Wednesday, 18 February 2015

New Moon in Aquarius on the cusp 18th Feb 2015

Today's New Moon in Aquarius at 29 degrees occurs at 11.48pm GMT (so it is on cusp of Aquarius/Pisces) Aquarius is an original, humanitarian, forward thinking sign. Also known as 'black moon' because there was New Moon also Aquarius in this year, in January at 0ยบ Aquarius. So through the sign of Aquarius it confronts the old (Pisces) with the new. New Moons are a positive time generally to plant new seeds and this Moon in Aquarius is really quite innovative or cutting edge. So it could be a good time to consider radical change or start some new venture or even change your image or have a different make over, especially as the Sun is in Pisces. "Dare to be different, experiment and don’t be afraid of being wrong."

Mercury Retrograde 20th January - Thurs 12th Feb 2015

Mercury is not retrograde (in Stationary position) until 20th January but it may be helpful to know that Mercury is in it's shadow period now which means pre Mercury Retrograde experiences may begin or be felt, so increased travel delays, machinery break downs, computer and technological problems may occur. As Uranus rules Aquarius in which Mercury will be Retrograde until 12th Feb it may be wise to back up any important computer files etc.. as Uranus rules technology. At the risk of sounding like a broken record - Mercury Retrograde doesn't need to be feared although there can be more communicative misunderstandings and disruptions and delays it is a beneficial time to review, reflect and reconsider things. Mercury in Aquarius (an independent, cool, inventive, visionary, humanitarian, social sign) could be great for heated debates, for entrepreneurial ideas or to re launch or re brand an old product. Merc Ret is generally not an ideal time to start something new though, if possible as you may need to review or change things after this period

4th February 2015

Although the Full Moon was at it's fullest yesterday night (3rd Feb 2015) do not be surprised if you still feel it's influence today and for the next few days. In Leo this Full Moon can be dramatic, flamboyant, fun and creative. Leo is an optimistic, proud fire energy and conjunct (i.e. close to/within 10 degrees of) Jupiter the planet of bonhomie, excess and expansion it simply exaggerates the Full Moon's feeling. Of course, as with any Full Moon regardless of the zodiac sign it is in, expect a likely hood of increased restlessness, heightened emotions, possible insomnia or disturbed sleep and strange or vivid dreams. It's a lovely enthusiastic Full Moon and with the present Aquarius Sun conjunct Mercury Retrograde, some creative souls may have been feeling inspired to revisit old talents or pieces of artistic work. This Full Moon could inject enthusiasm into many's sphere. As the Aquarius Sun is in opposition to this Leo Moon conjunct Jupiter fixed signs (Aquarius, Leo, Scorpios or people with inner planets in these signs, if not their Sun) could find they are at loggerheads or have some struggles. Some people may be striving for the limelight or acting "me, myself and I" Plus trine Uranus some people may be going overboard trying to seem zany, individualistic or make an impression.