Friday, 20 March 2015

New Moon, Total Solar Eclipse 20th March, 2015

This morning's Total Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees Pisces is a particularly powerful one indeed as eclipses are quite common but not Total Solar Eclipses in which the Sun is totally blocked out. Solar eclipses are like an amplified New Moon and can impact an individual for up to 6 months.The powerful changes whether these be new beginnings or endings can be experienced internally or externally and with this Pisces New Moon on the cusp of Aquarius the spotlight today is about empathy, compassion, dreams & the imagination, fantasy about new pastures but with an Aquarian flavour of revolution and rebellion or a need for reform perhaps. It is potent too as this Moon is at the last degree of Pisces the last zodiac sign in the chart before a new Cycle in Aries beginning. From the old to the new! To understand more accurately how this Eclipse may impact an individual your birth chart would need to be consulted to see which house this New Moon is transiting. For example mine is in my 5th house of creativity so one could predict an increase or a desire to be more playful or focus on creative endeavours. With the Moon in positive trine to Saturn this Spring Equinox weekend, it may be wise to wait a few days to see what comes to light.

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"How to Determine the Impact of New & Full Moons  

A new moon/solar eclipse or full moon/lunar eclipse occurs in a sign and makes aspects to the other transit (moving) planets that have a hazy, overall effect on the world as a whole, but usually not as individuals. To figure out how it will affect you individually, you look at 2 things:
1) which of your houses it falls in
2) whether it makes any close aspects to your natal planets

Which house the new moon/solar eclipse or full moon/lunar eclipse falls in will have the areas of life that house rules possibly impacted, but generally, you won’t feel the impact unless the new moon/solar eclipse or full moon/lunar eclipse are hitting one of your natal planets, on a house cusp, or aspecting some other sensitive point in your chart. With new moons/solar eclipses and full moons/lunar eclipses, the orb is 2 degrees and you only use the major aspects: conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition.

How will it affect you? You need to mesh together the info, taking into account the house it’s occurring in (and what that house rules), the planet being aspected (and what that planet rules, and which of your natal houses that planet rules, and what areas of life that house rules), the aspect being made by the planet (because a sextile is very different from a square), and whether it’s a new or full moon (because new moons are all about beginnings, action, optimism, and full moons are all about endings, emotions, culminations).
New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the Houses
New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the 1st House
The First House is the house of the self, so a New Moon or solar eclipse here is a great time to make a new you. Get a haircut, manicure, or new outfit. Reinvention of the outer self is fruitful with this placement. Make yourself look your best, and it’ll help you feel your best, increasing your stamina, confidence, and overall approach to life. Doing an internal overhaul is good now as well. How you come across and how you express yourself may be things you focus on changing to better reflect the inner you, especially if you’re someone who tends to hide who you are with others. Your energy may be higher, which is good because you’ll likely be quite busy, and you may be more eager about life, especially trying new things. You want to meet new people, have new experiences, and be more courageous and daring. Consequently, it’s a good time to try something that you’ve been a little gun-shy about in the past. You’ll be less likely to shy away and may feel that you can get anything done right now. Being in the spotlight doesn’t seem so uncomfortable now, and you may put yourself out there more, or end up getting more attention for something naturally.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the 2nd House
The Second House rules your disposable income, so money matters fall here. A New Moon or solar eclipse in this house could signal a new opportunity or strong desire to increase your income, or, on the flip-side, an opportunity to spend money (and not on every day items). If you have to spend money, make sure it’s on something that is truly necessary and not something that you’ll regret later, and be wary of impulse buying. If it’s something you really do need, then this is an excellent time to buy it, with little chance of buyer’s remorse (so if you’ve got a big purchase you know you have to make, timing it for now could be beneficial). If you’re looking to streamline and get your finances under control, this can be a good time for it. Plan a budget and stick with it! The Second House also rules your self-esteem, so you can see a positive increase in the way you feel about yourself if you choose to work on the personal growth needed to increase your sense of self-worth. You want to be more in touch with your senses, so physical stimulation may be sought now. That stimulation may be felt more intensely, and you may overindulge.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the 3rd House
The Third House rules communications, so with a New Moon or solar eclipse here, you can see an increase in the amount of communications you have with people, whether it’s in person, over the phone, on the computer, or by some other means. Gathering information is easier now, and you can collect and arrange it all neatly. Day-to-day activities can be finished without feeling like they’re tedious and redundant. The only chance you have of feeling boredom now is if there isn’t enough to do, so stay busy, which shouldn’t be too hard now. Making quick decisions is favorable, and dwelling on singular issues may drive you more bonkers. Just decide and move on. Why fret? You may also want to expand your mind and learn something new. Feeding the mind is usually a good way to keep from ever being bored. This house rules siblings as well, so you could spend more time with yours having new interactions, or by restoring the relationship if it hasn’t been where you want it to be. Short distance travel is a part of the Third House, so you could take a day trip, perhaps for a task, or just on a whim. Updating your close environment, most likely through your community, could come about. Volunteer locally, join neighborhood watch, or pick up litter around your block.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the 4th House
The Fourth House is the house of home and family, so a New Moon or solar eclipse in the Fourth House can show you making improvements to your home (and that can be as simple as buying a new throw pillow or as advanced as knocking down a few walls). Cleaning up your home and personal space can make you feel better about everything. Cluttered home, cluttered life, cluttered mind! You may want to spend more time with your family, bonding, renewing relationships (if you haven’t been spending much time with the family), and opening up about your true feelings. Emotions may be deeper and intimacy may be more desirable, along with a stronger group of supporters to help protect you when you’re feeling vulnerable. Be a better supporter of others too. Your intuition can be more developed now as well, so listen to those initial feelings you have about things. The first reaction may very well be the best one right now. It’s a good period to sell your home, buy a house, move, or refinance. You want to keep busy, or you may be kept busy with a flurry of activity. Making and working towards long-term goals is a positive use of the energy.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the 5th House
The Fifth House is the house of fun, so you could spend some time going wild at a party, practicing a long-loved hobby, or letting the creative juices flow if a New Moon or solar eclipse falls here. You feel less reclusive and want to get out more. Feeling lonesome isn’t an option! The things that you feel make life fun are what you’re most attracted to now. Creating is positive, so this is an especially good time for those who work to ‘create’ anything, not just the arts. This house also rules romance, so you could have a new date or feel like bringing some romance into your relationship if you’re committed (bubble bath, dinner for two, etc.). If you’ve got your eye on someone, ask them out. If you just want to mingle, mingle. Children are a Fifth House matter, so if you have kids, you may feel inclined to spend more time with them, or they may require your attention for something. You may want to get in touch with your own inner child, feeling more playful and carefree. You can be bolder, feeling better about yourself, and you may require more approval from those around you.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the 6th House
The Sixth House rules your health, so a New Moon or solar eclipse here could have you more focused on your well being, be it physical fitness or mental stability. It’s a good time to try a new diet or health regimen, but make sure it’s something you can realistically keep up with and not some fad you’ll quit in two weeks. Be careful not to obsess about being healthy – even too much of a good thing is a bad thing! Everything in moderation. Your daily habits may undergo a change, especially in an attempt to restore order if some aspect of life has been out of balance. Keeping things disorganized and cluttered is not tolerated now. You may adopt a new pet or get something new for the one you have. Your work environment is also a 6th house issue, so this is a good time to improve your current one or look for a new one altogether. Just don’t set your sights so high they’re unattainable, and you end up doing something you regret. Sometimes impulsiveness can set in and you can find yourself quitting your job on a whim, and then what are you going to do? Keep in mind that any changes made should be positive and well thought out.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the 7th House
The Seventh House rules all of your relationships, so a New Moon or solar eclipse here highlights your romantic relationships, business relationships, and even your enemies (but with the Seventh House, it’s ‘open’ enemies, the ones you know about, the people who you openly admit you don’t like and are out to get you; the Twelfth House rules ‘hidden’ enemies, the ones we don’t realize are our enemies, because of denial, or because they’re able to hide it so well, or because it’s secretly us). Improving your existing relationships and making them into positive, life-affirming parts of your existence is a good way to use the energy. All good relationships should provide us with something for growth in some way, so ensure that all of yours are doing so. Evaluating your ideas of intimacy and of how you view individuality versus interdependency can come about, especially if you have issues with these ideas. In business, a partner may be helpful in getting what you want accomplished, and you’re better with negotiating and being fair. Your emotions are higher with all your relationships, and if you’re finding yourself going it alone a lot, you’ll be much less comfortable with that now.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the 8th House
The Eighth House rules other people’s money, like debts, taxes, and joint finances. With a New Moon or solar eclipse here, you may have to deal with any of those. It’s a good time to pay off debt or get money that’s owed to you, as well as get a loan or line of credit (just make sure it’s one you need and not for you to splurge). This house also rules transformations, so you may make some sort of transformation of yourself or life; you may not need to necessarily get rid of things, but just tweak them to make them work. Sometimes a total overhaul isn’t necessary, and a small renovation is all that’s needed. If you don’t have to tear things down to get it to work, then don’t. Your sex drive can increase, but casual sex won’t cut it – you’ll need an intense experience. Intensity is accompanied with this position, in all facets of life, because you approach things in a more powerful manner. You look beneath the surface to try and find what’s really there, and if there’s nothing to find, you can be disappointed. You may feel your personality is a bit ‘darker’ during this time if you struggle with who you are internally.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the 9th House
The Ninth House rules expansion of the higher self through higher education and philosophy, so a New Moon or solar eclipse here could have you wanting to expand your mind and life by exploring new cultures, ways of living, and perspectives. The status quo is no longer satisfying you, and you want to do something extraordinary. You feel more adventurous, and want to push the limits of your mind. Your spirituality may undergo a change, as you want to explore your beliefs thoroughly and represent them as much as possible. Long distance travel is a Ninth House matter, so you could have an opportunity to travel far or just have the desire to, or spend time with people from other foreign places or try exotic cuisine. The Ninth House also rules the law, so legal matters can come into play. This isn’t the best time for long-term plans, so don’t commit yourself to something that won’t be over quickly. Also don’t try to do something that requires you to pay close attention to the details; you’re more interested in the broader scope right now. If you’re a writer, this is an especially good time for your craft, and the Ninth House actually rules publishing.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the 10th House
The Tenth House rules your career, life path, and authority figures. A New Moon or solar eclipse here could show career advancement, a change in your life path, or dealing with a superior. Present yourself as best you can at all times because you may find people are watching you more than normal, especially for your work and accomplishments. It’s difficult to keep things hidden at this time, so try to keep things on the straight-and-narrow. If there’s gossip going around about you, ask yourself why. It can be truer than you think during this time. It can be an auspicious period for a raise or promotion, or to start a new career path. You’ll have the energy to do it, and you’ll likely be quite busy with everything you have to get done. Don’t get overwhelmed by how much you have to do, and delegate when needed. Sometimes the energy can be intense, and you can become stressed. When you have many important tasks at hand, stay focused on the most important and keep track as best you can. Long-term professional goals can be formulated now that are more realistic, attainable, and will help get you further in your job and life.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the 11th House
The Eleventh House rules your friendships, so you may spend time with a friend when you have a New Moon or solar eclipse in your Eleventh House. You’ll feel more honest with them and any new acquaintances you make, and this may endear them to you. With your close friends, you may find yourself more emotional than normal, but let it out, because they may be more responsive than you think. Be social, both personally and professionally. Broadening your network of friends and business associates can be prosperous. It’s a good time to join a new organization or group, especially if it’s geared towards helping humanity or the world at large. You may want to help others, but in more of an abstract way, like donating to a cause, rather than one-on-one attention. You may be interested in those far different from you, being more tolerant and open, or at least curious. Exploring your dreams can come into focus, and it can be good to re-evaluate where you want to go in the future. All your hopes and wishes could be of focus, and you may realize some, get rid of some, change some, add some, or commit further to some.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the 12th House
The Twelfth House is a house of service, so it’s a good time to volunteer or help someone else with a New Moon or solar eclipse here. This house rules hidden things, so dealings with secrets can occur. Make sure you’re watching what you say carefully, or you might let something slip accidentally. You could do more work behind-the-scenes, feeling like taking a backseat or that things need to remain quiet to get done what must get done. Just make sure you’re being open and honest, and if you’re dealing with someone else, they’re being totally honest too. You may also want to spend some time alone working on yourself, allowing yourself time to replenish the self. Sometimes seclusion is the only way we can repair, getting away from the distractions of life and down to the nitty-gritty. It’s a good time to clear your mind, for all manner of healing, and therapy. Your ability to explore your subconscious is high at this time, and it’s a good idea to use it, since the next New Moon will most likely occur in your First House, which has much more activity, and you’ll have less of a chance to do so.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse Aspects to Natal Planets
New Moon/Solar Eclipse to Natal Sun

The Sun rules you as a whole, so you may want to try a new look with a positive aspect. You may have more energy, and be presented with new opportunities to try new things. The Sun rules men, so you could have positive dealings with them. Overall, you should feel better about yourself and life, and be more desiring of the spotlight. With a difficult aspect, you may feel drained, with your energy low, and you could have trouble sleeping. You can experience a drop in self esteem, or problems with men. Health problems could also arise. Also make sure to check the house the Sun rules (the house with the sign Leo on the cusp).

New Moon/Solar Eclipse to Natal Moon
The Moon rules your emotions, so a positive aspect can show you’re emotionally at ease, feeling at one with yourself. You’ll have fewer problems letting your emotions out in a positive, constructive way. If there’s something you need to get off your chest, you can do so now without offending. A difficult aspect can show you’re experiencing emotional instability. You may be prone to more emotional outbursts and be overly sensitive. The Moon also rules women and your home and family, so a positive aspect can show good dealings with them, while a difficult aspect can show problems. Also make sure to check the house the Moon rules (the house with the sign Cancer on the cusp).

New Moon/Solar Eclipse to Natal Mercury
Mercury rules your mind, so a positive aspect can allow you to broaden your mind, perhaps by taking up some new mental venture like taking a class or getting a how-to book. You may be thinking with more clarity at this time, and you can have an easier time communicating your feelings with others. Your mind and emotions likely won’t be at war with one another now. A difficult aspect can make your thinking less clear, so decision-making can be tricky. You may be prone to arguments, so watch your tongue or you may say something you’ll regret later on. Also make sure to check the houses Mercury rules (the houses with the signs Gemini and Virgo on the cusp).

New Moon/Solar Eclipse to Natal Venus
Venus rules love, so a positive aspect can bring new love into your life or renew the interest you have with the one you’re with. You may feel more romantic, and if you’re single, you may feel inclined to initiate a relationship. Being social and spending time at a party or hosting one could come about. Venus is also creative, so you may see an increase in creativity. Money matters are Venus-ruled, so you may spend on something for yourself. With a difficult aspect, you could be inclined to overindulgence (watch that sweet tooth and leave your wallet at home). You may want to spend time alone, or just not have time for being social. You can finish a creative endeavor, and if you’re in a relationship, you may hit a snag, break-up, or just be less focused. Also make sure to check the houses Venus rules (the houses with the signs Taurus and Libra on the cusp).

New Moon/Solar Eclipse to Natal Mars
Mars rules energy, so with a positive aspect, your energy should be high, and you have renewed vigor to get things done. You’ll want to be active, and it’s a good time for exercise or doing something really physical, like a marathon. Being idle isn’t an option at this time, but you won’t mind very much. With a difficult aspect, your energy may be low or scattered, making it hard to do what you need to. You can be accident prone, especially if you try to overcompensate for the lack of energy. Your temper can be quick, and little things can set you off, so remember to count to three before going off on anyone. Also make sure to check the house Mars rules (the house with the sign Aries on the cusp).

New Moon/Solar Eclipse to Natal Jupiter
Jupiter rules optimism and expansion, so a positive aspect can make you more optimistic about how things are going in your life and the world around you. You may be more daring because you feel so good, you truly believe you can make things happen. Usually, as a result, new opportunities to expand your life in certain areas present themselves. A difficult aspect can either decrease your optimism or make you unrealistically optimistic and keep opportunities at bay. Don’t get too pessimistic or delusional. Also make sure to check the house Jupiter rules (the house with the sign Sagittarius on the cusp).

New Moon/Solar Eclipse to Natal Saturn
Saturn rules your discipline and maturity, so a positive aspect can help with those. You may find it easier to be responsible and do the right thing. Your career can be positively impacted, with a possibility for advancement and new opportunities. Saturn also rules those older than you, especially authority figures, so you should have an easier time dealing with them. A difficult aspect can show career lag or lack of desire to continue on your career path. You could be repressed, lack self-discipline, and have feelings/expressions of immaturity. You may resent your responsibilities and refuse to deal with them. Also make sure to check the house Saturn rules (the house with the sign Capricorn on the cusp).

New Moon/Solar Eclipse to Natal Uranus
Uranus rules the unexpected, so with a positive aspect you could see an unexpected change out of nowhere. With a positive aspect, it’ll usually be a good, helpful change you can handle; with a difficult aspect, it’ll usually be more in the realm of unexpected challenges hindering what you think you want. It’s important to be flexible with any Uranus aspect, because whatever happens will likely be something you don’t and can’t expect. Whether it’s positive or difficult change, it’s usually necessary to help you move forward in whatever area of your life it occurs. Also make sure to check the house Uranus rules (the house with the sign Aquarius on the cusp).

New Moon/Solar Eclipse to Natal Neptune
Neptune rules the subconscious, so a positive aspect can increase your fantasies because your imagination will be heightened. It can make your dreams more lucid and important, so pay attention to them. You can become more intuitive, or aware of your surroundings and the subtle changes in people, so you’ll be more sensitive and hyper aware. A difficult aspect can turn your subconscious against you, and make you more scared, paranoid, insecure, and vulnerable to others. It’s important to remember that sometimes it’s all in your head. Go through each of your fears one by one and assess which are real and which are illusions. Also make sure to check the house Neptune rules (the house with the sign Pisces on the cusp).

New Moon/Solar Eclipse to Natal Pluto
Pluto rules power, so with a positive aspect you may feel more powerful, courageous, and daring, and try to do things to gain more power and control in life. Your focus may be more honed on your goals. You can be quite stealth in trying to achieve what you set your mind to. With a difficult aspect, you may experience power struggles, dealings with people who want to control you, or you try to control other people. You can become obsessed over something, anything. A good way to deal with Pluto is to try and transform some aspect of yourself in need of it. Pluto loves to rehabilitate things, so doing that can make even a difficult aspect very positive. Also make sure to check the house Pluto rules (the house with the sign Scorpio on the cusp).