Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas Day 2015 Full Moon in Cancer

Full Moon in Cancer on Christmas at 11:11 a.m in the UK is a very auspicious time! And quite a rarity as the last Full Moon on Christmas Day was in 1977. The next will be Christmas 2034. In the zodiac sign of Cancer, a rather wonderful occurrence apt for the Christmas spirit.
As you will have noticed, the Moon has been waxing towards a Full one in the last several days. The usual pre Full Moon influences may have been experienced ie heightened emotions sleepless nights or disturbed sleep, strange dreams, restlessness, more tears, anger or strange lunatic changes of moods. Full Moon in Cancer is a sentimental, nostalgic, sensitive sign that loves tradition and links to the 4th house in astrology which is all about the home, security, family and sustenance.
The only major aspects (angles) between the Moon and other planets is Moon in opposition to the Sun which always happens when it is Full. And Neptune in Pisces is in positive trine to this Moon in Cancer, both water signs, so an imaginative, dreamy triangle of sentimentality and lovingness. Mercury is also in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Virgo. Uranus goes direct also, after being Retrograde since July. Pre Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius may be felt at times. I hope to add more about this later, if I have the time. Full Moons are a great time for releasing and letting go, whatever this may mean to you. Setting intentions in the 24 hour period after the culmination of the Full Moon is strongest. Happy Christmas and blessings for a positive, peaceful time over the Festive Season and the New Year!

Friday, 4 December 2015

Nov 23rd 2015 post about the Full Moon in Gemini

Kinetic, hyper, restless energy is in the air escalating towards a Full Moon this Wednesday in Gemini at three degrees. You may find that your mind is on over drive which could result in insomnia. This increased mental activity could result in some great ideas though and could shed light on whatever's been coming full circle. Intense, increased verbal or intellectual exchanges are hightlighted with this Full Moon. Announcements, communications that could lay one's cards on the table or discoveries that may make or break a situation are all possible too during this Full Moon and for the rest of this week. This Gemini Full Moon in opposition to the Sagittarius Sun, with Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius also, could mean that some people feel burdened by the truth or responsibliities and want to release it. Saturn square Neptune could potentially increase fears and insecurities although a positive trine between this Full Moon and Mars in Libra shows physical exercise, activity and communication could be constructive ways to release any serious or negative Saturnine influences. Saturn square Neptune is the first of a series of three squares between these two planets, the next times being in June and September of 2016. Fantasy, illusion, imagination, creativity (Neptune) versus reason, maturity, structure and responsibility (Saturn) are some themes that may be questioned or experienced during these squares

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

New Moon in Scorpio, 11/11/2015

New Moon in Scorpio on 11th of the 11th month is a powerful, positive, transformative influence. Set new intentions, out with the old, in with the new. Scorpio is a deeply intuitive sign with great regenerative powers, it is ruled by Pluto which is similar to the Death card or the Judgement card in the tarot. If you've been feeling change in the air or as if you're on a precipice, try not to be afraid but know this time can herald great change if you wish it. The New Moon and the following few weeks after is a great time to set new intentions and know you can clean the slate and write a new future. Our choices and actions can change the future and with the Sun conjunct Moon and Mercury in Scorpio in positive aspect to Uranus you can dramatically quickly facilitate change. 11/11 is a spiritually awakening number too so embrace these energies and think of the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Full Moon in Taurus, Tuesday 27th October 2015

Whenever there is a Full Moon it means the Sun is opposite the Moon. The Sun represents the ego and the Moon is about one's emotional needs. The Sun is presently in Scorpio and the Full Moon tomorrow on 27th October at midday UK time is in Taurus. The following link shows the world times for this Full Moon…/
During the New Moon it can be a positive time to initiate or plant new intentions whereas during a Full Moon it is considered wiser to release or purge any feelings or anything that isn't so desirable. Some people say the veil between the earthly and the spirit world is thinner during the Full Moon so more care and awareness is smart if dabbling with any intoxicants or rituals - be aware of what you are doing as everything is heightened and more powerful. Make sure you are properly grounded and protected, of course! Rather than inviting anything into your life it is a much wiser time to banish or get rid of anything for example unhealthy or negative thoughts or elements. So to cleanse certainly couldn't hurt, even if this is as simple at lighting a candle and having a salt bath and sending one's intention out to the Universe. Taurus is Venusian, sensual, earthy, possessive whereas Scorpio is intense, deep, emotional and potentially jealous. Remember that Taurus is a sign predisposed to worrying so this may be amplified too. Just remembering that several days leading up to the culmination pf the Full Moon and the several days afterwards can be felt be experienced by everone is beneficial, regardless of the sign it is in. Understanding that people may be more volatile, emotional, super sensitive, crazy or erratic, restless or anxious can benefit. Weirder dreams are so common as is broken sleep too! So know you're not the only one! MWith this particular Full Moon in positive sextile to dreamy, magical, ethereal Neptune, increased intuition, realisations coming to our awareness, lucid dreams or a creative longing may be enhanced as could heightened romanticism. So generally an easier Full Moon compared to the last Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse in Aries at the end of September,
Mercury the planet of communication (in Libra) opposite Uranus (in Aries) will have a Mercury Retrograde feel so take care not to miscommunicate or wish you hadn't said things in a hot headed or over emotional moment. Other planetary activity is that Venus, Mars, Jupiter and the karmic North Node are all close together in practical Virgo - an auspicious stellium which can can assist in consolidating desires into the reality.

Monday, 12 October 2015

New Moon in Libra 12/13th October 2015

New Moon in Libra on 12/13th October depending on where you are located in the world. Although there may be some unexpected surprises with this Moon in opposition to Uranus, these shake ups aren't necessarily bad. Uranus can bring uenxpected flashes of genius for example. Many astrologers are calling this a 're set' or 're balance' New Moon, so it highlights a feeling of starting from zero. As with all New Moon periods it is a good time to set new intentions of what we want to achieve during the next two weeks and even over the next few months (with the recent Lunar Eclipse whose effects can be felt for three months.) It is also considered a fortuitous time to begin new projects, to release old worries and to think about what you would like to change to restore balance in your relationships. Venus is square Saturn so challenges around self love and insecurity may arise but despite this potential influence hopefully pro active Mars conjunct Jupiter can help you put positive desires to change things into action. If you experienced any negative experiences or changes during or after the recent Lunar eclipse be aware Mars trine Pluto can positively initiate new exciting changes.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Full Lunar Eclipse 4 degrees Aries Sun 27th/Mon 28th September 2015

A powerful Full Lunar Eclipse in Aries occurs this Sun/Mon 28th September at 3.47am UK time. It is known as a Blood Red Moon as this hue can be seen when the Earth is exactly between the Sun and the Moon. In layman's terms what does this mean? Aries can be selfish, gung ho, excitable, temperamental, positive but impulsive. These feelings may be heightened for many alongside the usual Full Moon possibilities of disturbed sleep or feeling crazier. Lunar Eclipse's effects may be felt during the following three months so emotional breakthroughs or discoveries about our self or others may be revealed, especially our 'shadow self' which is not always pretty but great lessons can be learned. Heightened impulsivity, temper tantrums, increased ambition, excitement or an 'all or nothing' attitude are possible influences too over the next several days. High adrenaline is one way of summing up a Full Moon in Aries. Saturn in trine to this Aries Moon can help ground and keep emotions and impulsive behavour in check. Happy Weekend every one!

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Mercury Retrograde in Libra 17th Sept - 9th October 2015

Mercury Retrograde commences from tomorrow 17th Sept until 9th October. In the air sign of Libra at 15 degrees, this influence accentuates indecisevenss, changing your mind about what you think and re evaulating ideas from the past. Libra is about truth, justice and relationships with others. So close partnerships may be affected. You might find you re think things about past relationships (this doesn't just have to be romantic, it can be platonic or work relationships.) Be aware that Libra energy is idealistic and with my previous post, past memories may be filtered with rose coloured glasses but these thoughts could change again after the end of October onwards. As this astrological influence happens three, sometimes four times a year and it's effects can be 8 weeks at a time, it's something to look at as part of life. Yes, there will be misunderstandings and miscommunications, yes, technology and traffic will have breakdowns and delays. There might just be an bit of an increase with these incidents. Mercury Retrograde makes us more 'right brained' than usual. Perhaps this means that left handed people are less effected as they are inherently orientated to a right brain side way of thinking and operating. Anyway, it can be a good time to slow down and reflect and mull over things. A pause for thought. As always just pay more attention to what you say (as what you think you've said may be different to what was understood) and if you make any agreements or purchases or sign any contracts (make sure the terms and conditions are clear to you and read extra carefully) I still believe it's a good rule of thumb to avoid buying technology or machinery during this period but if you have to, just make sure there is a good returns policy etc...Although Mercury turns direct on 9th Oct, the post shadow phase can still feel like Mercury Retrograde is on. So from 25th October all should feel like it's returned to a normal pace.

New Moon in Virgo, Jupiter opposition Neptune, Saturn in Sagittarius SEPT 2015

Many people may have found themselves feeling industrious over the weekend or wanting to tidy up or get organised with the partial Solar Eclipse, New Moon in practical, earthy Virgo.The next few weeks may find you continuing on this Autumnal Clean up quest, if you implemented any practical changes then. What else is going on up above us?
Tomorrow Thursday 17th Sept there is an exact opposition (180 degrees) between Jupiter and Neptune, this influence may be felt for the rest of the month. Jupiter is philosophical, explorative, optimistic, truth seeking, knowledgable and has connection to study and travel, it can over exaggerate and be prone to excess; Neptune is elusive, confused, dreamy, mystical, can be escapist and negative but also creative. What does this aspect potentially mean? Depending where these planets are in your personal birth chart, (which houses/areas of life this covers) over idealisation, wearing rose coloured glasses, fluctuating highs and lows, questioning what is fact and what is fiction, disappointment when people fall short of your expectations or hopes, excessive behaviour or giving into addictions may occur in moments of isolation or blind optimism. Be aware too of illusions and things not being what we hope them to be. Your discoveries this month may lead to a change in your beliefs. This all ties in nicely with Saturn moving into Sagittarius tomorrow where it will stay until December 2017. Saturn is the teacher planet and is serious and restrictive, Sagittrius ruled by Jupiter is freedom loving. Saturn sees the cup half empty, Sagittarius, the cup half full, yet they both have strong ethics and stand firm by their beliefs. So this next year and a few months can be a time to review your current principals, your faith may be tested but you may give serious thoughts to where lies your moral compass and what are your true convictions on various subjects.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Saturday 15th August 2015, Leo stellium

With yesterday's New Moon in Leo, along with the Sun, Venus (Retrograde) and Mars also in Leo it's a very Leonine party in the sky. What does this all mean for us down here on earthly planes? - Creativity, playfulness, joyfulness, expression and affection. These influences can return us to our inner child and remind us to try and live more in the moment, to be passionate and fearless like a lion. As this New Moon is in trine with Uranus in Aries it can be a catalyst for reform or to be more 'out there' as Uranus is the maverick planet that rules Aquarius. Some people may want to get noticed as Leo likes attention, or may want to re invent their image or return to a past look with Venus Retrograde. This weekend could also potentially bring back long lost friends or sweet hearts may reunite as Venus Ret overtakes the Sun. The Moon is in opposition to Neptune so a great weekend for escapism, artistry, romance, wishing on a star, looking at old photos or watching old movies.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Month of transformation, July 2015 Blue Moon, Venus Retrograde, Uranus Retrograde, Saturn direct

Venus turned Retrograde on 25th July, Uranus turned Retrograde on 26th July and a second Full Moon of the month (known as a Blue Moon) is in Aquarius this Friday 31st. What does this all mean? Well this Full Moon is like a book end to the previous Full Moon on 1st July in Capricorn - important lessons may have been learnt and will culminate with many feeling a desire to break free (Aquarius) from the old structures or routines (Capricorn) and shut the door on some matters (especially with Saturn turning Direct from 2nd August.) Aquarius is an individualistic, independent, maverick planet and is forward looking and futuristic. This Full Moon in Aquarius will be amplified by Venus Retrograde. Significantly the next blue Moon isn't until 2018. So it is like the last wake up call regarding things that begun in 2012. It will appear and feel like things are slowing down with all these Retrograde planets and may culminate matters forcing us to revise old ideas or situations. It's a month of potential transformation (not necessarily easy) even if it's just internally felt, for some. Uranus Retrograde is not a passive or gentle influence, it can be a generational influence, showing global changes but it can also push us, individually, out of our comfort zone. Think of the Tower card in the tarot, change or upheaval may be thrust upon us, sometimes out of our control or it may be internal revolutions, with lightening bulb moments or understandings. Uranus is rebellious, revolutionary, freedom loving and seeks change like Aquarius the planet it rules. This Uranus Retrograde which lasts till December is most likely to effect people with planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. It's a time of no more excuses, to review what we need to liberate us from restrictions or the old, a time to look at repetitive patterns or old habits and understand the whys and what's instead of burying our heads in the sand. Making extreme changes is generally best delayed during Retrograde periods as a rule of thumb.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Venus Retrograde July 25th - Sept 8th 2015

From July 25th until Sept 8th Venus will be retrograde. Essentially any Retrograde period causes us to review, revisit, reflect, remember, reconsider and return to the past. As Venus is the planet of love, creativity, money, harmony and relationships, many people may review whatever their relationship status is and re consider the state of their position.We are already in the Venus Retrograde shadow period so it's effects may already be felt or experienced. People from the past may return and lessons about love may be realised. Astrologers believe it is never a good time to act upon an important decision felt or believed during a Retrograde period, like eloping or jumping back into a past relationship, as often things are seen and felt differently again once the post Retrograde period. It can be a positive time though to have a heart to heart or to revise an old creative piece, to return to a past artistic or creative passion or to review monetary matters. So from around mid Sept after things Venus is well and truly direct again than see if you still feel the same way and if you do, fine! Venus will be entering Virgo on 18th but then moves into Leo from 31st July. Neptune will be Retrograde too from June 12th to Nov 18th just to add to the confusion about illusions and delusions from the past. The rose coloured glasses may come off!

16th July 2015 - New Moon in Cancer

Tomorrow 16th July's New Moon is in Cancer so a potentially positive time for new emotional chapters and in positive trine to Chiron Retrograde and Saturn Retrograde, means past lessons or challenges may be realised or felt in new ways, allowing healing from these past matters. A New Moon is considered an auspicious time to set new intentions (during the 24 hours following the New Moon, check the internet for your local New Moon times.) As the Moon, Mercury and Mars will all be in the water sign of Cancer, this stellium is an intuitive yet sensitive, possibly moody combination; expect tears or howling with laughter, or both.The Moon, Mercury and Mars are in opposition to intense Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn. This could potentially manifest in several ways; for example fear, insecurity, intense, buried feelings coming out explosively, deep, profound thoughts, a relentless desire to understand something, probing questions, perceptive insights, intense outbursts or avoiding confrontation. An emotional day with aspects that could cover a spectrum of possibilities.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Full Moon in Capricorn 1st July 2015

Unusually there are 2 full moons this month, at the beginning, this Wed 1st or Thurs 2nd depending on where you are located in the world and July 30th/31st in Aquarius. The waxing full Moon this week will be in 9 degrees in Capricorn an industrious, serious earth sign ruled by Saturn. As glorious as the weather is some people may feel increased emotions that could be serious, pessimistic, fatalistic, ambitious or focus on matters of responsibility. This Full Moon is conjunct (within ten degrees) of Pluto, an intense combination. As the Full Moon is always opposite the Sun and this Cancerian Sun is conjunct Mars, the Moon in opposition to Mars may well be felt as extremist, volatile, competitive, sexual, angry or impulsive. It really depends on which houses these planets are passing through in your personal natal chart. The Full Moon conjunct Pluto in opposition to Mars/Sun may also be felt as an extreme need to act 'now or never.' I would say hold your horses if possible and make sure you feel the same way after the Moon starts to wane again (i.e. 4 days after) so from Sunday. Fools rush in and may regret the consequences. On a more calmer, positive note there is a wonderful fortuitous conjunction between Venus and Jupiter at the same time. The power of Venus (the planet of love, harmony, creativity and money) is amplified with Jupiter the planet of expansion. So feelings of warmth, attractive and love may be felt more strongly along with feelings of bonhomie and positivity. It could be a lucky time for some but it depends on one's individual astrology chart.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Summer Solstice - Sun 21st June, 2015

Happy Summer Solstice and Happy Father's Day to all. Today the 21st June the longest day in the year is full of light, abundance and heralds the soon to be Sun's movement into Cancer, a sign linked to family, the home and nourishment and nurturance. Solstice in Latin means the Sun (sol) stands still (sistere) and this is considered to give much power to the Sun which represents the self. So it can be a positive time to do a ritual to manifest what one desires even if you just burn a candle and say a little prayer. The Moon's movement into Leo square Saturn reminds us of respect for our fathers, elders or mentors which is pertinent for today.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

New Moon in Gemini Tuesday 16th June

Yesterday 16th June 2015 there was a New Moon in Gemini conjunct Mars equals all systems go! If you've been rushing around and multi tasking, don't be surprised. It's a time of busy, busy but anything you decided you want to begin yesterday could be good. Maybe wisest to wait until any Mercury Retrograde residues have properly dissipated. It's generally a week of erratic energy with the Moon in opposition to Pluto today, an emotionally volatile or intense influence plus the Moon in Cancer on Thursday at odds with Uranus. Try to control impulses and be aware judgements may be a projection. A cluster (stellium) of planets in Leo from Saturday will shift this energy with the Moon, Venus and Jupiter in sunny Leo and the Sun soon in Cancer. A much more cheerful time especially with other positive influences next week.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Full Moon in Sagittarius - Tues 2nd June, 2015

If you've been having weird dreams in the last several days it may be because the Moon has been waxing towards a Full Moon which culminates today in the fire sign of Sagittarius. The Full Moon's general effects i.e. increased sensitivity, heightened emotions or just feeling crazier or more restless, can be felt for four days after also. The Full Moon in Sagittarius can be felt as a need for freedom or expansion, of broadening one's horizons, a hunger for more knowledge or travelling. The 9th house or house of Sagittarius in astrology is known as the house of dreams, spirituality, religion and is the eternal student sign. Whenever there is a Full Moon it means the Moon is in opposition to the Sun which is in Gemini at present. So there may be a polarity between intuition and faith (Sagittarius) and logic and reason (Gemini). As this Gemini Sun is close or conjunct to Mars and Mercury (Retrograde) both in Gemini and this Full Moon is also in challenging square to Neptune it is important to be aware that confusion, misunderstandings and misinformation are likely. So, what may be felt or revealed as fact may not really be the truth or may have been misunderstood or misrepresented. Knowledge is power so take care not to act or say things based on what you believe is fact until you are clear or sure. IF in doubt wait until things have calmed down, especially as Mercury retrograde can cause confusion. Gossip may also be rife at present. Not nearly as full on as some full moons though in other signs. Mercury goes direct on 12th June so from around 18th June expect technical or machinery blips to settle down if it's been acting weirdly.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

18th May - New Moon in Taurus & Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

Today May 18th brings a New Moon in earthy Taurus and Mercury Retrograde in Gemini. The New Moon and the approximate 24 hours can be a good time to set about initiating new intentions or planting new seeds. A beneficial point to look at what we might need or want to acquire and manifest in the physical realm plus what we could do to get what we want, as Taurus is one of the most materialistic and physical signs in the zodiac. Make the most of this Taurus energy too as soon the Sun will no longer be in Taurus but moves into faster paced Gemini. This New Moon in Taurus is opposite Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn so try not to allow ambitions to be thwarted simply because of a lack of self confidence or self believe. Today Mercury Retrogrades until 11th June in Gemini (passing back from 14 degrees Gemini to 4 degrees Gemini.) Pluto and Saturn are still Retrograde too so combined with Gemini Mercury revisiting old schools of thought, reflecting on new ways to communicate and reviewing mental insights are possible in this air sign. Don't be surprised if strange computer or technology blips increase or increased miscommunication occurs during this Merc Ret period. A good time to revisit or think about old matters and possibly play devil's advocate sometimes to revolutionise old concepts. Deciding what you intend to begin during this New Moon while finishing or re visiting or re writing or making adjustments to past projects during this Mercury Retrograde is all positive.
Venus entered sentimental Cancer on May 8th and remains there until June 5th - a sympathetic, romantic yet potentially moody influence. As this Venus is in opposition to Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn from 21st be aware power plays, emotional manipulation or feelings of jealousy, fear or insecurity could be aroused or experienced over a several day period.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Full Moon in Scorpio Sun/3rd Mon 4th May in T- Square to Jupiter

Monday 4th May 4.42 am (UK time) the Moon is full in Scorpio. Whenever there is a full moon it means the moon is opposite the sun. As the Sun is in Taurus and the Moon is in Scorpio issues regarding material security versus emotional security, form versus transformation and what is tangible versus what is mystical may be relevant. Embrace the intensity of this Scorpio Moon and you could find passions rise. It is a sexy full Moon which can delve deep psychologically. The Full Moon like the New Moon can be a good time to look at 'intentions.' Rather than setting new ones as during the New Moon, the Full Moon can be good for letting go of anything that no longer serves you well or to release anything, IF you need to. Breakthroughs or revelations sometimes surface through dreams (or the unconscious) and as Pluto (Scorpio's ruler) is Retrograde releasing anything emotionally or psychologically should be even more cathartic.General restlessness, stronger emotions or heightened sensitivity or intuitive ability is likely with this Full Moon in water Scorpio. I read that Buddha was said to have been born during a Taurus Sun, Full Moon - this is known as the Wesak Moon when legend says Buddha's spirit returns to Earth once a year at the Wesak Valley of the Himalayas. Some people believe it is easier to tune into him or channel his energy at this time. This Full Moon is in a T-square to Jupiter in Leo so excess, over doing things or being over judgemental is possible. Be realistic when it comes to how you allot your time and to budgeting finances. Be aware this Scorpio Moon is in opposition to Mars on 4th May so heated arguments or angry outbursts are more likely. Later this week on Thurs 7th Venus enters Cancer until June 7th which should be felt as a more caring, sensitive, protective influence than Venus's recent time in Gemini that has been more sociable, restless, fickle, flirtatious and in the mood for variety.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

New Moon in Aries Sat 18th April 2015

New Moon in Aries Saturday 18th April is a positive time to initiate or start new projects. New beginnings of any kind are favoured and with proximity to inventive Uranus a feeling of originality or innovation may be heightened too. Aries is a creative, straightforward, impatient fire sign but Mercury and Mars in Taurus remind people there is no need to rush. So a good time for Spring Time endeavours! Pluto turned retrograde on Thursday 16th and will remain this way until 24th Sept. Retrograde Pluto introverts the intensity and regenerative powers of this planet. A good period to eliminate and release old patterns or outworn or outdated methods or relationships that are not working for you. A new detox or a good house clear out is another possible way this planet retrograding could be experienced. This New Moon very much relates to the Emperor card in the tarot - all about forging ahead, asserting yourself confidently or moving forward positively with new ambitions.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

All info below is copied and pasted from the super Dark Pixie Astrology website - thank you to the writer of this info!

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the Houses

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the 1st House
A Full Moon or lunar eclipse in the house of the self can force you to evaluate yourself, life, and priorities, and figure out what needs to stay and what needs to be gotten rid of. You may find you need to focus on yourself and on how you can harmoniously blend your own needs with the needs of others. You may desire more attention from others, but don’t be so needy about it. You can get the attention you crave from positive means, and always remember to be respectful of others. Full Moons tend to be more emotional than New Moons, so you may find yourself feeling your emotions more intensely, bringing everything out of you and right to the surface. Depending on how you handle it, that may be a good thing or a bad thing. Try to think through carefully what you’re feeling before losing your cool. Your surroundings may seem off-kilter, but that could just be your perspective being more influenced by your emotional state. Since Full Moons are all about endings, this is also a good time to finish things. Anything that is missing a conclusion or needs a few extra touches can be done now. 

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the 2nd House
When a Full Moon or lunar eclipse occurs in the Second House, this can affect your finances. You could finish paying something off or finish a financial project, or have a change in earnings. Watch your spending, as you may be more inclined to overdo it, indulging on something that perhaps you don’t need, but makes you feel better in the moment. This house also rules self esteem and values. You could be confronted with your feelings about yourself and evaluate your own worth. How much value you believe you have, materially and intrinsically, and how much more you feel you should have can be issues that are presented. Let others know what you have and what you’ve accomplished in your career, family, or life, but resist the urge to rub it in. Instead, use it to show others the right path the take to get what they want by illustrating the road you took. You may want to clearly define what you own, possess, and have power over, and what is clearly out of your domain. What your needs are seem more important, and you could focus on what exactly it is you need to feel secure, stable, safe, comfortable. 

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the 3rd House
With a Full Moon or lunar eclipse in the Third House, you could have to deal with a sibling, perhaps ending a spat, reconnecting with them, or elevating the relationship. You may have to deal with something in your community, like finishing a community project, or making a change to improve your close environment. You could also have to deal with communications; you could have a hard time getting your point across or understanding others. People may be coming at you left and right trying to get you to understand something, and it may be overwhelming to you. Unexpected appointments could come up, so make sure you stay flexible, or you might become overworked and exhausted. Life may seem a bit amped up right now, and you’re being pulled in a million different directions.  Focus on what needs to be worked on now, and leave everything else for later. It’s okay to let yourself off the hook sometimes. You feelings and your words may be tied together, so if you can get through the tangled web and sort it all out, this is a good time to let others know exactly how you’re feeling and have them really hear you.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the 4th House
The home and family could be the source of endings with a Full Moon or lunar eclipse in the Fourth House. You finish a project with the house, or settle a problem in the family. If you’ve been spending too much time at home or at work, you may desire trying to equal the about of time you spend between the two, and not neglecting either. The realization that there’s no point in a personal life if your professional life is a mess and vice versa could come about now. You may feel the need to detach and spend some time alone, but it’s a better use of energy if you open yourself to others and connect. Taking a break from the home and getting out for a while could be useful. The Fourth House is also a spiritual, karmic house, so a Full Moon or lunar eclipse here could present situations where there is a feeling of destiny or karma. You could be focused on where you’re going in life and how you’ll get there, and whether or not you’re even on the right road to start with. An opportune moment could arise, one that makes you scratch your head and go, “Maybe I need to think this over.” 

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the 5th House
The Fifth House is the house of love, romance, and fun. A Full Moon or lunar eclipse here could show the end of a creative venture or hobby project you’ve been working on. You could see the completion of a love affair or heightening of one. If you break up with someone, it most likely will be one of those things that was a long time coming. You may not want to be alone with this placement though, so a quick rebound fling may come about. If you’re in a happy relationship, then this can be a time of bringing it to a new, more exciting, more pleasurable level. Going out and having fun is important now, and you may not feel very inclined to getting anything done that isn’t fun. You’re more enthusiastic, passionate, and spontaneous, so watch what you do carefully if you don’t want to go overboard. Sometimes it’s okay to wake up with a stranger in your bed, but it’s almost never okay to wake up with a goat.  Work may be on the backburner, so don’t commit yourself to any big projects, otherwise you’ll be ripping out your hair and teeth and nails trying to get it done, yearning to be out and about and living it up. It’s a good time to let out your inner child and be more carefree. 

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the 6th House
A Full Moon or lunar eclipse in the Sixth House could show the end of a health problem or habit that you’ve been trying to break. You may decide to make a change with your health suddenly, but you have a better chance of making it if you’ve been planning it for a while and not if you decide on a whim to do it now. You could change your work environment; if dissatisfied with your work life, you’ll probably have a strong desire to quit. Make sure you have a plan in place if you do – being a professional bum doesn’t work out as well as you’d think. On a more positive note, you could finish a work project that you’ve been slaving away at. Your routine may seem more mundane to you than ever, and your desire to make a change may be higher than ever, so if you do make a change, make sure it’s a positive one that you’ll be able to stick with long-term. Don’t be overly emotional and crazed if you can’t make the sudden, overwhelming changes you crave at the moment. Be happy with a little. Bring some order into your life (or some chaos if you’re too neat). The Sixth House rules your pets, so you could also have something come up with them.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the 7th House
When a Full Moon or lunar eclipse occurs in the Seventh House of relationships, you may evaluate your relationships and your partner to see if it’s still working right. It’s a good time to walk away, if you choose to, or to bring your relationship to a deeper level. If you’re dealing with people that you view as equal to you, then you may want to stand back a little and let them have the spotlight. Especially in a business situation, if you’ve been working with a partner and things are culminating right now, you’ll want to enjoy the rewards. Singles who have their eye on someone may find that now is the time to jump-start a connection. The feelings you have for them may seem more intense now, and you may find it easier to express your emotions with a partner, in a one-on-one setting. You’ll also be more inclined to be fully interested in their feelings and needs, and you may want to accommodate them however you can. This is a good time to negotiate with others, as you’ll be more able to see compromise that can please you both. The Seventh House also rules ‘open’ enemies, those you know about, so something could come up along those lines as well. 

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the 8th House
With a Full Moon or lunar eclipse in the Eighth House, there’s a good chance you’ll have to transform something in your life, and usually something on a deep level. Releasing something that is bogging down your life can allow you to restart your life more positively. Most of us hold onto things that become unhealthy for us after a period of time, not wanting to let it go and allowing it to become like a safety blanket, but now is the time to liberate yourself. The transformation could also be something physical, like renovating a part of your house or restoring something to its former glory. Dealing with intimacy and security may be more of a focus. Issues related to other people’s money could come up, and you may have to use a large chunk of money, perhaps lending some money to a friend or family member, or you may settle an outstanding debt. If you’re in need of a loan or want another credit card, this is a good time to get it, provided it’s what you really need and not just what you want. You may evaluate the things you own that aren’t only yours. More serious topics may be on your mind with this aspect.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the 9th House
If a Full Moon or lunar eclipse occurs in your Ninth House, you could feel more connected with your spirituality. Growing more from a spiritual perspective and realizing how your belief system affects who you are as a person could come about with this placement. If you find it affects you positively, you may explore it even further, dedicating your life even more to it; if you find it affects you negatively, you may scrap it altogether and start fresh. The growth could instead be centered in your mind, and you could finish a program of study or a writing project. Growing mentally often leads to growing personally and you may feel the connection between your mind and spirit much stronger now. If you have a legal dealing, there could be a complication, or it could end, especially if it’s been drawn out. Your view of the world may be something you want to expand, forcing you to open yourself to new ideas and broadening your imagination. You may feel you absolutely have to do this, and in areas where you’re already opening yourself, you’ll see the greatest progress. You may feel more open to having fun, but usually in an adventurous way, or one that allows you to learn something, and less on fun that’s just about being social without a purpose.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the 10th House
Your career and life path could be affected by a Full Moon or lunar eclipse in the Tenth House. You may do something that gives you more attention than normal, and has people wanting you and no one else for the job. It’s difficult to hide yourself now, and you probably don’t want to. Promoting yourself may be good for your career, so if you deem it to be, this is the time to put yourself out there and let others know of your accomplishments. You could decide to go in a new direction, sometimes quite suddenly, or be offered something that makes you rethink the path you’re on. Evaluating your commitment to your long-term goals and whether or not your goals with give you the success you want can come up with this placement. Authority figures can be a source of frustration, whether it’s a boss or a parent, and if you’ve been behaving badly, your social status could take a hit. Make sure you’re watching yourself in public so that you don’t offend someone or make yourself look like a fool by accident. Things that have been hanging on far past their due date could have the cord cut now. 

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the 11th House
The Eleventh House rules your friends, so a Full Moon or lunar eclipse here could bring an end of something you’re working on with a friend, an argument, or cutting ties. You could also elevate the relationship you have with good friends, spending time with one another and enjoying each other’s company. Go out to a small restaurant and talk and laugh for hours. Material things may seem less important right now, with focus going towards your friendly relationships. If you just let go a little, you may find things happening with little effort around you. Let the surrounding energy take care of things for you, even if just for a few hours. You could walk away from a group you belong to or join a new one that you feel better represents what you want to accomplish and has members that are of the same mind in regards to how to better the world and society. Your position in the world and how you fit in could be something you reflect on. Someone may require your help, or you may be surrounded by many more people than you have been in quite some time. You could second guess your dreams for the future, share them with others, or dive deeper into them. 

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the 12th House
A Full Moon or lunar eclipse in the Twelfth House can force you to deal with subconscious problems. It’s a good time for therapy. You may be tempted to suppress your emotions, but that could just lead to more problems or a breakdown. Things that you keep hidden deep inside of you could bubble to the surface. Allowing yourself to get in touch with your internal issues can be good, and during this time you may find you’re better able to deal with them and heal. Being alone may be the best thing for you to do at this time, reflecting, digging deep, and recharging. You don’t feel much like being in the spotlight anyhow, and want to stay in the background. You may seem more docile as well, not feeling much like getting into it with people right now. Get plenty of sleep, and watch those dreams. They may be even more lucid, acting out everything that you’re experiencing but can’t voice. Just don’t confuse dream with reality too much; they’re not literal, but figurative representations of our emotions. If they’re a lot of bad or weird stuff, you’re stressing too much and need to relax. Helping others can make you feel better, especially in situations where you’re dealing with them directly.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Aspects to Natal Planets
Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse to Natal Sun
With a positive aspect to the Sun, you could finish a project that you’ve been working on for a long time. Some part of your life could end, usually something that you need and want to let go of. It’s a good time to get things finished, so anything that has some loose ends to tie up or that you’ve been slacking on and need to get finished could be done now. With a difficult aspect, men can present problems, and you could feel overwhelmed, lack energy, and your health may be low. You may feel pulled in many directions and that you’re not doing anything right. Also make sure to check the house the Sun rules (the house with the sign Leo on the cusp).

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse to Natal Moon
The Moon rules emotions and Full Moons are highly emotional, so a positive or difficult aspect can make you more emotional than normal, and it doesn’t really matter which you experience. With a positive aspect, you could be more sensitive to others and in touch with and focused on your feelings, and not see them in a negative light, wanting to understand them better. With a difficult aspect, your emotions can be all over the place and out of control, and you could drudge up things from the past. Also make sure to check the house the Moon rules (the house with the sign Cancer on the cusp).

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse to Natal Mercury
Mercury rules the mind, so if you’re in a class or studying something, that could come to completion now. Any mentally stimulating projects could be finished. You could also be more drawn to serious or spiritual topics, and your mind is led by your emotions. With a difficult aspect, your thinking may not be clear, your thoughts overwhelmed by your emotions. It’s a bad time to take a test or do any sort of project that involves you having to communicate in front of others. If you’re already predisposed to headaches, you may get more of them now. Also make sure to check the houses Mercury rules (the houses with the signs Gemini and Virgo on the cusp).

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse to Natal Venus
With a positive aspect to Venus, your creativity can be heightened, allowing yourself to creatively expose your emotions. If you’re single and meet someone new, there can be a sense of fate. If you’re attached, your feelings for your significant other can be enhanced, giving you the feeling of falling in love all over again. With a difficult aspect, a relationship can end, you can hit a creative block, and be overindulgent. This is not the best time to make decisions regarding your relationships or money. Also make sure to check the houses Venus rules (the houses with the signs Taurus and Libra on the cusp).

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse to Natal Mars
For Mars, any aspect can impact your energy levels. A positive aspect could show a need to be more active, wanting to have a lot to do to utilize your energy. A difficult aspect could show too much or too little energy and accident-prone behavior, even more so with Full Moons than New Moons, so watch your step and don’t play with knives or matches. You’ll be quick to argue with people, and every little thing will set you off like a blazing inferno. Don’t do anything you’ll regret in the heat of the argument. Also make sure to check the house Mars rules (the house with the sign Aries on the cusp).

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse to Natal Jupiter
A positive aspect to Jupiter can make you extremely optimistic and indulgent. You just have to be careful you’re not being too optimistic. We live in reality, not utopia. A difficult aspect to Jupiter can show a shot to your optimism, not feeling good about anything, and a feeling of ‘be careful what you wish for.’ An overall frustration or pessimism with life, like it’s contracting rather than expanding, could be prevalent at this time. It’s not good for travel, and you may find yourself fighting with others about their beliefs. Also make sure to check the house Jupiter rules (the house with the sign Sagittarius on the cusp).

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse to Natal Saturn
With a positive aspect to Saturn, you could finish something you’ve been largely responsible for. Any really large projects that you’ve been spear-heading could end now. You may be overly cautious (probably caught saying, ‘better to be safe than sorry!’). A difficult aspect can make you feel overwhelmed, which can make it difficult to get anything done that you have to. You can feel alone and may isolate yourself. You could also feel taken for granted, or used and abused. If you do, ask yourself why, because there may be a reason for it that you have to address. Also make sure to check the house Saturn rules (the house with the sign Capricorn on the cusp).

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse to Natal Uranus
Uranus likes the unexpected and new, so with a positive aspect, you’ll rebel against structure and the norm, attracted to the unusual ways of doing things. You want to push the envelope, and can’t settle for the status quo right now. You might do something on a whim. With a difficult aspect, you may find things suddenly ending that throw you off balance. It tends to be things that haven’t been serving a good purpose for you, and must be eliminated from your life in order to make room for new, positive growth. Also make sure to check the house Uranus rules (the house with the sign Aquarius on the cusp).

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse to Natal Neptune
Neptune rules your subconscious mind, so any aspect triggers it. A positive one can heighten your creativity, especially good for those in music (since Neptune rules music). You can become hyperaware of subtle energies, which can make your intuition much better, and your empathy for others heightened. You may seem more captivating to people, and they may find you to be incredibly alluring and enigmatic. A difficult aspect can make you paranoid and panicky, so you have to make sure you’re staying rooted in reality. You can have more nightmares, and may indulge in self-destructive escapism, especially if you already have that tendency. Also make sure to check the house Neptune rules (the house with the sign Pisces on the cusp).

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse to Natal Pluto
Power and control is Pluto’s domain, so a positive aspect can increase personal power over the self and force you to bring out your past. Confronting old fears and hidden issues can bring about enormous personal power over the self, allowing you to have better control over yourself. You can be more magnetic, and people may find themselves attracted to your air of mystery. A difficult aspect can show a breakdown if you haven’t been working on yourself. You can experience a total loss of self discipline and control, making your behavior erratic. A feeling of old haunts coming back for you could come up. Also make sure to check the house Pluto rules (the house with the sign Scorpio on the cusp).

Total Lunar Eclipse Libra - 4th April 2015

Total Lunar Eclipse this weekend (4th April) is a potent Full Moon in the air sign of Libra, conjunct the natal North Node. What could this all mean? Generally as with all Full Moons, four days before and four days after heightened sensitivity, elevated or extreme emotions and restlessness are common. A sense of anticipation may be in the air. Full Moons always occur when the Sun is in opposition to the Moon so this Aries/Libra pull may bring issues of Aries ('I' or independence) versus Libra ('You' or relating to others). Indecisiveness may be stronger for many over the next several days. Full Moons can be a culmination or time of endings. This doesn't mean it's negative though as it can help clear a situation and make space for the new. As always it really depends which house this Lunar eclipse may be passing through as to which area of life may be effected. Anyone with personal or outer planets at around 14/15 degrees in Aries,Libra, Cancer or Capricorn may experience this or if you have outer planets in contact with this Moon as another example. As this Full Moon is in opposition also to Uranus (& Uranus is square Pluto) unexpected surprises, intense feelings, or something breaking or ending is possible. Mood swings are possible too with this Full Moon in opposition to Uranus. Take care not to do something impulsively that you could regret several days later. An action, decision or situation may need to be acknowledged to re balance life (as in Libra) Venus in Taurus in positive trine to Pluto in Capricorn will help clearing anything that has to be addressed (great aspect for gardening too!) Mercury conjunct the South Node (past) can assist changing the way we think. Some people may find what you once knew or thought, no longer applies. The Total Lunar Eclipse is not to be feared, it can be extremely emotional yes but it can purge and cleanse too. Wishing everyone a good Bank Hol weekend!

Friday, 20 March 2015

New Moon, Total Solar Eclipse 20th March, 2015

This morning's Total Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees Pisces is a particularly powerful one indeed as eclipses are quite common but not Total Solar Eclipses in which the Sun is totally blocked out. Solar eclipses are like an amplified New Moon and can impact an individual for up to 6 months.The powerful changes whether these be new beginnings or endings can be experienced internally or externally and with this Pisces New Moon on the cusp of Aquarius the spotlight today is about empathy, compassion, dreams & the imagination, fantasy about new pastures but with an Aquarian flavour of revolution and rebellion or a need for reform perhaps. It is potent too as this Moon is at the last degree of Pisces the last zodiac sign in the chart before a new Cycle in Aries beginning. From the old to the new! To understand more accurately how this Eclipse may impact an individual your birth chart would need to be consulted to see which house this New Moon is transiting. For example mine is in my 5th house of creativity so one could predict an increase or a desire to be more playful or focus on creative endeavours. With the Moon in positive trine to Saturn this Spring Equinox weekend, it may be wise to wait a few days to see what comes to light.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse through the Houses & in aspect to natal planets courtesy of

All the information below has been copied and pasted from the above excellent website.

Thank you for the great information, succinct information, credited to you!

"How to Determine the Impact of New & Full Moons  

A new moon/solar eclipse or full moon/lunar eclipse occurs in a sign and makes aspects to the other transit (moving) planets that have a hazy, overall effect on the world as a whole, but usually not as individuals. To figure out how it will affect you individually, you look at 2 things:
1) which of your houses it falls in
2) whether it makes any close aspects to your natal planets

Which house the new moon/solar eclipse or full moon/lunar eclipse falls in will have the areas of life that house rules possibly impacted, but generally, you won’t feel the impact unless the new moon/solar eclipse or full moon/lunar eclipse are hitting one of your natal planets, on a house cusp, or aspecting some other sensitive point in your chart. With new moons/solar eclipses and full moons/lunar eclipses, the orb is 2 degrees and you only use the major aspects: conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition.

How will it affect you? You need to mesh together the info, taking into account the house it’s occurring in (and what that house rules), the planet being aspected (and what that planet rules, and which of your natal houses that planet rules, and what areas of life that house rules), the aspect being made by the planet (because a sextile is very different from a square), and whether it’s a new or full moon (because new moons are all about beginnings, action, optimism, and full moons are all about endings, emotions, culminations).
New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the Houses
New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the 1st House
The First House is the house of the self, so a New Moon or solar eclipse here is a great time to make a new you. Get a haircut, manicure, or new outfit. Reinvention of the outer self is fruitful with this placement. Make yourself look your best, and it’ll help you feel your best, increasing your stamina, confidence, and overall approach to life. Doing an internal overhaul is good now as well. How you come across and how you express yourself may be things you focus on changing to better reflect the inner you, especially if you’re someone who tends to hide who you are with others. Your energy may be higher, which is good because you’ll likely be quite busy, and you may be more eager about life, especially trying new things. You want to meet new people, have new experiences, and be more courageous and daring. Consequently, it’s a good time to try something that you’ve been a little gun-shy about in the past. You’ll be less likely to shy away and may feel that you can get anything done right now. Being in the spotlight doesn’t seem so uncomfortable now, and you may put yourself out there more, or end up getting more attention for something naturally.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the 2nd House
The Second House rules your disposable income, so money matters fall here. A New Moon or solar eclipse in this house could signal a new opportunity or strong desire to increase your income, or, on the flip-side, an opportunity to spend money (and not on every day items). If you have to spend money, make sure it’s on something that is truly necessary and not something that you’ll regret later, and be wary of impulse buying. If it’s something you really do need, then this is an excellent time to buy it, with little chance of buyer’s remorse (so if you’ve got a big purchase you know you have to make, timing it for now could be beneficial). If you’re looking to streamline and get your finances under control, this can be a good time for it. Plan a budget and stick with it! The Second House also rules your self-esteem, so you can see a positive increase in the way you feel about yourself if you choose to work on the personal growth needed to increase your sense of self-worth. You want to be more in touch with your senses, so physical stimulation may be sought now. That stimulation may be felt more intensely, and you may overindulge.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the 3rd House
The Third House rules communications, so with a New Moon or solar eclipse here, you can see an increase in the amount of communications you have with people, whether it’s in person, over the phone, on the computer, or by some other means. Gathering information is easier now, and you can collect and arrange it all neatly. Day-to-day activities can be finished without feeling like they’re tedious and redundant. The only chance you have of feeling boredom now is if there isn’t enough to do, so stay busy, which shouldn’t be too hard now. Making quick decisions is favorable, and dwelling on singular issues may drive you more bonkers. Just decide and move on. Why fret? You may also want to expand your mind and learn something new. Feeding the mind is usually a good way to keep from ever being bored. This house rules siblings as well, so you could spend more time with yours having new interactions, or by restoring the relationship if it hasn’t been where you want it to be. Short distance travel is a part of the Third House, so you could take a day trip, perhaps for a task, or just on a whim. Updating your close environment, most likely through your community, could come about. Volunteer locally, join neighborhood watch, or pick up litter around your block.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the 4th House
The Fourth House is the house of home and family, so a New Moon or solar eclipse in the Fourth House can show you making improvements to your home (and that can be as simple as buying a new throw pillow or as advanced as knocking down a few walls). Cleaning up your home and personal space can make you feel better about everything. Cluttered home, cluttered life, cluttered mind! You may want to spend more time with your family, bonding, renewing relationships (if you haven’t been spending much time with the family), and opening up about your true feelings. Emotions may be deeper and intimacy may be more desirable, along with a stronger group of supporters to help protect you when you’re feeling vulnerable. Be a better supporter of others too. Your intuition can be more developed now as well, so listen to those initial feelings you have about things. The first reaction may very well be the best one right now. It’s a good period to sell your home, buy a house, move, or refinance. You want to keep busy, or you may be kept busy with a flurry of activity. Making and working towards long-term goals is a positive use of the energy.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the 5th House
The Fifth House is the house of fun, so you could spend some time going wild at a party, practicing a long-loved hobby, or letting the creative juices flow if a New Moon or solar eclipse falls here. You feel less reclusive and want to get out more. Feeling lonesome isn’t an option! The things that you feel make life fun are what you’re most attracted to now. Creating is positive, so this is an especially good time for those who work to ‘create’ anything, not just the arts. This house also rules romance, so you could have a new date or feel like bringing some romance into your relationship if you’re committed (bubble bath, dinner for two, etc.). If you’ve got your eye on someone, ask them out. If you just want to mingle, mingle. Children are a Fifth House matter, so if you have kids, you may feel inclined to spend more time with them, or they may require your attention for something. You may want to get in touch with your own inner child, feeling more playful and carefree. You can be bolder, feeling better about yourself, and you may require more approval from those around you.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the 6th House
The Sixth House rules your health, so a New Moon or solar eclipse here could have you more focused on your well being, be it physical fitness or mental stability. It’s a good time to try a new diet or health regimen, but make sure it’s something you can realistically keep up with and not some fad you’ll quit in two weeks. Be careful not to obsess about being healthy – even too much of a good thing is a bad thing! Everything in moderation. Your daily habits may undergo a change, especially in an attempt to restore order if some aspect of life has been out of balance. Keeping things disorganized and cluttered is not tolerated now. You may adopt a new pet or get something new for the one you have. Your work environment is also a 6th house issue, so this is a good time to improve your current one or look for a new one altogether. Just don’t set your sights so high they’re unattainable, and you end up doing something you regret. Sometimes impulsiveness can set in and you can find yourself quitting your job on a whim, and then what are you going to do? Keep in mind that any changes made should be positive and well thought out.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the 7th House
The Seventh House rules all of your relationships, so a New Moon or solar eclipse here highlights your romantic relationships, business relationships, and even your enemies (but with the Seventh House, it’s ‘open’ enemies, the ones you know about, the people who you openly admit you don’t like and are out to get you; the Twelfth House rules ‘hidden’ enemies, the ones we don’t realize are our enemies, because of denial, or because they’re able to hide it so well, or because it’s secretly us). Improving your existing relationships and making them into positive, life-affirming parts of your existence is a good way to use the energy. All good relationships should provide us with something for growth in some way, so ensure that all of yours are doing so. Evaluating your ideas of intimacy and of how you view individuality versus interdependency can come about, especially if you have issues with these ideas. In business, a partner may be helpful in getting what you want accomplished, and you’re better with negotiating and being fair. Your emotions are higher with all your relationships, and if you’re finding yourself going it alone a lot, you’ll be much less comfortable with that now.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the 8th House
The Eighth House rules other people’s money, like debts, taxes, and joint finances. With a New Moon or solar eclipse here, you may have to deal with any of those. It’s a good time to pay off debt or get money that’s owed to you, as well as get a loan or line of credit (just make sure it’s one you need and not for you to splurge). This house also rules transformations, so you may make some sort of transformation of yourself or life; you may not need to necessarily get rid of things, but just tweak them to make them work. Sometimes a total overhaul isn’t necessary, and a small renovation is all that’s needed. If you don’t have to tear things down to get it to work, then don’t. Your sex drive can increase, but casual sex won’t cut it – you’ll need an intense experience. Intensity is accompanied with this position, in all facets of life, because you approach things in a more powerful manner. You look beneath the surface to try and find what’s really there, and if there’s nothing to find, you can be disappointed. You may feel your personality is a bit ‘darker’ during this time if you struggle with who you are internally.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the 9th House
The Ninth House rules expansion of the higher self through higher education and philosophy, so a New Moon or solar eclipse here could have you wanting to expand your mind and life by exploring new cultures, ways of living, and perspectives. The status quo is no longer satisfying you, and you want to do something extraordinary. You feel more adventurous, and want to push the limits of your mind. Your spirituality may undergo a change, as you want to explore your beliefs thoroughly and represent them as much as possible. Long distance travel is a Ninth House matter, so you could have an opportunity to travel far or just have the desire to, or spend time with people from other foreign places or try exotic cuisine. The Ninth House also rules the law, so legal matters can come into play. This isn’t the best time for long-term plans, so don’t commit yourself to something that won’t be over quickly. Also don’t try to do something that requires you to pay close attention to the details; you’re more interested in the broader scope right now. If you’re a writer, this is an especially good time for your craft, and the Ninth House actually rules publishing.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the 10th House
The Tenth House rules your career, life path, and authority figures. A New Moon or solar eclipse here could show career advancement, a change in your life path, or dealing with a superior. Present yourself as best you can at all times because you may find people are watching you more than normal, especially for your work and accomplishments. It’s difficult to keep things hidden at this time, so try to keep things on the straight-and-narrow. If there’s gossip going around about you, ask yourself why. It can be truer than you think during this time. It can be an auspicious period for a raise or promotion, or to start a new career path. You’ll have the energy to do it, and you’ll likely be quite busy with everything you have to get done. Don’t get overwhelmed by how much you have to do, and delegate when needed. Sometimes the energy can be intense, and you can become stressed. When you have many important tasks at hand, stay focused on the most important and keep track as best you can. Long-term professional goals can be formulated now that are more realistic, attainable, and will help get you further in your job and life.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the 11th House
The Eleventh House rules your friendships, so you may spend time with a friend when you have a New Moon or solar eclipse in your Eleventh House. You’ll feel more honest with them and any new acquaintances you make, and this may endear them to you. With your close friends, you may find yourself more emotional than normal, but let it out, because they may be more responsive than you think. Be social, both personally and professionally. Broadening your network of friends and business associates can be prosperous. It’s a good time to join a new organization or group, especially if it’s geared towards helping humanity or the world at large. You may want to help others, but in more of an abstract way, like donating to a cause, rather than one-on-one attention. You may be interested in those far different from you, being more tolerant and open, or at least curious. Exploring your dreams can come into focus, and it can be good to re-evaluate where you want to go in the future. All your hopes and wishes could be of focus, and you may realize some, get rid of some, change some, add some, or commit further to some.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the 12th House
The Twelfth House is a house of service, so it’s a good time to volunteer or help someone else with a New Moon or solar eclipse here. This house rules hidden things, so dealings with secrets can occur. Make sure you’re watching what you say carefully, or you might let something slip accidentally. You could do more work behind-the-scenes, feeling like taking a backseat or that things need to remain quiet to get done what must get done. Just make sure you’re being open and honest, and if you’re dealing with someone else, they’re being totally honest too. You may also want to spend some time alone working on yourself, allowing yourself time to replenish the self. Sometimes seclusion is the only way we can repair, getting away from the distractions of life and down to the nitty-gritty. It’s a good time to clear your mind, for all manner of healing, and therapy. Your ability to explore your subconscious is high at this time, and it’s a good idea to use it, since the next New Moon will most likely occur in your First House, which has much more activity, and you’ll have less of a chance to do so.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse Aspects to Natal Planets
New Moon/Solar Eclipse to Natal Sun

The Sun rules you as a whole, so you may want to try a new look with a positive aspect. You may have more energy, and be presented with new opportunities to try new things. The Sun rules men, so you could have positive dealings with them. Overall, you should feel better about yourself and life, and be more desiring of the spotlight. With a difficult aspect, you may feel drained, with your energy low, and you could have trouble sleeping. You can experience a drop in self esteem, or problems with men. Health problems could also arise. Also make sure to check the house the Sun rules (the house with the sign Leo on the cusp).

New Moon/Solar Eclipse to Natal Moon
The Moon rules your emotions, so a positive aspect can show you’re emotionally at ease, feeling at one with yourself. You’ll have fewer problems letting your emotions out in a positive, constructive way. If there’s something you need to get off your chest, you can do so now without offending. A difficult aspect can show you’re experiencing emotional instability. You may be prone to more emotional outbursts and be overly sensitive. The Moon also rules women and your home and family, so a positive aspect can show good dealings with them, while a difficult aspect can show problems. Also make sure to check the house the Moon rules (the house with the sign Cancer on the cusp).

New Moon/Solar Eclipse to Natal Mercury
Mercury rules your mind, so a positive aspect can allow you to broaden your mind, perhaps by taking up some new mental venture like taking a class or getting a how-to book. You may be thinking with more clarity at this time, and you can have an easier time communicating your feelings with others. Your mind and emotions likely won’t be at war with one another now. A difficult aspect can make your thinking less clear, so decision-making can be tricky. You may be prone to arguments, so watch your tongue or you may say something you’ll regret later on. Also make sure to check the houses Mercury rules (the houses with the signs Gemini and Virgo on the cusp).

New Moon/Solar Eclipse to Natal Venus
Venus rules love, so a positive aspect can bring new love into your life or renew the interest you have with the one you’re with. You may feel more romantic, and if you’re single, you may feel inclined to initiate a relationship. Being social and spending time at a party or hosting one could come about. Venus is also creative, so you may see an increase in creativity. Money matters are Venus-ruled, so you may spend on something for yourself. With a difficult aspect, you could be inclined to overindulgence (watch that sweet tooth and leave your wallet at home). You may want to spend time alone, or just not have time for being social. You can finish a creative endeavor, and if you’re in a relationship, you may hit a snag, break-up, or just be less focused. Also make sure to check the houses Venus rules (the houses with the signs Taurus and Libra on the cusp).

New Moon/Solar Eclipse to Natal Mars
Mars rules energy, so with a positive aspect, your energy should be high, and you have renewed vigor to get things done. You’ll want to be active, and it’s a good time for exercise or doing something really physical, like a marathon. Being idle isn’t an option at this time, but you won’t mind very much. With a difficult aspect, your energy may be low or scattered, making it hard to do what you need to. You can be accident prone, especially if you try to overcompensate for the lack of energy. Your temper can be quick, and little things can set you off, so remember to count to three before going off on anyone. Also make sure to check the house Mars rules (the house with the sign Aries on the cusp).

New Moon/Solar Eclipse to Natal Jupiter
Jupiter rules optimism and expansion, so a positive aspect can make you more optimistic about how things are going in your life and the world around you. You may be more daring because you feel so good, you truly believe you can make things happen. Usually, as a result, new opportunities to expand your life in certain areas present themselves. A difficult aspect can either decrease your optimism or make you unrealistically optimistic and keep opportunities at bay. Don’t get too pessimistic or delusional. Also make sure to check the house Jupiter rules (the house with the sign Sagittarius on the cusp).

New Moon/Solar Eclipse to Natal Saturn
Saturn rules your discipline and maturity, so a positive aspect can help with those. You may find it easier to be responsible and do the right thing. Your career can be positively impacted, with a possibility for advancement and new opportunities. Saturn also rules those older than you, especially authority figures, so you should have an easier time dealing with them. A difficult aspect can show career lag or lack of desire to continue on your career path. You could be repressed, lack self-discipline, and have feelings/expressions of immaturity. You may resent your responsibilities and refuse to deal with them. Also make sure to check the house Saturn rules (the house with the sign Capricorn on the cusp).

New Moon/Solar Eclipse to Natal Uranus
Uranus rules the unexpected, so with a positive aspect you could see an unexpected change out of nowhere. With a positive aspect, it’ll usually be a good, helpful change you can handle; with a difficult aspect, it’ll usually be more in the realm of unexpected challenges hindering what you think you want. It’s important to be flexible with any Uranus aspect, because whatever happens will likely be something you don’t and can’t expect. Whether it’s positive or difficult change, it’s usually necessary to help you move forward in whatever area of your life it occurs. Also make sure to check the house Uranus rules (the house with the sign Aquarius on the cusp).

New Moon/Solar Eclipse to Natal Neptune
Neptune rules the subconscious, so a positive aspect can increase your fantasies because your imagination will be heightened. It can make your dreams more lucid and important, so pay attention to them. You can become more intuitive, or aware of your surroundings and the subtle changes in people, so you’ll be more sensitive and hyper aware. A difficult aspect can turn your subconscious against you, and make you more scared, paranoid, insecure, and vulnerable to others. It’s important to remember that sometimes it’s all in your head. Go through each of your fears one by one and assess which are real and which are illusions. Also make sure to check the house Neptune rules (the house with the sign Pisces on the cusp).

New Moon/Solar Eclipse to Natal Pluto
Pluto rules power, so with a positive aspect you may feel more powerful, courageous, and daring, and try to do things to gain more power and control in life. Your focus may be more honed on your goals. You can be quite stealth in trying to achieve what you set your mind to. With a difficult aspect, you may experience power struggles, dealings with people who want to control you, or you try to control other people. You can become obsessed over something, anything. A good way to deal with Pluto is to try and transform some aspect of yourself in need of it. Pluto loves to rehabilitate things, so doing that can make even a difficult aspect very positive. Also make sure to check the house Pluto rules (the house with the sign Scorpio on the cusp).

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

New Moon in Aquarius on the cusp 18th Feb 2015

Today's New Moon in Aquarius at 29 degrees occurs at 11.48pm GMT (so it is on cusp of Aquarius/Pisces) Aquarius is an original, humanitarian, forward thinking sign. Also known as 'black moon' because there was New Moon also Aquarius in this year, in January at 0ยบ Aquarius. So through the sign of Aquarius it confronts the old (Pisces) with the new. New Moons are a positive time generally to plant new seeds and this Moon in Aquarius is really quite innovative or cutting edge. So it could be a good time to consider radical change or start some new venture or even change your image or have a different make over, especially as the Sun is in Pisces. "Dare to be different, experiment and don’t be afraid of being wrong."

Mercury Retrograde 20th January - Thurs 12th Feb 2015

Mercury is not retrograde (in Stationary position) until 20th January but it may be helpful to know that Mercury is in it's shadow period now which means pre Mercury Retrograde experiences may begin or be felt, so increased travel delays, machinery break downs, computer and technological problems may occur. As Uranus rules Aquarius in which Mercury will be Retrograde until 12th Feb it may be wise to back up any important computer files etc.. as Uranus rules technology. At the risk of sounding like a broken record - Mercury Retrograde doesn't need to be feared although there can be more communicative misunderstandings and disruptions and delays it is a beneficial time to review, reflect and reconsider things. Mercury in Aquarius (an independent, cool, inventive, visionary, humanitarian, social sign) could be great for heated debates, for entrepreneurial ideas or to re launch or re brand an old product. Merc Ret is generally not an ideal time to start something new though, if possible as you may need to review or change things after this period

4th February 2015

Although the Full Moon was at it's fullest yesterday night (3rd Feb 2015) do not be surprised if you still feel it's influence today and for the next few days. In Leo this Full Moon can be dramatic, flamboyant, fun and creative. Leo is an optimistic, proud fire energy and conjunct (i.e. close to/within 10 degrees of) Jupiter the planet of bonhomie, excess and expansion it simply exaggerates the Full Moon's feeling. Of course, as with any Full Moon regardless of the zodiac sign it is in, expect a likely hood of increased restlessness, heightened emotions, possible insomnia or disturbed sleep and strange or vivid dreams. It's a lovely enthusiastic Full Moon and with the present Aquarius Sun conjunct Mercury Retrograde, some creative souls may have been feeling inspired to revisit old talents or pieces of artistic work. This Full Moon could inject enthusiasm into many's sphere. As the Aquarius Sun is in opposition to this Leo Moon conjunct Jupiter fixed signs (Aquarius, Leo, Scorpios or people with inner planets in these signs, if not their Sun) could find they are at loggerheads or have some struggles. Some people may be striving for the limelight or acting "me, myself and I" Plus trine Uranus some people may be going overboard trying to seem zany, individualistic or make an impression.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Full Moon in Cancer 5th January 2015

The waxing moon culminates in a Full Moon in Cancer tomorrow 5th January. The Moon is the natural ruler of Cancer, a nurturing, sensitive, emotional, intuitive,moody placing. This Full Moon though will be in challenging square to Uranus and in opposition to intense Pluto which could be experienced as extreme, crazy or profound feelings. Be aware people could over react during the next four days and may have seemed a bit loco for the previous few. A vacillation between emotions may be possible too, so some people may laugh like a loon one moment and cry the next. Unanticipated events are also possible but on the positive side Full Moons can be a good time for releasing and purging. If you are on a detox this Full Moon could be beneficial too. Balance between career and family matters may be an issue for some people. As always strange dreams, odd feelings and restlessness are other possible effects from a Full Moon.

Shadow Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is not retrograde (in Stationary position) until 20th January but it may be helpful to know that Mercury is in it's shadow period now which means pre Mercury Retrograde experiences may begin or be felt, so increased travel delays, machinery break downs, computer and technological problems may occur. As Uranus rules Aquarius in which Mercury will be Retrograde until 12th Feb it may be wise to back up any important computer files etc.. as Uranus rules technology. At the risk of sounding like a broken record - Mercury Retrograde doesn't need to be feared although there can be more communicative misunderstandings and disruptions and delays it is a beneficial time to review, reflect and reconsider things. Mercury in Aquarius (an independent, cool, inventive, visionary, humanitarian, social sign) could be great for heated debates, for entrepreneurial ideas or to re launch or re brand an old product. Merc Ret is generally not an ideal time to start something new though, if possible as you may need to review or change things after this period.