Wednesday, 28 December 2016

New Moon in Capricorn 28th December 2016

Today's New Moon in Capricorn 28th December 2016 conjunct Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn equals a good time to re think objectives and new ideas. Moon conjunct Mercury adds intuition (Moon) to thought processes (Mercury) and Moon conjunct Mercury can help clearer thinking, so make the most of these few days of clarity during this Mercury Retrograde period. New ways of making money or focusing on ambitions are good for a Capricorn New Moon. Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces is a lovely, a spiritual, visionary aspect and in positive aspect to this New Moon suggests magic can happen aided by creative visualisation helping to manifest things. Jupiter in opposition to Uranus is an exciting aspect that will feature in 2017. Uranus is the planet of breakthroughs and bolts out of the blue, innovative, original energy that can help push up forward with fortuitous Jupiter which is all about the future, the bigger picture and expansion. Sudden changes in fortune, big radical ideas, searching for truth and deeper meaning are all possibilities with this influence. Saturn trine this Uranus will help anchor and ground any shifts. Inventive energy with the ability to practically apply is indicated with this New Moon and connected influences. So a positive New Moon, all in all.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Full Moon in Gemini 13/14th December 2016

Full Moon in Gemini 22 degrees on 14th December in the UK at 12.05 a.m. Gemini is a highly strung, emotionally changeable sign with an over active mind, restless energy, a heightened imagination and a love of communicating. The four days before and four days after a Full Moon are when the influences are most likely to be experienced. As always Full Moons make many people feel more emotional, super sensitive, moody or extreme. With Gemini the Jekyl and Hyde sign just be aware people may say one thing one day and then have a different stance on another. Remember Full Moons can increase insomnia and provoke lucid or strange dreams. Full Moons often bring about revelations and with a Gemini Full Moon two faced people's true colours may come to light or people may show their duplicitous ways. On the plus side Gemini is witty, sociable, playful, spontaneous and curious so a good Full Moon for Christmas Party season chatting to lots of different people and making small talk or doing something impromptu or fun. Even more so as this Gemini Moon is in positive trine to Jupiter in people loving Libra. Different thoughts and illuminations may occur to you as Gemini is good at seeing different points of view. Gemini has a duality to it, some people may feel this influence as a tug of war being pulled in different directions or feeling like a person spinning plates. This Full Moon is a mixed bag and will be experienced in different ways for people. Moon in Gemini opposite the Sun conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius could be felt as a pull between frivolity and wisdom and responsibility. Sun conjunct Saturn was described brilliantly by an astrologer called Tanaaz as taming a wild horse. So this influence could prevent people acting too Full Moon loco. Venus and Mars in Aquarius are helpful influences for getting glamorous and trying out new hairstyles or a different style of outfit to the norm. Mercury Retrograde's pre shadow influence (Mercury turns Retrograde on 19th) is already being experienced with increased travel delays, confused thinking, mixing up words, saying strange things and weird technological blips. Mercury Retrograde in Gemini,Virgo (both ruled by Mercury) and Aquarius are the worst times for computer and tech problems. Back up anything important!

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn December/January 2016/2017

Mercury Retrograde In Capricorn from 19th December goes direct on 8th January 2017. The pre and post Mercury Retrograde shadows from 1st December until 27th January may be felt. It's nothing to be feared, just remember to leave extra time for important appointments and to double check emails or facts before sending them. Aside from the usual Mercury Retrograde challenges *see the copied and pasted post below* How may Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn be experienced. Capricorn is a responsible, serious earth sign that likes structure and security. so re visiting old schedules, past structures, reassessing career goals or reviewing one's finances or anything materially related are all possible focuses during this period.

Mercury Retrograde Reminders - Copied & pasted article from

Couldn't have summarised it better.
Mercury doesn't go Retrograde until 19th December, in Capricorn but pre Shadow Mercury Retrograde began last Thursday, so some of the effects may begin to be felt.
"What is Mercury retrograde?
Three or four times a year, Mercury passes the earth in its orbit. As it rounds the bend, Mercury slows down and appears to stop (station) and spin backward (retrograde). Of course, it really ISN’T moving backward, but much like two trains or cars passing each other, this creates the optical illusion that one (Mercury, in this case) is going backward.
In astrology, Mercury rules communication, travel, and technology—so all of these areas go haywire for about three weeks.
To top it off, Mercury retrograde also has what’s called a “shadow period” (which we explain in this post about Mercury’s shadow), so you may feel the retrograde a couple weeks before and after it actually happens.
So how not to have a nervous breakdown? Don’t start anything new. Review all your contracts before you sign. Renew your commitments, rather than making new ones. Prepare to repeat yourself often. It’s like learning a new dance. Or something.
Note to all 21st-century dwellers: Mercury retrograde can crash electronic equipment. Back up your computer, calendar and cell phone address book. Expect delays if traveling, and pack a book to entertain yourself while you wait for the tardy bus or plane. Get in touch with old friends – and don’t be surprised if people from your past track you down. You might hear from the most RANDOM ex-boyfriends and childhood classmates during retrogrades. Mercury also rules contracts, so think before you ink. Either wrap up important negotiations before the cycle starts, or wait to sign documents until Mercury goes direct.
If you were born during a Mercury retrograde (which we were), you may actually become sharper, clearer or more productive during this time. You won’t be immune to Mercury’s global impact (we once had a hard drive systematically erase itself before our eyes during Mercury retrograde), but you could also thrive in areas where others are flailing (almost every big writing contract and book deal we’ve gotten was offered during Mercury retrograde). You might even become more psychic or dialed-in during Mercury’s backspin. How do you find out if you were born during Mercury retrograde? Do a free chart on our site and you can find out instantly.
Mercury retrograde do’s and don’ts.
1. Review all contracts and legal documents before signing.
2. Pause and breathe before speaking. (Repeat yourself if necessary!)
3. Read all emails and documents before you send.
4. Insure/track important mail and packages (Mercury rules the postal system).
5. Get your vehicles (or bikes) tuned up, pack an emergency roadside kit.
6. Leave early for any travel and appointments, since Mercury Rx can delay flights.
7. Renew your commitments instead of making new ones.
8. Focus on the prefix re-, which means to go backward (renew, review, revamp, redecorate, et al.)
9. Plan reunions with old friends & loved ones (but prepare for possible mishaps!)
10. Expect to hear from/run into people from your past at the weirdest moments.
11. Get sentimental. Reconnect with your roots, walk down memory lane.
12. Practice forgiveness. Finish processing what’s unresolved so you can let it go.
13. Confirm all dates, plans, meetings, appointments.
14. Think of the retrograde as a quarterly review period, a chance to pause and finish what you’ve started.
15. Back up your digital data (photos, contact lists, files) before the retrograde or ASAP if it’s started.
1. Buy new vehicles, electronic equipment or gadgets (unless they come with a good return/repair policy).
2. Sign contracts without a thorough review (delay until Mercury turns direct if you can).
3. Fly off the handle or jump to conclusions if someone misunderstands you.
4. Run into the arms/bed of an ex without careful screening (Mercury reunions aren’t always meant to last).
5. Shoot the messenger if someone from your past comes around.
6. Put anything sketchy into an email or text (you could hit “Reply All” or send to the wrong person!).
7. Leave late for flights or appointments.
8. Start anything new on top before finishing what’s ahead on the to-do list.
9. Lead people on, give mixed messages, or believe everything you hear (actions speak louder than words).
10. Spread rumors, rant on social media or share unconfirmed information.
11. Turn in sloppy or unchecked work, cut corners, dash off hasty communications. Inspect to protect!
The silver lining? Mercury retrograde is a great opportunity to handle unfinished business. Most of us start a million things that we don’t complete, never realizing how much psychic clutter this creates. The retrograde is like a quarterly review, a chance to tie up those loose ends and create a clear vision for the future. Take advantage of it, and you’ll emerge fresh and ready when Mercury goes direct. As the cliche goes, what you resist persists. So the more you can embrace chaos or a lack of control (and isn’t control an illusion, anyhow?), the better you’ll survive this cycle."

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Super, Super Full Moon in Taurus, Mon 14th November, 2016

The Super Full Moon on Monday 14th November, 2016 is comfortable in Taurus. It is a Super, Super Full Moon, the closest it's been to the Earth since 1948 and the next Super Full Moon like this won't be until 2034. Although emotions and sensitivity can be heightened in the days leading up to a Full Moon, the energy of this Full Moon at 23 degrees Taurus should feel quite peaceful, more grounded and stable than usual Full Moons. Any revelations or insights are more likely to be about earthy Taurus related concerns like practicality, materialism, security, comfort and the simple things in life. As Taurus is a sensual, aesthetic sign people may feel more inclined to do things that involve food, creativity or anything that indulges the five senses. A walk in the crunchy, autumnal leaves followed by a hearty roast, buying soft furnishings for the home, baking, buying plants, luxuriating in a scented bath are just a few examples. Taurus, like Libra, is ruled by Venus the planet of love. The Rose is an associated flower with Taurus. So take time to stop and smell the roses during this powerful Full Moon in Taurus. Pluto in positive angle to this Full Moon could help us to understand our feelings more deeply and to strengthen bonds or revive relationships. Full Moons often bring closure and help us see things more clearly. So any lucidity gained can only be a good thing. According to astrology Susan Miller “This full Moon on 14th November will speak directly to you if your birthday falls on May 13th, plus or minus four days, or if you have your natal Moon in Taurus or a natal planet in Taurus, Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces within five degree of 23 degrees in your birth chart.”

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Scorpio New Moon 30th October 2016

Today, 30th October's New Moon is in Scorpio at 5.30pm London time. New Moons are generally considered a positive time for new ventures, setting new intentions and new opportunities. Although every day is a fresh day regardless of astrological influences. Scorpio is an intense, passionate, intuitive, sexual sign. It is not afraid to look deeply into the abyss nor is it afraid of change. The Death card in the Tarot is a card linked to Scorpio and Plutonic energy (as Pluto rules Scorpio) The Sun, Moon and Mercury are all in Scorpio at 7 degrees today. The Sun relates to the self, the Moon to emotions and habits and Mercury to thoughts and communication. So one interpretation could be that we may think of new ways to communicate and feel less fear to speak up or think about more deeper issues. Some people may find they feel a desire for a new chapter. Scorpio can be symbolised as the phoenix rising from the ashes. As Mercury is in challenging aspect to the South Node, this influence could mean we transform the way we think about the past, even if we feel it's negative. This Scorpio New Moon has a lovely Neptunian emphasis in trine with Mercury to Neptune. Therefore not only is it a good time for deep reflection but Neptune could assist new creative ideas, dreams or visions. Venus conjunct Saturn could help creative or artistic (Venus) ideas become concrete (Saturn.) Neptune a romantic, dreamy planet in trine to this Moon could heighten intuition and romanticism. So don't be surprised if new connections could have a 'soul mate' like feel. See how things are after a few weeks from now as to whether this is a new chapter or just a dreamy influence that passes.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Super Full Moon in Aries, 16th October, 2016

This Saturday 16th October's Full Moon at 5.23 am London time is at 23 degrees in Aries. It is a Super Moon as it occurs roughly at the same time as when the Moon is nearest Earth in it's monthly orbit. Emotions are often heightened or super sensitised leading up to, during and after a Full Moon. Just as the Moon magnetically effects the waves of the Sea and we are made up of a high volume of water so the Larger Moon can whip up an internal storm. As Uranus is conjunct this Moon, some people may feel more volatile, crazier, more rebellious, gung ho or angry as Uranus is erratic, zany and perverse and Aries energy can be selfish, impetuous, impatient, temperamental and has a fiery temper.
The Full Moon is always opposite the Sun which is in Libra now, so there may be a struggle between the I, the self (Aries) and relationships (Libra). Uranus conjunct the Moon could translate as up and down moods, changeable or a roller coaster of emotions. 'Expect the unexpected', spontaneity or a desire for excitement or adventure could be a theme for some people with this Uranus conjunct the Full Moon in Aries. Mars the ruler of Aries is conjunct Pluto so desires, passion and or aggression may be intensified. Some people may try to provoke you or you may feel like antagonising or annoying others.
Weird or lucid dreams, insomnia or restless sleep are all common 'Full Moon' effects for an approximate 9 day period. With this Aries Full Moon's influences it's possible your dreams could be violent, bloody, angry, revolutionary, war like or alien/technologically orientated. Venus enters Sagittarius the next day (until Nov 11th) so heartfelt desire for excitement and adventure continues. A desire to travel, be foot loose and fancy free or to expand one's horizons is possible too.
Mercury conjunct Jupiter in square to Mars/Pluto highlights to take care not to jump to conclusions or to make a mountain out of a molehill. Just being aware of these possible influences can be helpful, as this influence will pass. Remember things that were hidden may come to light during or around a Full Moon but how one acts and reacts can make a huge difference to the future outcome. It's better to wait at least four days after a Full Moon before taking action if possible. Or at least try to be still amongst the storm, observe, digest and let things settle. In a few weeks it should feel a lot better, akin to waking to a serene dawn after deep rest, after a night of craziness. The New Moon in Scorpio on 30th Oct will feel optimistic, dreamy, magical and potentially transformative in trine with Neptune.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

30th Sept/1st October, 2016 New Moon in Libra conjunct Jupiter in Libra

The theme tune I hear for Fri 30th September/1st October's New Moon in Libra is 'Whole Lotta Love' by Led Zep or 'All You Need Is Love'. The date varies according to where you live in the world. In England this New Moon is on 1st October and is exact at 1:11am It is a positive time to reset the scales, especially as the Sun and Jupiter are conjunct this Moon. Libra is ruled by Venus the planet of love, harmony, healing and creativity. Jupiter is a positive planet linked to expansion, good fortune and is future looking. Jupiter is also linked to religion and justice. This Venusian/Jupiter influence should give many a boost of optimism whatever the weather and a feeling of a new chapter, aptly corresponding with the recent Autumn Equinox. Libra is all about truth, balance, weighing matters up, relationships and is a good analytical sign. So if you feel like setting new rules or wish to re balance any relationships whether with family, friends, loved ones or yourself, now and the next few weeks can help favour this intention. New Moons regardless of the Sign are generally considered a stirling time to set new intentions. And with auspicious Jupiter hugging this Sun and Moon it's all about peace and love! Mercury went direct on 22nd September but this post shadow Mercury period (up until 7th Oct) can feel worse or like Mercury is still Retrograde, just being aware can help. I know I've been experiencing an increase with weird and irritating computer and phone problems. And I will be aiming to leave extra time when traveling to allow for delays up until 7th when things should resume to being more 'normal' Happy Weekend every one!

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Harvest Moon, September 16th 2016

A belated mini astrological summary for the recent Full Lunar eclipse on Friday 16th September, 2016. Lunar Eclipses are when the Earth is between the Moon and the Sun cutting off the light of the Sun from the Moon. Lunar Eclipses tend to make people more emotional or bring emotions, memories and dreams to the surface whereas Solar Eclipses tend to bring about new beginnings or events. This recent Full Moon/Lunar eclipse in Pisces was in close proximity to Chiron (the planet of wounds and healing) so illumination and revelations about painful emotions can be profound and help us move forward while healing from the truth. Especially linked to the past as the South Node (karmic past) and Neptune (the ruler of Pisces) are both in Pisces in opposition to the Virgo Sun conjunct Mercury and the North Node (future lessons) and Jupiter (expansion) all in Virgo. So practical application and changes from these emotional realisations can bring about concrete steps towards positive changes in the future. Heightened sensitivity, romanticism, artistic longings and wanting to escape and makes changes from the past is possible too. But not everyone is effected by Solar or Lunar eclipses. People with Pisces, Virgo, Libra or Aries as a Sun or Rising sign may have felt the influences of these recent eclipses more but other people may be effected if these planets are in aspect to other natal planets. Mars square this Full Moon could explain heightened anger and people lashing out at those they love. Wounds and anger about the past may catalyse a desire for real change from Virgo energy. We generally wish to avoid pain but realisations about past matters can help set us free. In semi sextile to Uranus these sudden out of the blue revelations or realisations could have an amazing liberating impact in the next several months as the Lunar Eclipse is three fold the power of a simple Full Moon. It is worth mentioning Cancerians can feel Lunar Eclipses more strongly as the Moon rules Cancer.

Friday, 2 September 2016


With the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and North Node all in Virgo and with yesterday's New Moon, Solar Eclipse, 1st September 2016 at 9 degrees Virgo, it is a strong, positive time to embrace this earth energy to plan what you want to do! A Solar eclipse is when the Moon stands between the Sun and the Earth, cutting off the light to the Sun. Solar Eclipses herald big life news, often new beginnings or endings that will bring about new chapters. Eclipses force changes and help life to move forward. Dates that you will remember for years. If it doesn't impact you directly, then family or friends may experience these major life changes. Generally though New Moon, Solar Eclipses bring about new beginnings and new opportunities whereas Lunar Eclipses are more about emotional changes, revelations or facing the truth. Positive unexpected occurrences that bring about changes often happen as a result of a Solar Eclipse too. Virgo is an intelligent, practical, dexterous, perfectionist energy. The fact Mercury in Virgo is in Retrograde and Mercury rules Virgo, gives us an opportunity to re think and re do things, a second chance. A Solar Eclipse is a much more powerful New Moon and so it's effects and influence can be felt for up to three to six months afterwards. Not everyone will feel the effects of an eclipse strongly unless you have your Sun, Moon or Ascendant in this sign. It also depends in which house (which area of life) this occurs as to how it may manifest. What is not so easy, for everyone is the Saturn (in Sagittarius) square Neptune Retrograde (in Pisces) Saturn is about structure, responsibility, lessons/karma. Neptune is about illusion, mysticism and magic. Sagittarius is about freedom, truth, expansion and Pisces is about imagination and fantasy. Neptune in Pisces is rose coloured, romantic and sensitive. So this square can be felt negatively as fear, paranoia and a struggle between responsibilities and escapism. The harsh reality of life may leave you feeling bereft, disappointed or depressed. “The shattering of illusion is like waking up from a bad dream” Questions about what we believe in and dreams we have that have may have died pave the way for a new path. It's a hard time and there have been several squares between Saturn and Neptune since November 2015 but this final aspect culminates on 10th September. So once this influence settles after 10th, with open eyes we should find we are able to start to move forward and build new foundations or deal with the reality which will be less scary than feared.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Full Moon in Aquarius 18th August 2016

Full Moon in Aquarius at 25 degrees this Thursday, 18th August.
Aquarius energy is rebellious, freedom loving, humanitarian, sociable, zany, perverse & unpredictable. Aquarius can envisage the future and receive unexpected information from the cosmos. So many may have felt this influence increase during the last few days as the Moon waxes, along with disturbed sleep, odd dreams and erratic feelings. Don't forget the Full Moon's influence can be felt for several days after also. As this is a lunar eclipse expect the unexpected and disruptions to possible plans made the week before this Full Moon and the week after. It's not a significant lunar eclipse, only a partial shadow, so it's effects won't be felt for months after, as is often the case. Uranus rules Aries & Uranus is in positive aspect to this Full Moon which just amplifies Aquarius energy's increased desire to do something different, or the need to make a difference in the world or simply being free of daily chores and restrictions. Don't worry if you feel a bit crazier than normal, it's Uranian energy. Some people may feel like having a crazy hair cut or colour, different to their norm, but be aware this 'individualistic' energy may dissipate once the full Moon's influence has worn off.
Whenever there is a Full Moon it is opposite the Sun, which is presently in Leo, so Aquarius in polarity to Leo could be felt as strong wills in conflict or as increased moodiness, both signs have this tendency.
Saturn went Direct on 13th August after about 7 months of being Retrograde in Sagittarius. This means it is a positive time for consolidating what you've learnt, breaking down fears or boundaries or putting plans into practise, with no more hindrances. Another way of looking at Saturn direct - Restrictions will feel lifted.
Another influence this month is Mercury turning Retrograde, in Virgo, on 30th August. It's pre shadow effects will start to be felt and intensify from 18th until 21st and even after Mercury turns direct on 22nd September, for a few weeks after. Mercury Retrograde usually makes time feel slower and more frustrating with an increase in technological, machinery and communication breakdowns or misunderstandings. Travel disruptions and delays are usually worse during Merc Ret periods too. On the plus side it's a great time for reviewing, reflecting, re doing or re examining an old idea or project. Researching information and gathering more details could be beneficial. Reconciling old ideas is a possible interpretation too!

Monday, 1 August 2016

New Moon in Leo 2nd August 2016

Just a mini astro update this time: There is a New Moon in Leo tomorrow at 10 degrees, on Tuesday 2nd August 2016. As the Sun is always conjunct (very close to) the Moon when it's New, it means this gives a double whammy of Leo energy. So embrace your inner 'ROAR' and your creativity. Courage and playfulness, vanity and enthusiasm are some of the influences that may also be felt with this influence. Leo is warm hearted, generous and also very organised. so this New Moon could be a fortuitous time to implement something new or start afresh. It could even translate as experimenting with a new hairstyle (Leo mane) or to tackle a DIY job. Leo Sun and Moon has a regal energy so know your worth, hold your head up high and in trine to Saturn, know you can be powerful and get results with determination and by seriously believing in your self.
As a Tarot Reader I must mention the Strength card, number 8 in the Major Arcana, which is pertinent to this New Moon in Leo. A card of a woman holding a Lion by the jaws, not with brute force but with assertion, wisdom, knowing the time to take action, 'feel the fear but do it any way' and symbolising animal passions being harnessed. She may be helping the beast, taking a thorn out or taming the beast. Whatever the case this gentle lady symbolises success and faith in one self. Confrontation or strength can be found in patience, it can be effective like water eroding rocks, gentle endurance.

Monday, 4 July 2016

New Moon in Cancer, 4th July, 2016

New Moon in Cancer today on 4th July, 2016 is an intense, emotional, romantic, empathic, sensitive, intuitive New Moon. Cancer links to the 4th house in astrology which is all about one's private, sacred space, the home, family and food. So the next few weeks could be a positive time to try that new recipe you've been meaning to or to do new things in the home, even small things could be good, like buying new furnishings for the home. Another aspect could be attending to family matters with fresh intentions of change. With a stellium of planets (the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus) all in Cancer, this watery cluster in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn also gives this influence a Scorpionic flavour. Venus in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn could bring about feelings of jealousy, possessiveness, unrequited love, obsessional feelings and insecurities. Venus opposition Mercury could bring about heightened sensitivity to people's thoughts or comments. Moon opposition Pluto can be quite steamy and smouldering, so you could feel or notice in others intense emotions bubbling under the surface while words and thoughts may be kept to oneself. It is quite a secretive aspect, people may feel like going into their shell, but don't worry with these possible influences intuition could be brilliantly heightened. So a good time to sense what the house or a family member could benefit from. Being moved by sentimentality, nostalgia or music is very Cancerian. As Cancer is a notoriously moody, changeable sign in opposition to Pluto, for some people it may simply mean a strong urge to be at home, in their family surroundings or safe haven, feeling protected and cozy.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Full Moon in Sagittarius, Summer Solstice June 20th 2016

Today's Full Moon in Sagittarius at 29 degrees also coincides with the Summer Solstice , Monday 20th June. Tomorrow is the longest day of the year and so light may be shed on matters that have felt like they have been brewing and needed attention. This is the second full Moon in Sagittarius of this season (the last was a month ago) Remember the Full Moon can make things feel generally more intense or 'buzzy', as emotions run higher, with increased sensitivities people may feel crazier or more extremely, so it's generally a good rule of thumb not to act on these feelings until a few weeks later when things have settled down. As Sagittarius is an energetic, sporty sign people may feel more get up and go, or a desire for adventure. As it's a straight forward sign people may be extra blunt and lack diplomacy. As Sagittarius is an idealistic, freedom loving, moralistic sign that is forward looking, people may feel a desire to expand their horizons or that there must be something bigger and better than the now. Sagittarius could cause people to get on their moral high horse but not do as they preach. On a plus side this Full Moon in Sagittarius this second time around could help illuminate us about personal truths and ideals and what we want to strive for in a spiritual sense or as a desire to expand one's knowledge or a need for deeper meaning to life, beyond the material. Epiphanies are possible. Sagittarius Moon in opposition to the Sun and Venus in Gemini suggests over analysing won't do one much favours but neither will blind optimism. This Sagittarius/Gemini polarity could be make people feel highly strung, restless, cause insomnia, increased good humour, a desire to be sociable and carelessly avoid responsibilities but Saturn square Neptune Retrograde won't negate the confusion and push/pull between serious responsibilities, boundaries versus fantasy, illusion, mysticism and escapism A fear of failure or responsibility may be experienced by some people with a need to escape the harsh reality of the world. Neptune is about the imagination so in challenging aspect to Saturn our imaginations can run riot, thinking pessimistically or the worst. Or Saturn square Neptune Retrograde could be felt as longing for a fantasy or remembering the past with rose coloured. Be aware recreational drugs, alcohol and medications can exacerbate delusion and a grip with reality; other worldly or romantic pursuits could seem favourable compared to the mundane. If one can strive for a balance between the two, the imagination could give form to something concrete. If you succumb to Neptune Retrograde you may have a cold harsh reality check post November, as the illusion is shattered. Basically it's been a very tough several weeks and once Mars turns direct on 29th June (it's been retrograde since April 17th, give it a week or so to resume properly forward), it will hopefully feel like things can move forward and plans can be carried out, full steam ahead. The plus side of Neptune retrograde from June 17th to November 20th 2016 is heightened intuition, deep inner soul searching and the veil being thinner between the conscious and the subconscious.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

New Moon in Gemini and Grand Cross on 5th June 2016

An intense, unusual New Moon at 14 degrees Gemini today, 5th June 2016, due to the challenging grand cross that is triggered by it. As this grand cross involves mutable signs (Sun, Venus, Moon in Gemini, Saturn in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo) trying to go with the flow and adapt to necessary changes will help. Don't be surprised if many people feel scattered energies, confusion, chaos, lost and an anticipation of change on the horizon. It can be exciting but also very unsettling. With so many big shifts and oppositions and squares in the sky, the way you may feel or be effected will depend on your individual birth chart and the houses (areas of life) that are engaging these dominant outer planets. New Moons usually highlight a positive time to set new intentions but with so many other over powering influences this month it's more like a New Moon heralding bigger changes. With the Sun, Moon and Venus all in Gemini one would expect a light hearted, sociable feel but with this Moon in opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius people may be feeling a range of fluctuating feelings from vulnerability to defensiveness. With Jupiter in opposition to Neptune, extreme desires to escape. Neptune in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius could be felt as fears about the future or fears of what the outcomes could be. Other possible ways the Moon in opposition to Saturn square Neptune could be felt as big dreams that could lead to disillusionments or disappointments or plans that felt possible could turn out to be thwarted. There are so many other ways these many influences could be experienced. But just a few examples should relay how confusing and hard this grand cross is. Even the Sun square Jupiter (a planet of bonhomie and expansion) could mean blind faith and optimism are felt and then the Moon Square Saturn can be depression or melancholy so swinging between different polarities and emotions is possible too this month. Plus don't forget Gemini is a very changeable sign, with the Sun, Venus and Moon here. Finding new ways to express yourself and learning adaptability may be valuable tools to embrace. The positive thing about Grand Crosses (whether natal or transitory) the challenges bring about change, healing and transformation. Themes for this grand cross are communication (Gemini), truth and reality (Saturn in Sagittarius), Illusions and dreams (Neptune in Pisces) and adventures and philosophy, healing and service to others (Jupiter in Virgo/North Node)

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Full Moon in Sagittarius 21st May 2016

At 22:15 UK time this Saturday 21st May the Moon is at it's fullest at 1 degree Sagittarius. So emotions may have been intensifying over the last few days, dreams may have been weirder or more premonative and may continue to be until next Wednesday. This Full Moon will be close to Mars Retrograde in Scorpio, which adds restlessness or a potential combative feel . High energy, a desire for more excitement or feelings of frustration or impatience are possible influences too. Road rage may be more evident on the roads is another interpretation, especially with Mercury Retrograde. Although it turns direct this weekend, it may still feel very Retrograde for a good week longer. Mars Retrograde conjunct this Moon could rush in, take risks and want action, but the Moon in Sagittarius on the cusp of Scorpio could rush in blindly and with Mars retrograde, plans or passions could be thwarted or regretted with hindsight. This full Moon could still be revealing though as they often are. Pay attention to whatever insights you are shown but don't necessarily put any realisations, plans or desires into action yet. This Full Moon in Sagittarius, on the cusp of Scorpio is both optimistic, adventurous and expressive. Fireworks and a desire to express oneself are possible. It's not a quiet full Moon, although do be aware for some people this competitive energy could be experienced as more covert than physical, (being so near Scorpio, more snake in the grass potentially.) The Sun in Gemini opposite Moon in Sagittarius shows polar challenges between logic and intuition, trying to find the balance between the two could help. A good time to analyse feelings through looking at different ideas or concepts (Gemini) and exploring philosophical theories (Sagittarius) as long as one's ego doesn't get in the way.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, May 2016 & New Moon in Taurus 6th May 2016

Mercury the planet of communication, thoughts and short distance travel has been in Retrograde motion (or appearing to go backwards in the sky) since April 28th, it turns direct on May 22nd but the Retrograde influence may take a good week or so after this date to settle, so things feel less thwarted. Taurus is a practical, earthy, sensual, aesthetic yet also stubborn, inflexible sign. Communications therefore may be hard work, creative or practical plans may be frustrated or blocked, some people may be loathe to revisit things they don't want to change. Yet regardless of the sign Mercury is travelling through, reflecting, re thinking, revisiting or even revamping your appearance (as Venus is also in Taurus) could be beneficial and bring about rejuvenating results. Rewind and get a second chance to redo or repeat things could be relevant to some. Of course, like all Mercury Retrograde periods you may find an increase in Mercurial challenges, more miscommunications, misunderstandings with dates or times, misreading information, extra traffic jams or machinery or technological breakdowns, extra computer problems or weird glitches generally. Delays or problems can be expected in financial areas too, as Taurus relates to the 2nd house. So internet banking, paypal etc.. could be more problematic for example. Sometimes having to re-do work can be a blessing in disguise. Sometimes, more often than not, it's simply a pain in the arse. Just being aware to double check information, re read small print before signing anything, make back ups of anything important, concentrate when putting objects away, as they're more likely to get lost (temporarily) and just try to think more carefully about what you write or say, can be helpful. Mercury Retrograde increases the chance of hearing from or bumping into old friends or people from the past.
On a positive note there is a New Moon tomorrow, Friday 6th May, 16 degrees in Taurus. The number 6 itself relates to the Lovers card in the Tarot and to the planet Venus which rules Taurus. Venus is a planet of harmony, love, creativity, relationships, money and balance. So a fortuitous date for this Taurus New Moon. Whenever there is a New Moon it means the Sun and Moon are in close proximity. So with the Sun, New Moon and Venus all in Taurus in grand trine to Jupiter Retrograde (Virgo) and Pluto Retrograde (Capricorn) this could be felt as a positive shift or a new chapter in terms of inner transformation and personal growth. This Taurus energy is positive for enjoying food, creativity or anything sensual. Jupiter goes direct from Mon 9th May so this may be felt as more freedom, good fortune, bonhomie and expansion, moving forward. Common sense and moderation are wise to focus on over the coming months with Saturn Square Neptune, as realism and structure can help avoid pitfalls from self defeating or excessive habits or behaviours. New Moons are a positive time for thinking about new intentions and new plans even if you don't act upon them during this Mercury Retrograde period.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Full Moon in Scorpio 22nd April 2016

The Moon is waxing towards a Full Moon this Friday 22nd April in the passionate water sign, Scorpio. (2 degrees) From today until around 4 days afterwards, heightened emotions, increased sensitivity, restlessness, disturbed sleep and extremer feelings are all possible. As Scorpio is an all or nothing sign, people's reactions are likely to be more full on than usual. That's no excuse though for extreme behaviour, outbursts or power plays. Scorpio also has the potential to be very controlled and disciplined. Increased appetites, sexual energy or fear for some people may elevate as the Moon brings emotions to the surface. Full Moons often illuminate or bring revelations. Whenever there is a Full Moon it means the Moon is opposite the Sun which will be in Taurus. So themes could be transformation, mystery, the taboos (Scorpio) versus security, peace, form, practicality and creativity (Taurus) With unusually high number of Retrograde planets over the next several months, there will be a feeling of extra time to analyse and reflect on these profound external changes and deep inner realisations that are taking place for most. I read an interesting post by Gregory Rozek "many retrograde planets makes the world appear to slow down. It feels like you are living in a different dimension with less inner uncertainty."

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Pluto Retrograde April 17th 2016

Pluto will be turning Retrograde in Capricorn on April 17th/18th until September 26th 2016. Retrograde influences regardless of the planet is about reviewing, revisiting and many other 're' associated words. Capricorn earth's energy is a practical, materialistic, ambitious sign. Pluto is linked to the Underworld in mythology and issues that are buried or deep down, so can relate to subjects like psychology, mining, detective work, analysis but also dramatic transformation. Pluto when Retrograde may be felt even more intensely as Pluto rules Scorpio and Scorpio energy is extreme, never wishy washy or mild. What may this all mean for people? Well, these months could be a positive time for looking deep within at what you want to transform. It could be a period akin to the Phoenix rising from the ashes, breakthroughs, positive changes, detoxing or regeneration are possible experiences too. Reform or changes to one's psychological behaviours that may affect one's physical body are possible too, so detoxing could be an option or letting go of addictions or negative behavioural patterns. It is a beneficial time to go deep within our souls to review things especially as Jupiter (an optimistic, spiritual/religious, philosophical planet) has also been Retrograde in earthy, health conscious Virgo since January and will be until 9th May. Jupiter trine Pluto around June 26th is a peak, positive influence for self dedication and a win/win effect. Mars in Sagittarius will be Retrograding too on 17th April until June 29th (entering Scorpio on May 28th, until it returns to Sag on Aug 2nd.) Mars Retrograde may simply be felt as plans being thwarted or it being harder to keep up the drive to succeed. None of these Retrogrades are to be feared though. Mars Ret is a great time for planning and stategizing especially as Mercury will be Retrograde too from 29th April in Taurus (until May 22nd) which I will write about in more detail another day. Mercury Ret in Taurus can bring about slower thinking, delays with money or practical matters and communication may seem more gritty, cumbersome or blocked.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

7th April 2016 New Moon in Aries

Today's super New Moon is in Aries at 18 degrees. New Moons are considered to be a positive time to set new intentions or to implement something. Obviously it doesn't mean do something just for the sake of it but with the Sun, Venus and Uranus also in Aries it could be a good time to embrace Aries optimistic, pioneering, go getting energy. A sense of excitement or anticipation or a desire for change or action, may be in the air for some people as Uranus is conjunct (close to) the New Moon. Uranus is about shaking things up and Aries doesn't sit on his laurels. Itchy feet, a desire for independence and breaking from the past are other possible influences some people may experience especially as Chiron is still conjunct the past South Node in Pisces. So some people may feel ready to forge ahead, break free from past wounds and to be emotionally honest. If anyone is going to take action it's probably wiser to get things moving before Mars turns Retrograde on 17th April and Mercury turns Retrograde on April 28th. If you can put important events on hold till July onwards, even better but sometimes in life you can't so don't worry just know you may need more gusto or elbow grease to get things moving and just leave more time for delays etc like always with Merc Ret periods. This New Moon may feel exciting for some but unsettling for others as Pluto is square this New Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus. Unexpected upheavals could arise or change being forced upon us. Try to go with the flow, as best you can and know things will feel slower and there will be more time to digest events with the soon to be inner planet retrogrades.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Full Lunar Eclipse in Libra - 23rd March 2016

If you've been having weird or vivid dreams and have been feeling extra sensitive, moody, irritable, depressed or out of kilter over the last several days it may well have been due to the waxing Full Moon, which culminates in a Lunar Eclipse (the Earth coming between the Sun and the Moon) tomorrow, Wednesday 23rd March at 3 degrees Libra. The influence of the Full Moon can be felt four days afterwards too but with a Lunar Eclipse the effects can be experienced for up to 3 months. A Full Lunar Eclipse is like having a spot light shining on what needs attention or may need to change. Full Moons and Eclipses are not to be feared, they simply amplify whatever is already present. The unexpected upheavals or changes, positive or negative, are rarely mild but it can be an exciting time too. With the recent Sun in fiery, self orientated Aries in opposition to this Moon in idealistic, indecisive air sign Libra matters related to relationships with our self, others and balance in life generally may come to our attention. Saturn Retrograding from 25th March in Sagittarius, until August, adds to this Libra Lunar Eclipse's influence of reviewing and reflecting about responsibilities and commitments as well as relationships and what no longer serves us. Jupiter Retrograde in Virgo in square to this Saturn in Sagittarius over the coming months may highlight themes linked to restrictions on freedom, re evaluation of laws, our inner beliefs and spiritual truths or how we wish to expand new horizons or systems. It may be helpful to know not to over extend ourselves or to take short cuts during this Saturn square Jupiter period. Just as Solar Eclipses can bring about positive new beginnings in coming months, lunar eclipses can bring matters to a head or an end and feel more emotional and sentimental.March is a full on month with lots of big changes and re structuring on the horizon for many.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Solar Eclipse in Pisces, 8th March 2016

Tomorrow Tuesday 8th March's New Moon is in Pisces, it is also a Solar Eclipse (when the Moon is directly between the Earth & the Sun) so it is like the sky's light will be switched off temporarily and with this may come feelings of opportunities being taken away. New Moons bring positive opportunities for new beginnings and Solar Eclipses are like amplifying these influences three fold so it speeds things up and moves events forward. Pisces is sensitive, imaginative, artistic, intuitive, spiritual, escapist, confused and indecisive and with Pisces Sun conjunct the South Node which relates to matters of the past (11th March) and Chiron on 24th (the planets of wounds and healing) it may be hard to ignore past matters relating to emotional wounds or healing.
Solar eclipses can bring about great upheaval or force us to look at options we wouldn't have chosen or considered but with great changes, new chapters can manifest over the months as a result. The effects of a Solar Eclipse can be 3-6 months, or sometimes even one year. Events can also be forced to be changed during Solar Eclipses due to being eclipsed by other major factors. A good example by astrologer Bill Meridian is when "Charles and Camilla who were supposed to marry just before an eclipse…and then the Pope died so that they had to change their wedding date!"
People with planets at 14 to 24 degrees of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) are most likely to be effected but this really depends on the individual natal chart.
As well as the conjunction between the South Node and Chiron, the past North Node is also conjunct to Mercury (17th March) and Ceres (24th March) as well as Venus (29th March). So past matters related to healing, new ways to communicate and deal with wounds from the past and issues related to nature and nurture (from Ceres) are themes that may arise. Ceres can also be about food and clothing as well as nurturing, so some people may embark on a change of appearance or a new food programme. This powerful emphasis on the South Node (karmic past) can force us to look at the old patterns of behaviour and how to approach these past pains in a new way. Letting go is a theme of this month.
Mars (the planet of action, energy, challenge, passion) has recently moved into Sagittarius a forthright, brave, adventurous energy until 27th September. Mars usually moves through every zodiac sign around 6-7 weeks but is in Sagittarius for months because it retrogrades from 17th April until 29th June. Mars retrograde means actions or plans may be thwarted or delayed, some plans may back fire, lose the drive to succeed or fail to happen at all. Some people may find they need to work extra hard to get things moving. Mars retrograde is a positive time though for planning projects or stategizing or getting ready to launch something when Mars goes direct and re enters Sagitarius on 2nd August. Mars will be reentering Scoripio during this Retrograde period on May 28th. Mars in Scorpio is persistent, determined, great at in depth preparation and investigating.
So, March is not a mild, easy going month with this Solar Eclipse (reminds me of the slash and burn agricultural technique) and the Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse in Libra 3 degrees on 23rd March (in opposition to the Aries Sun) with Jupiter square Saturn will throw many into a quandry about what decisions to make and what is no longer serving us. Self versus relationships will be relevent for many. I will write more about this month's Lunar Ecipse nearer the time which won't be easy as it can force us to look at our shadow self and the effects are generally felt for around 6 weeks.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Full Moon in Virgo, 22nd Feb 2016

Tomorrow's Full Moon on 22nd February 2016 in earthy Virgo (6.20pm London time) could find some people wishing to escape the practical or the mundane as this Virgo Moon is in opposition to the mystical, ethereal Sun in Pisces conjunct dreamy Neptune. The several days leading up to the Full Moon and the several days after can result in increased strange and vivid dreams and difficulty sleeping, regardless of the Moon sign. Increased confusion or disorientation is a possible interpretation with this Full Moon and unconscious feelings and a lack of objection with Moon Virgo opposite Sun, Neptune in Pisces. Virgo is ruled by Mercury (ruler of Gemini also) which rules the hands, so hands on practical work may help release increased feelings of tension or restlessness. Virgo being a perfectionist energy could equate to doing a clear out or scrubbing the floors or 'hands on' healing. Irritation could be acute and criticisms towards others could be increased if things don't work out in accordance to personal aims. Revelations are common during Full Moon periods and the next two weeks may illuminate you about certain matters from the past five months. The healing of wounds may be a topic relevant to many from March 8th with the Solar Eclipse in Pisces conjunct Chiron, through until Sept 2016, amongst many other significant aspects which I will write about nearer the time. For now, simply being aware any increased odd, ethereal feelings, from Pisces, while feeling one should be getting on with practical tasks, from Virgo, may be helpful.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

New Moon in Capricorn 10th January 2016

Today's New Moon in Capricorn is also very close to Pluto. A powerful, intense New Moon therefore. And this New Moon conjunct Pluto is in positive trine to Uranus in Aries which is exciting and go getting. New Moons are a great time for setting new intentions, planting new goals and in earthy, ambitious Capricorn it is an ideal time to initiate projects or look into starting new activities that will move you forward towards success. Be aware that Moon conjunct Pluto amplifies emotions and desires, so many people may be feeling renewed zest for achievement or obsessed with power or achievement. Moon/Pluto can be fearful or paranoid but try to remain positive to get the most out of this influence. As the Sun is also in Capricorn focus may be felt in the areas of career, finances, materialistic possessions, status or simply getting ahead. As Mercury is retrograde too (which began on 5th January in Aquarius and will mostly be in Capricorn until Jan 25th) remember that past achievements may be on your mind. Mercury the planet of communication, thoughts, short term travel and writing when Retrograde commonly makes time feel slower and often brings an increase in miscommunications, travel delays, technological and machine break downs or weird occurrences. As frustrating as Mercury Retrograde can feel it is a beneficial time to review, revisit or re do things from the past, to have nostalgic thoughts, find past memories come to your attention and don't be surprised if you hear or bump into people from the past. Just give more time for important appointments, make sure to double check arranged times/dates, if you have important conversations to have, choose your words carefully as you may be misunderstood and try to wait a week after Mercury goes Direct on 25th, until carrying out any important actions, if possible. If you do need to sign any contracts or buy new technology be sure to check the small print and keep the receipt.