Michelle has been working for Satellite station Psychic Today since February 2011 as one of their at home team (taking calls from home). Recently she was invited to become a Studio Psychic.
You can watch Michelle live on air or live online via their website on the below dates, chatting to the presenters about various topics and doing live text and voice mail readings. For more information and the live link visit Psychic Today’s website.

Studio Appearances

Please be aware the dates may change sometimes


January: Mon 5th, Mon 12th

February: Fri 6th

March: Mon 9th


March: Wed 5th, Fri 14th & Mon 17th

April: Wed 9th & Fri 25th

May: Wed 14th & Mon 26th

June: Wed 4th, Mon 9th, Mon 16th & Fri 27th

July: Fri 4th, Wed 16th, Wed 23rd

August: Wed 6th, Mon 25th

September: *Mon 1st, Sat 13th, *Mon 15th, Sun 21st

October: Wed 8th, Sun 19th

November: Mon 3rd, Wed 19th

December: Mon 8th*, Wed 17th

*Apologies to viewers who tuned in on 1st Sept & 15th Sept. I was unable to work on these dates

The full schedule with times can be viewed daily on Psychic Today’s website.