Thursday, 23 December 2010


As Jung said:
The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed.

Very apt for synastry - whenever I look at relationship charts there are so many contacts between planets, it is no coincidence there is a connection. It's when there are few major contacts between two people's charts it's unlikely there will be any significance to evolve into a relationship, whether it be friendship or more. Synastry charts with few important contacts may like, respect and get on well with each other but it's when we are powerfully effected by a person and visa verse, that we are attracted to investing in a relationship as we know we will both gain something and be different as a result.

So, I so agree with Jung; through important relationships we learn the most about ourselves and consequently evolve.

As I say 'love is generally chemical or karmic'.

The Positive Side To Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde makes most people in the know groan in advance at the transport problems, delays, and communication breakdowns that are bound to occur. Yes these things happen all the time but more weird stuff happens with machinery, computers and travel during this three/four week period, three to four times a year than at other times.

This Merc Ret period turns direct on 29th December, hallelujah, although it takes a week for life to settle back to 'normal'.

Yet, for the first time, I experienced a wonderful effect from this influence. My CD player has been broken for over a year. Every time I've tried to play a CD it doesn't work. Of course, I did all the usual checks, plug on, wires all in, all the buttons properly on. And like an idiot (or child who believes in magic) I still try regularly, in the hope it will work. Yestereve, about three weeks later, I tried again. And hey presto! CD after CD worked. Musical Joy.

So, I have experienced Mercury Retrograde can increase the chances of technological breakdown yet if something was broken before hand in normal times, try it during this period and it may just magically work.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Winter Solstice - Full Lunar Eclipse

Winter Solstice Full Lunar Eclipse

Today’s full lunar eclipse is on this shortest day of the year. This unusual planetary alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth (the Earth in the middle) last occurred in 1638. It next returns in 2094.

A Lunar eclipse is fine to look at with the naked eye unlike a Solar, of course. Lasting for two to three hours many people worldwide will see a blood red moon due to the recent eruption of Mount Merapi in Indonesia.

People in Europe and especially North America and Greenland will be able to witness the whole event due to the perfect geographical position.

It would be great to see but personally seeing is not believing; by which I mean even if I can’t see what is going on far above us I still believe we are influenced (somewhat) by the planets. So, to be aware of the potential astrological influence of this unusual occurrence is helpful.

This Full Lunar Eclipse is in the mutable, air sign Gemini so this full moon is focusing on intelligence, ideas, thoughts and communication. Mercury is Retrograde at the moment (Dec 10th – 30th although it can take a week either side for everything to settle and feel less disrupted). So it is a time for reflection - people are wise to think before they speak and act. Travel and communication disruption is even more obvious with Mercury Retrograde in Gemini with this Lunar Eclipse in Gemini.

This Gemini Lunar Eclipse is forming a mutable T-square with Jupiter and Uranus, which suggests revolutionary ideas, new thought patterns and approaches to situations. So the need for flexibility to adapt to changes is helpful.

Big events, new ideas, more action, important messages occur around Eclipses which herald change, so be prepared for the unexpected. Many people will be feeling an impatient, restlessness with a need for change, which is quite fitting with the New Year only a few weeks away.

Happy New Year to you all.