Saturday, 28 January 2017

New Moon in Aquarius, 28th January 2017

Today's New Moon in Aquarius at 8 degrees (Saturday 28th January at 12:07 am) Aquarius energy is original, rebellious, freedom loving, sociable and humanitarian. With the Sun and Moon in Aquarius it could feel like a breath of fresh air for some after serious Capricorn energy, although Venus square Saturn could have a dampening effect or make some feel like they're unappreciated or left out in the cold. Aquarius can be quite aloof. Of course sometimes those that appear cold or unaffectionate are shy or fear rejection. The Aquarius New Moon with Venus, Mars, Chiron and Neptune in Pisces is quite an idealistic, mystical, dreamy, combination. So with no major serious aspects it's a pleasant New Moon and of course it's the Chinese New Year now in the sign of the Fire Rooster. Happy New Year too all who are celebrating this holiday.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Full Moon in Cancer Thursday 12th January 2017

Although Mercury goes direct today it will still feel like it's Mercury Retrograde for about the next two weeks and two days. In fact don't be surprised if you experience some chaos this week not just from Mercury (delays, travel disruptions, technolgical weirdnesses, miscommuncications or misunderstandings) but also with the waxing Moon in Gemini in square to Venus, Mars and Neptune in Pisces. It's a restless, fickle energy. A desire to be social may be strong and yet it will feel like a million things need to be done, there isn't enough time and you simultaneously want to hibernate or retreat from people. This week's Capricorn Sun in square to erratic Uranus adds to this kinetic energy The waxing Moon which is at it's fullest, in Cancer, this Thursday 12th at 11.33am UK time will be felt by many from today through to next Monday inclusive. The Moon is ruled by Cancer and being a water, emotional sign, it's a powerful Full Moon. Crazy dreams, broken sleep, sentimental memories, outbursts of howling with laughter and bursting into tears, increased sensitivity are all possible influences. As Thursday's Cancerian Full Moon is square Uranus, feelings of insecurity, restlessness or being unrooted are exacerbated. Cancer is a homely, family orientated, traditional sign, so many of you may simply wish to be at home, curled up in your protective environment. This Moon also square Jupiter (the planet of expansion) could mean exaggerated emotions, extreme reactions felt or displayed or extreme opinions may be voiced. People with children effected by the Full Moon may find their little ones are clingier, more needy or more up and down emotionally. Cancerians will be especially effected or anyone with a Cancerian Moon or Ascendant. Take care any gamblers out there as a desire to gamble or take risks is higher but it's better to wait until after next Tuesday to see if you still feel like jumping on the roller coaster which has many downs and may leave you feeling sick once you stop and get back to normality/solid ground. Thursday 19th's Mars in challenge to Saturn again highlights that self control is important. Just be sensible folks. Friday 13th's movement of Mercury into Capricorn will aid more steadier thinking.