Saturday, 23 April 2016

Full Moon in Scorpio 22nd April 2016

The Moon is waxing towards a Full Moon this Friday 22nd April in the passionate water sign, Scorpio. (2 degrees) From today until around 4 days afterwards, heightened emotions, increased sensitivity, restlessness, disturbed sleep and extremer feelings are all possible. As Scorpio is an all or nothing sign, people's reactions are likely to be more full on than usual. That's no excuse though for extreme behaviour, outbursts or power plays. Scorpio also has the potential to be very controlled and disciplined. Increased appetites, sexual energy or fear for some people may elevate as the Moon brings emotions to the surface. Full Moons often illuminate or bring revelations. Whenever there is a Full Moon it means the Moon is opposite the Sun which will be in Taurus. So themes could be transformation, mystery, the taboos (Scorpio) versus security, peace, form, practicality and creativity (Taurus) With unusually high number of Retrograde planets over the next several months, there will be a feeling of extra time to analyse and reflect on these profound external changes and deep inner realisations that are taking place for most. I read an interesting post by Gregory Rozek "many retrograde planets makes the world appear to slow down. It feels like you are living in a different dimension with less inner uncertainty."

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Pluto Retrograde April 17th 2016

Pluto will be turning Retrograde in Capricorn on April 17th/18th until September 26th 2016. Retrograde influences regardless of the planet is about reviewing, revisiting and many other 're' associated words. Capricorn earth's energy is a practical, materialistic, ambitious sign. Pluto is linked to the Underworld in mythology and issues that are buried or deep down, so can relate to subjects like psychology, mining, detective work, analysis but also dramatic transformation. Pluto when Retrograde may be felt even more intensely as Pluto rules Scorpio and Scorpio energy is extreme, never wishy washy or mild. What may this all mean for people? Well, these months could be a positive time for looking deep within at what you want to transform. It could be a period akin to the Phoenix rising from the ashes, breakthroughs, positive changes, detoxing or regeneration are possible experiences too. Reform or changes to one's psychological behaviours that may affect one's physical body are possible too, so detoxing could be an option or letting go of addictions or negative behavioural patterns. It is a beneficial time to go deep within our souls to review things especially as Jupiter (an optimistic, spiritual/religious, philosophical planet) has also been Retrograde in earthy, health conscious Virgo since January and will be until 9th May. Jupiter trine Pluto around June 26th is a peak, positive influence for self dedication and a win/win effect. Mars in Sagittarius will be Retrograding too on 17th April until June 29th (entering Scorpio on May 28th, until it returns to Sag on Aug 2nd.) Mars Retrograde may simply be felt as plans being thwarted or it being harder to keep up the drive to succeed. None of these Retrogrades are to be feared though. Mars Ret is a great time for planning and stategizing especially as Mercury will be Retrograde too from 29th April in Taurus (until May 22nd) which I will write about in more detail another day. Mercury Ret in Taurus can bring about slower thinking, delays with money or practical matters and communication may seem more gritty, cumbersome or blocked.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

7th April 2016 New Moon in Aries

Today's super New Moon is in Aries at 18 degrees. New Moons are considered to be a positive time to set new intentions or to implement something. Obviously it doesn't mean do something just for the sake of it but with the Sun, Venus and Uranus also in Aries it could be a good time to embrace Aries optimistic, pioneering, go getting energy. A sense of excitement or anticipation or a desire for change or action, may be in the air for some people as Uranus is conjunct (close to) the New Moon. Uranus is about shaking things up and Aries doesn't sit on his laurels. Itchy feet, a desire for independence and breaking from the past are other possible influences some people may experience especially as Chiron is still conjunct the past South Node in Pisces. So some people may feel ready to forge ahead, break free from past wounds and to be emotionally honest. If anyone is going to take action it's probably wiser to get things moving before Mars turns Retrograde on 17th April and Mercury turns Retrograde on April 28th. If you can put important events on hold till July onwards, even better but sometimes in life you can't so don't worry just know you may need more gusto or elbow grease to get things moving and just leave more time for delays etc like always with Merc Ret periods. This New Moon may feel exciting for some but unsettling for others as Pluto is square this New Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus. Unexpected upheavals could arise or change being forced upon us. Try to go with the flow, as best you can and know things will feel slower and there will be more time to digest events with the soon to be inner planet retrogrades.