. Sagittarius is direct & often blunt, so even normally diplomatic people may not mince their words. Sagittarius is energetic so some people may feel more energetic than normal as a few examples. Full Moons generally amplify emotions, put matters under a spotlight, bring things to the surface or reveal that which has been buried or hidden. The truth may come out in (Sagittarius) and hard lessons may be illuminated (Saturn). The Full Moon in Sagittarius at 18° (decan 2) could help focus a variety of areas into a single goal. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter a fortuitous, future orientated planet is also turning direct today after being Retrograde for months. So Sagittarius 's fiery optimism or feeling hopeful about the future may be experienced. Even if Moon/Saturn has a sobering effect for others as relationships & justice msy be themes with Jupiter direct in Libra. Neptune in aspect to this Full Moon/Saturn may be confusing or may make it hard for some to tell fiction ftom fantasy over the next few weeks. But the truth will come out. Its a magical opportunity to move forward with integrity which can bring new positive changes ahead. Abundance & serendipity with Jupiter direct are possible in the coming 4nths as things finally start happening or flowing. It reminds me if the 8 wands upright card euth the Wheel of Fortune upright in the tarot with Sag/Jupiter & perhaps the Hermit to represent wise Saturn.