Monday, 23 July 2018

Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius 27th July 2018

It's not just the weather that's heating up. Mars the planet of passion, anger and impatience is going to be conjunct (in close connection) to the Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius this Friday 27th July at 4.44 degrees, 9.20pm London time. It's going to be the strongest Full Lunar Eclipse of the century lasting approximately 1.5 hours. So how may this effect you or people around you? A Lunar Eclipse feels like a triple Full Moon. Normally four days before and four days after a Full Moon this influence is felt stronger (heightened emotions, more tears, increased sensitivity, erratic sleep, strange dreams, more craziness generally) With a Lunar Eclipse, a few weeks before and a few weeks after the influence may still feel strong. Although the following 3 months can be particularly revelatory.
As this Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse is in air sign Aquarius, a zany, independent, friendly, individual sign, some people may feel more detached with a desire for breaking free. Aquarius is a rebellious sign too, ruled by revolutionary Uranus. However as Mars is conjunct this Full Moon, it may well make some people feel more heated, angry, impulsive, reckless, restless and abrupt. The Full Moon in Aquarius conjunct Mars could cause rapid mood swings, lashing out, sexual frustration/tension or people who just want to rock the boat.
Of course whenever there is a Full Moon it means the Moon is in opposition to the Sun which will be in Leo on 27th. Aquarius is cool and freedom loving whereas Leo can be affectionate, generous and attention seeking. An urge to reinvent oneself/change one's appearance may be strong for some people, I suppose. Saturn's trine to Uranus could help you to remain calm and just being aware of this influence can help you to avoid taking risks and to drive extra carefully as there will be more maniacal behaviour on the roads.
On the plus side a Full Moon and especially Lunar Eclipses can bring huge revelations and facilitate change which can be cleansing and healing with time. This Lunar Eclipse has been described as a volcanic purge. I forgot to say that as Mars is still Retrograde with Mercury Retrograde, it's pointless to expect things to move forward. It's simply harder to get things done, it will take triple the effort. So do what has to be done but try not to get angry when simple tasks are challenged or delayed.
Mars turns direct on 27th August and Mercury turns direct on August 19th but it takes a good few weeks afterwards, for everything to settle. So these Mars/Mercury influences may increase frustrations, impatience and heated behaviour as blocks and delays and being forced to re-do/re visit things occur.
However, being forced to slow down and re assess during this period, especially with any out of the blue revelations or changes that can occur (during Lunar Eclipses) can ultimately be good, when you look back with time. The most important rule of thumb is the next approximate 2.5 months are not a good time to make any big changes or to take any big risks, if possible. If you can wait, do! There's no rush. Wait until the dust settles, so you can see clearly and calmly.