Sunday, 10 January 2016

New Moon in Capricorn 10th January 2016

Today's New Moon in Capricorn is also very close to Pluto. A powerful, intense New Moon therefore. And this New Moon conjunct Pluto is in positive trine to Uranus in Aries which is exciting and go getting. New Moons are a great time for setting new intentions, planting new goals and in earthy, ambitious Capricorn it is an ideal time to initiate projects or look into starting new activities that will move you forward towards success. Be aware that Moon conjunct Pluto amplifies emotions and desires, so many people may be feeling renewed zest for achievement or obsessed with power or achievement. Moon/Pluto can be fearful or paranoid but try to remain positive to get the most out of this influence. As the Sun is also in Capricorn focus may be felt in the areas of career, finances, materialistic possessions, status or simply getting ahead. As Mercury is retrograde too (which began on 5th January in Aquarius and will mostly be in Capricorn until Jan 25th) remember that past achievements may be on your mind. Mercury the planet of communication, thoughts, short term travel and writing when Retrograde commonly makes time feel slower and often brings an increase in miscommunications, travel delays, technological and machine break downs or weird occurrences. As frustrating as Mercury Retrograde can feel it is a beneficial time to review, revisit or re do things from the past, to have nostalgic thoughts, find past memories come to your attention and don't be surprised if you hear or bump into people from the past. Just give more time for important appointments, make sure to double check arranged times/dates, if you have important conversations to have, choose your words carefully as you may be misunderstood and try to wait a week after Mercury goes Direct on 25th, until carrying out any important actions, if possible. If you do need to sign any contracts or buy new technology be sure to check the small print and keep the receipt.