Friday, 10 March 2017

Full Moon in Virgo 12th March 2017

Full Moon in Virgo 22 degrees on 12th March 2017 at 2:53pm, London. The usual general Full Moon effects of insomnia, broken sleep, weird dreams, increased emotions (anger, upset, restlessness, impatience, feeling crazier) are all possible. Virgo is an earthy, practical, reliable, diligent, intelligent, analytical, sign which has a tendency to be shy, modest, over worry, be perfectionist (even OCD), with excess nervous energy. Virgo can also be a harsh critic (of one self, as well of others). Virgo is ruled by Mercury and as Mercury, the planet of thoughts and communication (in Pisces) is square Saturn, a harsh inner voice directed at oneself, negative thoughts, words or criticisms towards others or oneself is possible. Things may seem a lot worse than they are with this Full Moon whose effects may feel strongest for the next four or five days. And with serious Saturn square this Moon additional feelings of worry and unworthiness may consume people. As Chiron the planet of wounds is close to Mercury in Pisces and Venus is retrograde, old painful thoughts or nostalgic memories from the past may keep resurfacing. Be aware these are just influences you can rise above. Whenever there is a Full Moon it is opposite the Sun which is presently in Pisces. There may be a pull between reality (Virgo) and dreams (Pisces). Venus is also Retrograde until April 15th so re viewing love, appearance, aesthetics, creativity and finances (all Venusian areas) are all possible. Retrograde periods cause us to go inwards and reflect, to look back and re evaluate. During this Full Moon period with Mercury square Saturn and the Moon opposite the Sun, Mercury and Chiron in Pisces any big conversations may be wiser to delay for at least four days, after things have cleared. Pluto in positive trine to this Virgo Moon should help release, clear out, cleanse and transform any deep negative emotions. And once a week has passed hopefully many people will feel ready to look at new things they wish to do and achieve moving toward the New Moon in Aries on 27th, full of gusto, excitement and energy.