Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas Day 2015 Full Moon in Cancer

Full Moon in Cancer on Christmas at 11:11 a.m in the UK is a very auspicious time! And quite a rarity as the last Full Moon on Christmas Day was in 1977. The next will be Christmas 2034. In the zodiac sign of Cancer, a rather wonderful occurrence apt for the Christmas spirit.
As you will have noticed, the Moon has been waxing towards a Full one in the last several days. The usual pre Full Moon influences may have been experienced ie heightened emotions sleepless nights or disturbed sleep, strange dreams, restlessness, more tears, anger or strange lunatic changes of moods. Full Moon in Cancer is a sentimental, nostalgic, sensitive sign that loves tradition and links to the 4th house in astrology which is all about the home, security, family and sustenance.
The only major aspects (angles) between the Moon and other planets is Moon in opposition to the Sun which always happens when it is Full. And Neptune in Pisces is in positive trine to this Moon in Cancer, both water signs, so an imaginative, dreamy triangle of sentimentality and lovingness. Mercury is also in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Virgo. Uranus goes direct also, after being Retrograde since July. Pre Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius may be felt at times. I hope to add more about this later, if I have the time. Full Moons are a great time for releasing and letting go, whatever this may mean to you. Setting intentions in the 24 hour period after the culmination of the Full Moon is strongest. Happy Christmas and blessings for a positive, peaceful time over the Festive Season and the New Year!

Friday, 4 December 2015

Nov 23rd 2015 post about the Full Moon in Gemini

Kinetic, hyper, restless energy is in the air escalating towards a Full Moon this Wednesday in Gemini at three degrees. You may find that your mind is on over drive which could result in insomnia. This increased mental activity could result in some great ideas though and could shed light on whatever's been coming full circle. Intense, increased verbal or intellectual exchanges are hightlighted with this Full Moon. Announcements, communications that could lay one's cards on the table or discoveries that may make or break a situation are all possible too during this Full Moon and for the rest of this week. This Gemini Full Moon in opposition to the Sagittarius Sun, with Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius also, could mean that some people feel burdened by the truth or responsibliities and want to release it. Saturn square Neptune could potentially increase fears and insecurities although a positive trine between this Full Moon and Mars in Libra shows physical exercise, activity and communication could be constructive ways to release any serious or negative Saturnine influences. Saturn square Neptune is the first of a series of three squares between these two planets, the next times being in June and September of 2016. Fantasy, illusion, imagination, creativity (Neptune) versus reason, maturity, structure and responsibility (Saturn) are some themes that may be questioned or experienced during these squares