Saturday, 29 October 2016

Scorpio New Moon 30th October 2016

Today, 30th October's New Moon is in Scorpio at 5.30pm London time. New Moons are generally considered a positive time for new ventures, setting new intentions and new opportunities. Although every day is a fresh day regardless of astrological influences. Scorpio is an intense, passionate, intuitive, sexual sign. It is not afraid to look deeply into the abyss nor is it afraid of change. The Death card in the Tarot is a card linked to Scorpio and Plutonic energy (as Pluto rules Scorpio) The Sun, Moon and Mercury are all in Scorpio at 7 degrees today. The Sun relates to the self, the Moon to emotions and habits and Mercury to thoughts and communication. So one interpretation could be that we may think of new ways to communicate and feel less fear to speak up or think about more deeper issues. Some people may find they feel a desire for a new chapter. Scorpio can be symbolised as the phoenix rising from the ashes. As Mercury is in challenging aspect to the South Node, this influence could mean we transform the way we think about the past, even if we feel it's negative. This Scorpio New Moon has a lovely Neptunian emphasis in trine with Mercury to Neptune. Therefore not only is it a good time for deep reflection but Neptune could assist new creative ideas, dreams or visions. Venus conjunct Saturn could help creative or artistic (Venus) ideas become concrete (Saturn.) Neptune a romantic, dreamy planet in trine to this Moon could heighten intuition and romanticism. So don't be surprised if new connections could have a 'soul mate' like feel. See how things are after a few weeks from now as to whether this is a new chapter or just a dreamy influence that passes.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Super Full Moon in Aries, 16th October, 2016

This Saturday 16th October's Full Moon at 5.23 am London time is at 23 degrees in Aries. It is a Super Moon as it occurs roughly at the same time as when the Moon is nearest Earth in it's monthly orbit. Emotions are often heightened or super sensitised leading up to, during and after a Full Moon. Just as the Moon magnetically effects the waves of the Sea and we are made up of a high volume of water so the Larger Moon can whip up an internal storm. As Uranus is conjunct this Moon, some people may feel more volatile, crazier, more rebellious, gung ho or angry as Uranus is erratic, zany and perverse and Aries energy can be selfish, impetuous, impatient, temperamental and has a fiery temper.
The Full Moon is always opposite the Sun which is in Libra now, so there may be a struggle between the I, the self (Aries) and relationships (Libra). Uranus conjunct the Moon could translate as up and down moods, changeable or a roller coaster of emotions. 'Expect the unexpected', spontaneity or a desire for excitement or adventure could be a theme for some people with this Uranus conjunct the Full Moon in Aries. Mars the ruler of Aries is conjunct Pluto so desires, passion and or aggression may be intensified. Some people may try to provoke you or you may feel like antagonising or annoying others.
Weird or lucid dreams, insomnia or restless sleep are all common 'Full Moon' effects for an approximate 9 day period. With this Aries Full Moon's influences it's possible your dreams could be violent, bloody, angry, revolutionary, war like or alien/technologically orientated. Venus enters Sagittarius the next day (until Nov 11th) so heartfelt desire for excitement and adventure continues. A desire to travel, be foot loose and fancy free or to expand one's horizons is possible too.
Mercury conjunct Jupiter in square to Mars/Pluto highlights to take care not to jump to conclusions or to make a mountain out of a molehill. Just being aware of these possible influences can be helpful, as this influence will pass. Remember things that were hidden may come to light during or around a Full Moon but how one acts and reacts can make a huge difference to the future outcome. It's better to wait at least four days after a Full Moon before taking action if possible. Or at least try to be still amongst the storm, observe, digest and let things settle. In a few weeks it should feel a lot better, akin to waking to a serene dawn after deep rest, after a night of craziness. The New Moon in Scorpio on 30th Oct will feel optimistic, dreamy, magical and potentially transformative in trine with Neptune.