Sunday, 19 April 2015

New Moon in Aries Sat 18th April 2015

New Moon in Aries Saturday 18th April is a positive time to initiate or start new projects. New beginnings of any kind are favoured and with proximity to inventive Uranus a feeling of originality or innovation may be heightened too. Aries is a creative, straightforward, impatient fire sign but Mercury and Mars in Taurus remind people there is no need to rush. So a good time for Spring Time endeavours! Pluto turned retrograde on Thursday 16th and will remain this way until 24th Sept. Retrograde Pluto introverts the intensity and regenerative powers of this planet. A good period to eliminate and release old patterns or outworn or outdated methods or relationships that are not working for you. A new detox or a good house clear out is another possible way this planet retrograding could be experienced. This New Moon very much relates to the Emperor card in the tarot - all about forging ahead, asserting yourself confidently or moving forward positively with new ambitions.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

All info below is copied and pasted from the super Dark Pixie Astrology website - thank you to the writer of this info!

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the Houses

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the 1st House
A Full Moon or lunar eclipse in the house of the self can force you to evaluate yourself, life, and priorities, and figure out what needs to stay and what needs to be gotten rid of. You may find you need to focus on yourself and on how you can harmoniously blend your own needs with the needs of others. You may desire more attention from others, but don’t be so needy about it. You can get the attention you crave from positive means, and always remember to be respectful of others. Full Moons tend to be more emotional than New Moons, so you may find yourself feeling your emotions more intensely, bringing everything out of you and right to the surface. Depending on how you handle it, that may be a good thing or a bad thing. Try to think through carefully what you’re feeling before losing your cool. Your surroundings may seem off-kilter, but that could just be your perspective being more influenced by your emotional state. Since Full Moons are all about endings, this is also a good time to finish things. Anything that is missing a conclusion or needs a few extra touches can be done now. 

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the 2nd House
When a Full Moon or lunar eclipse occurs in the Second House, this can affect your finances. You could finish paying something off or finish a financial project, or have a change in earnings. Watch your spending, as you may be more inclined to overdo it, indulging on something that perhaps you don’t need, but makes you feel better in the moment. This house also rules self esteem and values. You could be confronted with your feelings about yourself and evaluate your own worth. How much value you believe you have, materially and intrinsically, and how much more you feel you should have can be issues that are presented. Let others know what you have and what you’ve accomplished in your career, family, or life, but resist the urge to rub it in. Instead, use it to show others the right path the take to get what they want by illustrating the road you took. You may want to clearly define what you own, possess, and have power over, and what is clearly out of your domain. What your needs are seem more important, and you could focus on what exactly it is you need to feel secure, stable, safe, comfortable. 

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the 3rd House
With a Full Moon or lunar eclipse in the Third House, you could have to deal with a sibling, perhaps ending a spat, reconnecting with them, or elevating the relationship. You may have to deal with something in your community, like finishing a community project, or making a change to improve your close environment. You could also have to deal with communications; you could have a hard time getting your point across or understanding others. People may be coming at you left and right trying to get you to understand something, and it may be overwhelming to you. Unexpected appointments could come up, so make sure you stay flexible, or you might become overworked and exhausted. Life may seem a bit amped up right now, and you’re being pulled in a million different directions.  Focus on what needs to be worked on now, and leave everything else for later. It’s okay to let yourself off the hook sometimes. You feelings and your words may be tied together, so if you can get through the tangled web and sort it all out, this is a good time to let others know exactly how you’re feeling and have them really hear you.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the 4th House
The home and family could be the source of endings with a Full Moon or lunar eclipse in the Fourth House. You finish a project with the house, or settle a problem in the family. If you’ve been spending too much time at home or at work, you may desire trying to equal the about of time you spend between the two, and not neglecting either. The realization that there’s no point in a personal life if your professional life is a mess and vice versa could come about now. You may feel the need to detach and spend some time alone, but it’s a better use of energy if you open yourself to others and connect. Taking a break from the home and getting out for a while could be useful. The Fourth House is also a spiritual, karmic house, so a Full Moon or lunar eclipse here could present situations where there is a feeling of destiny or karma. You could be focused on where you’re going in life and how you’ll get there, and whether or not you’re even on the right road to start with. An opportune moment could arise, one that makes you scratch your head and go, “Maybe I need to think this over.” 

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the 5th House
The Fifth House is the house of love, romance, and fun. A Full Moon or lunar eclipse here could show the end of a creative venture or hobby project you’ve been working on. You could see the completion of a love affair or heightening of one. If you break up with someone, it most likely will be one of those things that was a long time coming. You may not want to be alone with this placement though, so a quick rebound fling may come about. If you’re in a happy relationship, then this can be a time of bringing it to a new, more exciting, more pleasurable level. Going out and having fun is important now, and you may not feel very inclined to getting anything done that isn’t fun. You’re more enthusiastic, passionate, and spontaneous, so watch what you do carefully if you don’t want to go overboard. Sometimes it’s okay to wake up with a stranger in your bed, but it’s almost never okay to wake up with a goat.  Work may be on the backburner, so don’t commit yourself to any big projects, otherwise you’ll be ripping out your hair and teeth and nails trying to get it done, yearning to be out and about and living it up. It’s a good time to let out your inner child and be more carefree. 

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the 6th House
A Full Moon or lunar eclipse in the Sixth House could show the end of a health problem or habit that you’ve been trying to break. You may decide to make a change with your health suddenly, but you have a better chance of making it if you’ve been planning it for a while and not if you decide on a whim to do it now. You could change your work environment; if dissatisfied with your work life, you’ll probably have a strong desire to quit. Make sure you have a plan in place if you do – being a professional bum doesn’t work out as well as you’d think. On a more positive note, you could finish a work project that you’ve been slaving away at. Your routine may seem more mundane to you than ever, and your desire to make a change may be higher than ever, so if you do make a change, make sure it’s a positive one that you’ll be able to stick with long-term. Don’t be overly emotional and crazed if you can’t make the sudden, overwhelming changes you crave at the moment. Be happy with a little. Bring some order into your life (or some chaos if you’re too neat). The Sixth House rules your pets, so you could also have something come up with them.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the 7th House
When a Full Moon or lunar eclipse occurs in the Seventh House of relationships, you may evaluate your relationships and your partner to see if it’s still working right. It’s a good time to walk away, if you choose to, or to bring your relationship to a deeper level. If you’re dealing with people that you view as equal to you, then you may want to stand back a little and let them have the spotlight. Especially in a business situation, if you’ve been working with a partner and things are culminating right now, you’ll want to enjoy the rewards. Singles who have their eye on someone may find that now is the time to jump-start a connection. The feelings you have for them may seem more intense now, and you may find it easier to express your emotions with a partner, in a one-on-one setting. You’ll also be more inclined to be fully interested in their feelings and needs, and you may want to accommodate them however you can. This is a good time to negotiate with others, as you’ll be more able to see compromise that can please you both. The Seventh House also rules ‘open’ enemies, those you know about, so something could come up along those lines as well. 

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the 8th House
With a Full Moon or lunar eclipse in the Eighth House, there’s a good chance you’ll have to transform something in your life, and usually something on a deep level. Releasing something that is bogging down your life can allow you to restart your life more positively. Most of us hold onto things that become unhealthy for us after a period of time, not wanting to let it go and allowing it to become like a safety blanket, but now is the time to liberate yourself. The transformation could also be something physical, like renovating a part of your house or restoring something to its former glory. Dealing with intimacy and security may be more of a focus. Issues related to other people’s money could come up, and you may have to use a large chunk of money, perhaps lending some money to a friend or family member, or you may settle an outstanding debt. If you’re in need of a loan or want another credit card, this is a good time to get it, provided it’s what you really need and not just what you want. You may evaluate the things you own that aren’t only yours. More serious topics may be on your mind with this aspect.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the 9th House
If a Full Moon or lunar eclipse occurs in your Ninth House, you could feel more connected with your spirituality. Growing more from a spiritual perspective and realizing how your belief system affects who you are as a person could come about with this placement. If you find it affects you positively, you may explore it even further, dedicating your life even more to it; if you find it affects you negatively, you may scrap it altogether and start fresh. The growth could instead be centered in your mind, and you could finish a program of study or a writing project. Growing mentally often leads to growing personally and you may feel the connection between your mind and spirit much stronger now. If you have a legal dealing, there could be a complication, or it could end, especially if it’s been drawn out. Your view of the world may be something you want to expand, forcing you to open yourself to new ideas and broadening your imagination. You may feel you absolutely have to do this, and in areas where you’re already opening yourself, you’ll see the greatest progress. You may feel more open to having fun, but usually in an adventurous way, or one that allows you to learn something, and less on fun that’s just about being social without a purpose.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the 10th House
Your career and life path could be affected by a Full Moon or lunar eclipse in the Tenth House. You may do something that gives you more attention than normal, and has people wanting you and no one else for the job. It’s difficult to hide yourself now, and you probably don’t want to. Promoting yourself may be good for your career, so if you deem it to be, this is the time to put yourself out there and let others know of your accomplishments. You could decide to go in a new direction, sometimes quite suddenly, or be offered something that makes you rethink the path you’re on. Evaluating your commitment to your long-term goals and whether or not your goals with give you the success you want can come up with this placement. Authority figures can be a source of frustration, whether it’s a boss or a parent, and if you’ve been behaving badly, your social status could take a hit. Make sure you’re watching yourself in public so that you don’t offend someone or make yourself look like a fool by accident. Things that have been hanging on far past their due date could have the cord cut now. 

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the 11th House
The Eleventh House rules your friends, so a Full Moon or lunar eclipse here could bring an end of something you’re working on with a friend, an argument, or cutting ties. You could also elevate the relationship you have with good friends, spending time with one another and enjoying each other’s company. Go out to a small restaurant and talk and laugh for hours. Material things may seem less important right now, with focus going towards your friendly relationships. If you just let go a little, you may find things happening with little effort around you. Let the surrounding energy take care of things for you, even if just for a few hours. You could walk away from a group you belong to or join a new one that you feel better represents what you want to accomplish and has members that are of the same mind in regards to how to better the world and society. Your position in the world and how you fit in could be something you reflect on. Someone may require your help, or you may be surrounded by many more people than you have been in quite some time. You could second guess your dreams for the future, share them with others, or dive deeper into them. 

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the 12th House
A Full Moon or lunar eclipse in the Twelfth House can force you to deal with subconscious problems. It’s a good time for therapy. You may be tempted to suppress your emotions, but that could just lead to more problems or a breakdown. Things that you keep hidden deep inside of you could bubble to the surface. Allowing yourself to get in touch with your internal issues can be good, and during this time you may find you’re better able to deal with them and heal. Being alone may be the best thing for you to do at this time, reflecting, digging deep, and recharging. You don’t feel much like being in the spotlight anyhow, and want to stay in the background. You may seem more docile as well, not feeling much like getting into it with people right now. Get plenty of sleep, and watch those dreams. They may be even more lucid, acting out everything that you’re experiencing but can’t voice. Just don’t confuse dream with reality too much; they’re not literal, but figurative representations of our emotions. If they’re a lot of bad or weird stuff, you’re stressing too much and need to relax. Helping others can make you feel better, especially in situations where you’re dealing with them directly.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Aspects to Natal Planets
Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse to Natal Sun
With a positive aspect to the Sun, you could finish a project that you’ve been working on for a long time. Some part of your life could end, usually something that you need and want to let go of. It’s a good time to get things finished, so anything that has some loose ends to tie up or that you’ve been slacking on and need to get finished could be done now. With a difficult aspect, men can present problems, and you could feel overwhelmed, lack energy, and your health may be low. You may feel pulled in many directions and that you’re not doing anything right. Also make sure to check the house the Sun rules (the house with the sign Leo on the cusp).

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse to Natal Moon
The Moon rules emotions and Full Moons are highly emotional, so a positive or difficult aspect can make you more emotional than normal, and it doesn’t really matter which you experience. With a positive aspect, you could be more sensitive to others and in touch with and focused on your feelings, and not see them in a negative light, wanting to understand them better. With a difficult aspect, your emotions can be all over the place and out of control, and you could drudge up things from the past. Also make sure to check the house the Moon rules (the house with the sign Cancer on the cusp).

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse to Natal Mercury
Mercury rules the mind, so if you’re in a class or studying something, that could come to completion now. Any mentally stimulating projects could be finished. You could also be more drawn to serious or spiritual topics, and your mind is led by your emotions. With a difficult aspect, your thinking may not be clear, your thoughts overwhelmed by your emotions. It’s a bad time to take a test or do any sort of project that involves you having to communicate in front of others. If you’re already predisposed to headaches, you may get more of them now. Also make sure to check the houses Mercury rules (the houses with the signs Gemini and Virgo on the cusp).

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse to Natal Venus
With a positive aspect to Venus, your creativity can be heightened, allowing yourself to creatively expose your emotions. If you’re single and meet someone new, there can be a sense of fate. If you’re attached, your feelings for your significant other can be enhanced, giving you the feeling of falling in love all over again. With a difficult aspect, a relationship can end, you can hit a creative block, and be overindulgent. This is not the best time to make decisions regarding your relationships or money. Also make sure to check the houses Venus rules (the houses with the signs Taurus and Libra on the cusp).

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse to Natal Mars
For Mars, any aspect can impact your energy levels. A positive aspect could show a need to be more active, wanting to have a lot to do to utilize your energy. A difficult aspect could show too much or too little energy and accident-prone behavior, even more so with Full Moons than New Moons, so watch your step and don’t play with knives or matches. You’ll be quick to argue with people, and every little thing will set you off like a blazing inferno. Don’t do anything you’ll regret in the heat of the argument. Also make sure to check the house Mars rules (the house with the sign Aries on the cusp).

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse to Natal Jupiter
A positive aspect to Jupiter can make you extremely optimistic and indulgent. You just have to be careful you’re not being too optimistic. We live in reality, not utopia. A difficult aspect to Jupiter can show a shot to your optimism, not feeling good about anything, and a feeling of ‘be careful what you wish for.’ An overall frustration or pessimism with life, like it’s contracting rather than expanding, could be prevalent at this time. It’s not good for travel, and you may find yourself fighting with others about their beliefs. Also make sure to check the house Jupiter rules (the house with the sign Sagittarius on the cusp).

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse to Natal Saturn
With a positive aspect to Saturn, you could finish something you’ve been largely responsible for. Any really large projects that you’ve been spear-heading could end now. You may be overly cautious (probably caught saying, ‘better to be safe than sorry!’). A difficult aspect can make you feel overwhelmed, which can make it difficult to get anything done that you have to. You can feel alone and may isolate yourself. You could also feel taken for granted, or used and abused. If you do, ask yourself why, because there may be a reason for it that you have to address. Also make sure to check the house Saturn rules (the house with the sign Capricorn on the cusp).

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse to Natal Uranus
Uranus likes the unexpected and new, so with a positive aspect, you’ll rebel against structure and the norm, attracted to the unusual ways of doing things. You want to push the envelope, and can’t settle for the status quo right now. You might do something on a whim. With a difficult aspect, you may find things suddenly ending that throw you off balance. It tends to be things that haven’t been serving a good purpose for you, and must be eliminated from your life in order to make room for new, positive growth. Also make sure to check the house Uranus rules (the house with the sign Aquarius on the cusp).

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse to Natal Neptune
Neptune rules your subconscious mind, so any aspect triggers it. A positive one can heighten your creativity, especially good for those in music (since Neptune rules music). You can become hyperaware of subtle energies, which can make your intuition much better, and your empathy for others heightened. You may seem more captivating to people, and they may find you to be incredibly alluring and enigmatic. A difficult aspect can make you paranoid and panicky, so you have to make sure you’re staying rooted in reality. You can have more nightmares, and may indulge in self-destructive escapism, especially if you already have that tendency. Also make sure to check the house Neptune rules (the house with the sign Pisces on the cusp).

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse to Natal Pluto
Power and control is Pluto’s domain, so a positive aspect can increase personal power over the self and force you to bring out your past. Confronting old fears and hidden issues can bring about enormous personal power over the self, allowing you to have better control over yourself. You can be more magnetic, and people may find themselves attracted to your air of mystery. A difficult aspect can show a breakdown if you haven’t been working on yourself. You can experience a total loss of self discipline and control, making your behavior erratic. A feeling of old haunts coming back for you could come up. Also make sure to check the house Pluto rules (the house with the sign Scorpio on the cusp).

Total Lunar Eclipse Libra - 4th April 2015

Total Lunar Eclipse this weekend (4th April) is a potent Full Moon in the air sign of Libra, conjunct the natal North Node. What could this all mean? Generally as with all Full Moons, four days before and four days after heightened sensitivity, elevated or extreme emotions and restlessness are common. A sense of anticipation may be in the air. Full Moons always occur when the Sun is in opposition to the Moon so this Aries/Libra pull may bring issues of Aries ('I' or independence) versus Libra ('You' or relating to others). Indecisiveness may be stronger for many over the next several days. Full Moons can be a culmination or time of endings. This doesn't mean it's negative though as it can help clear a situation and make space for the new. As always it really depends which house this Lunar eclipse may be passing through as to which area of life may be effected. Anyone with personal or outer planets at around 14/15 degrees in Aries,Libra, Cancer or Capricorn may experience this or if you have outer planets in contact with this Moon as another example. As this Full Moon is in opposition also to Uranus (& Uranus is square Pluto) unexpected surprises, intense feelings, or something breaking or ending is possible. Mood swings are possible too with this Full Moon in opposition to Uranus. Take care not to do something impulsively that you could regret several days later. An action, decision or situation may need to be acknowledged to re balance life (as in Libra) Venus in Taurus in positive trine to Pluto in Capricorn will help clearing anything that has to be addressed (great aspect for gardening too!) Mercury conjunct the South Node (past) can assist changing the way we think. Some people may find what you once knew or thought, no longer applies. The Total Lunar Eclipse is not to be feared, it can be extremely emotional yes but it can purge and cleanse too. Wishing everyone a good Bank Hol weekend!