Saturday, 26 September 2015

Full Lunar Eclipse 4 degrees Aries Sun 27th/Mon 28th September 2015

A powerful Full Lunar Eclipse in Aries occurs this Sun/Mon 28th September at 3.47am UK time. It is known as a Blood Red Moon as this hue can be seen when the Earth is exactly between the Sun and the Moon. In layman's terms what does this mean? Aries can be selfish, gung ho, excitable, temperamental, positive but impulsive. These feelings may be heightened for many alongside the usual Full Moon possibilities of disturbed sleep or feeling crazier. Lunar Eclipse's effects may be felt during the following three months so emotional breakthroughs or discoveries about our self or others may be revealed, especially our 'shadow self' which is not always pretty but great lessons can be learned. Heightened impulsivity, temper tantrums, increased ambition, excitement or an 'all or nothing' attitude are possible influences too over the next several days. High adrenaline is one way of summing up a Full Moon in Aries. Saturn in trine to this Aries Moon can help ground and keep emotions and impulsive behavour in check. Happy Weekend every one!

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Mercury Retrograde in Libra 17th Sept - 9th October 2015

Mercury Retrograde commences from tomorrow 17th Sept until 9th October. In the air sign of Libra at 15 degrees, this influence accentuates indecisevenss, changing your mind about what you think and re evaulating ideas from the past. Libra is about truth, justice and relationships with others. So close partnerships may be affected. You might find you re think things about past relationships (this doesn't just have to be romantic, it can be platonic or work relationships.) Be aware that Libra energy is idealistic and with my previous post, past memories may be filtered with rose coloured glasses but these thoughts could change again after the end of October onwards. As this astrological influence happens three, sometimes four times a year and it's effects can be 8 weeks at a time, it's something to look at as part of life. Yes, there will be misunderstandings and miscommunications, yes, technology and traffic will have breakdowns and delays. There might just be an bit of an increase with these incidents. Mercury Retrograde makes us more 'right brained' than usual. Perhaps this means that left handed people are less effected as they are inherently orientated to a right brain side way of thinking and operating. Anyway, it can be a good time to slow down and reflect and mull over things. A pause for thought. As always just pay more attention to what you say (as what you think you've said may be different to what was understood) and if you make any agreements or purchases or sign any contracts (make sure the terms and conditions are clear to you and read extra carefully) I still believe it's a good rule of thumb to avoid buying technology or machinery during this period but if you have to, just make sure there is a good returns policy etc...Although Mercury turns direct on 9th Oct, the post shadow phase can still feel like Mercury Retrograde is on. So from 25th October all should feel like it's returned to a normal pace.

New Moon in Virgo, Jupiter opposition Neptune, Saturn in Sagittarius SEPT 2015

Many people may have found themselves feeling industrious over the weekend or wanting to tidy up or get organised with the partial Solar Eclipse, New Moon in practical, earthy Virgo.The next few weeks may find you continuing on this Autumnal Clean up quest, if you implemented any practical changes then. What else is going on up above us?
Tomorrow Thursday 17th Sept there is an exact opposition (180 degrees) between Jupiter and Neptune, this influence may be felt for the rest of the month. Jupiter is philosophical, explorative, optimistic, truth seeking, knowledgable and has connection to study and travel, it can over exaggerate and be prone to excess; Neptune is elusive, confused, dreamy, mystical, can be escapist and negative but also creative. What does this aspect potentially mean? Depending where these planets are in your personal birth chart, (which houses/areas of life this covers) over idealisation, wearing rose coloured glasses, fluctuating highs and lows, questioning what is fact and what is fiction, disappointment when people fall short of your expectations or hopes, excessive behaviour or giving into addictions may occur in moments of isolation or blind optimism. Be aware too of illusions and things not being what we hope them to be. Your discoveries this month may lead to a change in your beliefs. This all ties in nicely with Saturn moving into Sagittarius tomorrow where it will stay until December 2017. Saturn is the teacher planet and is serious and restrictive, Sagittrius ruled by Jupiter is freedom loving. Saturn sees the cup half empty, Sagittarius, the cup half full, yet they both have strong ethics and stand firm by their beliefs. So this next year and a few months can be a time to review your current principals, your faith may be tested but you may give serious thoughts to where lies your moral compass and what are your true convictions on various subjects.