Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Full Moon in Aquarius 18th August 2016

Full Moon in Aquarius at 25 degrees this Thursday, 18th August.
Aquarius energy is rebellious, freedom loving, humanitarian, sociable, zany, perverse & unpredictable. Aquarius can envisage the future and receive unexpected information from the cosmos. So many may have felt this influence increase during the last few days as the Moon waxes, along with disturbed sleep, odd dreams and erratic feelings. Don't forget the Full Moon's influence can be felt for several days after also. As this is a lunar eclipse expect the unexpected and disruptions to possible plans made the week before this Full Moon and the week after. It's not a significant lunar eclipse, only a partial shadow, so it's effects won't be felt for months after, as is often the case. Uranus rules Aries & Uranus is in positive aspect to this Full Moon which just amplifies Aquarius energy's increased desire to do something different, or the need to make a difference in the world or simply being free of daily chores and restrictions. Don't worry if you feel a bit crazier than normal, it's Uranian energy. Some people may feel like having a crazy hair cut or colour, different to their norm, but be aware this 'individualistic' energy may dissipate once the full Moon's influence has worn off.
Whenever there is a Full Moon it is opposite the Sun, which is presently in Leo, so Aquarius in polarity to Leo could be felt as strong wills in conflict or as increased moodiness, both signs have this tendency.
Saturn went Direct on 13th August after about 7 months of being Retrograde in Sagittarius. This means it is a positive time for consolidating what you've learnt, breaking down fears or boundaries or putting plans into practise, with no more hindrances. Another way of looking at Saturn direct - Restrictions will feel lifted.
Another influence this month is Mercury turning Retrograde, in Virgo, on 30th August. It's pre shadow effects will start to be felt and intensify from 18th until 21st and even after Mercury turns direct on 22nd September, for a few weeks after. Mercury Retrograde usually makes time feel slower and more frustrating with an increase in technological, machinery and communication breakdowns or misunderstandings. Travel disruptions and delays are usually worse during Merc Ret periods too. On the plus side it's a great time for reviewing, reflecting, re doing or re examining an old idea or project. Researching information and gathering more details could be beneficial. Reconciling old ideas is a possible interpretation too!

Monday, 1 August 2016

New Moon in Leo 2nd August 2016

Just a mini astro update this time: There is a New Moon in Leo tomorrow at 10 degrees, on Tuesday 2nd August 2016. As the Sun is always conjunct (very close to) the Moon when it's New, it means this gives a double whammy of Leo energy. So embrace your inner 'ROAR' and your creativity. Courage and playfulness, vanity and enthusiasm are some of the influences that may also be felt with this influence. Leo is warm hearted, generous and also very organised. so this New Moon could be a fortuitous time to implement something new or start afresh. It could even translate as experimenting with a new hairstyle (Leo mane) or to tackle a DIY job. Leo Sun and Moon has a regal energy so know your worth, hold your head up high and in trine to Saturn, know you can be powerful and get results with determination and by seriously believing in your self.
As a Tarot Reader I must mention the Strength card, number 8 in the Major Arcana, which is pertinent to this New Moon in Leo. A card of a woman holding a Lion by the jaws, not with brute force but with assertion, wisdom, knowing the time to take action, 'feel the fear but do it any way' and symbolising animal passions being harnessed. She may be helping the beast, taking a thorn out or taming the beast. Whatever the case this gentle lady symbolises success and faith in one self. Confrontation or strength can be found in patience, it can be effective like water eroding rocks, gentle endurance.