Monday, 26 October 2015

Full Moon in Taurus, Tuesday 27th October 2015

Whenever there is a Full Moon it means the Sun is opposite the Moon. The Sun represents the ego and the Moon is about one's emotional needs. The Sun is presently in Scorpio and the Full Moon tomorrow on 27th October at midday UK time is in Taurus. The following link shows the world times for this Full Moon…/
During the New Moon it can be a positive time to initiate or plant new intentions whereas during a Full Moon it is considered wiser to release or purge any feelings or anything that isn't so desirable. Some people say the veil between the earthly and the spirit world is thinner during the Full Moon so more care and awareness is smart if dabbling with any intoxicants or rituals - be aware of what you are doing as everything is heightened and more powerful. Make sure you are properly grounded and protected, of course! Rather than inviting anything into your life it is a much wiser time to banish or get rid of anything for example unhealthy or negative thoughts or elements. So to cleanse certainly couldn't hurt, even if this is as simple at lighting a candle and having a salt bath and sending one's intention out to the Universe. Taurus is Venusian, sensual, earthy, possessive whereas Scorpio is intense, deep, emotional and potentially jealous. Remember that Taurus is a sign predisposed to worrying so this may be amplified too. Just remembering that several days leading up to the culmination pf the Full Moon and the several days afterwards can be felt be experienced by everone is beneficial, regardless of the sign it is in. Understanding that people may be more volatile, emotional, super sensitive, crazy or erratic, restless or anxious can benefit. Weirder dreams are so common as is broken sleep too! So know you're not the only one! MWith this particular Full Moon in positive sextile to dreamy, magical, ethereal Neptune, increased intuition, realisations coming to our awareness, lucid dreams or a creative longing may be enhanced as could heightened romanticism. So generally an easier Full Moon compared to the last Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse in Aries at the end of September,
Mercury the planet of communication (in Libra) opposite Uranus (in Aries) will have a Mercury Retrograde feel so take care not to miscommunicate or wish you hadn't said things in a hot headed or over emotional moment. Other planetary activity is that Venus, Mars, Jupiter and the karmic North Node are all close together in practical Virgo - an auspicious stellium which can can assist in consolidating desires into the reality.

Monday, 12 October 2015

New Moon in Libra 12/13th October 2015

New Moon in Libra on 12/13th October depending on where you are located in the world. Although there may be some unexpected surprises with this Moon in opposition to Uranus, these shake ups aren't necessarily bad. Uranus can bring uenxpected flashes of genius for example. Many astrologers are calling this a 're set' or 're balance' New Moon, so it highlights a feeling of starting from zero. As with all New Moon periods it is a good time to set new intentions of what we want to achieve during the next two weeks and even over the next few months (with the recent Lunar Eclipse whose effects can be felt for three months.) It is also considered a fortuitous time to begin new projects, to release old worries and to think about what you would like to change to restore balance in your relationships. Venus is square Saturn so challenges around self love and insecurity may arise but despite this potential influence hopefully pro active Mars conjunct Jupiter can help you put positive desires to change things into action. If you experienced any negative experiences or changes during or after the recent Lunar eclipse be aware Mars trine Pluto can positively initiate new exciting changes.