Wednesday, 11 November 2015

New Moon in Scorpio, 11/11/2015

New Moon in Scorpio on 11th of the 11th month is a powerful, positive, transformative influence. Set new intentions, out with the old, in with the new. Scorpio is a deeply intuitive sign with great regenerative powers, it is ruled by Pluto which is similar to the Death card or the Judgement card in the tarot. If you've been feeling change in the air or as if you're on a precipice, try not to be afraid but know this time can herald great change if you wish it. The New Moon and the following few weeks after is a great time to set new intentions and know you can clean the slate and write a new future. Our choices and actions can change the future and with the Sun conjunct Moon and Mercury in Scorpio in positive aspect to Uranus you can dramatically quickly facilitate change. 11/11 is a spiritually awakening number too so embrace these energies and think of the Phoenix rising from the ashes.