Thursday, 3 August 2017

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 7th Aug 2017

The Full Moon, Lunar eclipse at 15 degrees Aquarius on 7th August, 2017 (7.10pm London) with Sun conjunct Sirius on 8th August until 14th August is a powerful time to re charge, energise and open our eyes, hearts and our awareness and to rise beyond the mundane and the physical, a time to understand our emotions and to have illumination about our Shadow self and relationships with human kind. Some say it is a portal to understanding more about the universe. Sirius is 23 times brighter than the Sun. Hence why with the Sun close to Sirius it's like getting an extra boost of self confidence and self awareness in unison with Aquarian emotional awareness. Some articles I've read write about how Atlantis and the Egyptians worked with Sirius. The usual waxing Full Moon effects may be felt from increased sensitivity, to strange dreams, broken sleep and feeling emotionally overwhelmed. Aquarius is a rebellious, independent, sociable sign, so people may feel more inclined to be out there connecting with people, feeling friendlier and wanting to break out of old habits or routines. Although the Full Moon increases emotions, Moon in aspect to Mars could be irritable, impatient and Aquarius can be quite cool and distant. At the least it emanates independence. Uranus rules Aquarius and it's an unexpected, lightening energy so with the 'Lion's Gate Portal' at it's referred to on the 8th with the Sun conjunct Sirius plus the Full Moon - unexpected breakthroughs or insights are even more likely. Jupiter square Pluto from 4th is a powerful aspect where greed or a desire to succeed or unbury treasures (whether knowledge or money) are heightened. Pirates of the Higher Consciousness. Mercury Retrograde in Virgo continues to cause disruption to technology and transport but reflect and give extra time and back up any important data.