Monday, 5 January 2015

Full Moon in Cancer 5th January 2015

The waxing moon culminates in a Full Moon in Cancer tomorrow 5th January. The Moon is the natural ruler of Cancer, a nurturing, sensitive, emotional, intuitive,moody placing. This Full Moon though will be in challenging square to Uranus and in opposition to intense Pluto which could be experienced as extreme, crazy or profound feelings. Be aware people could over react during the next four days and may have seemed a bit loco for the previous few. A vacillation between emotions may be possible too, so some people may laugh like a loon one moment and cry the next. Unanticipated events are also possible but on the positive side Full Moons can be a good time for releasing and purging. If you are on a detox this Full Moon could be beneficial too. Balance between career and family matters may be an issue for some people. As always strange dreams, odd feelings and restlessness are other possible effects from a Full Moon.

Shadow Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is not retrograde (in Stationary position) until 20th January but it may be helpful to know that Mercury is in it's shadow period now which means pre Mercury Retrograde experiences may begin or be felt, so increased travel delays, machinery break downs, computer and technological problems may occur. As Uranus rules Aquarius in which Mercury will be Retrograde until 12th Feb it may be wise to back up any important computer files etc.. as Uranus rules technology. At the risk of sounding like a broken record - Mercury Retrograde doesn't need to be feared although there can be more communicative misunderstandings and disruptions and delays it is a beneficial time to review, reflect and reconsider things. Mercury in Aquarius (an independent, cool, inventive, visionary, humanitarian, social sign) could be great for heated debates, for entrepreneurial ideas or to re launch or re brand an old product. Merc Ret is generally not an ideal time to start something new though, if possible as you may need to review or change things after this period.