Thursday, 29 September 2016

30th Sept/1st October, 2016 New Moon in Libra conjunct Jupiter in Libra

The theme tune I hear for Fri 30th September/1st October's New Moon in Libra is 'Whole Lotta Love' by Led Zep or 'All You Need Is Love'. The date varies according to where you live in the world. In England this New Moon is on 1st October and is exact at 1:11am It is a positive time to reset the scales, especially as the Sun and Jupiter are conjunct this Moon. Libra is ruled by Venus the planet of love, harmony, healing and creativity. Jupiter is a positive planet linked to expansion, good fortune and is future looking. Jupiter is also linked to religion and justice. This Venusian/Jupiter influence should give many a boost of optimism whatever the weather and a feeling of a new chapter, aptly corresponding with the recent Autumn Equinox. Libra is all about truth, balance, weighing matters up, relationships and is a good analytical sign. So if you feel like setting new rules or wish to re balance any relationships whether with family, friends, loved ones or yourself, now and the next few weeks can help favour this intention. New Moons regardless of the Sign are generally considered a stirling time to set new intentions. And with auspicious Jupiter hugging this Sun and Moon it's all about peace and love! Mercury went direct on 22nd September but this post shadow Mercury period (up until 7th Oct) can feel worse or like Mercury is still Retrograde, just being aware can help. I know I've been experiencing an increase with weird and irritating computer and phone problems. And I will be aiming to leave extra time when traveling to allow for delays up until 7th when things should resume to being more 'normal' Happy Weekend every one!

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Harvest Moon, September 16th 2016

A belated mini astrological summary for the recent Full Lunar eclipse on Friday 16th September, 2016. Lunar Eclipses are when the Earth is between the Moon and the Sun cutting off the light of the Sun from the Moon. Lunar Eclipses tend to make people more emotional or bring emotions, memories and dreams to the surface whereas Solar Eclipses tend to bring about new beginnings or events. This recent Full Moon/Lunar eclipse in Pisces was in close proximity to Chiron (the planet of wounds and healing) so illumination and revelations about painful emotions can be profound and help us move forward while healing from the truth. Especially linked to the past as the South Node (karmic past) and Neptune (the ruler of Pisces) are both in Pisces in opposition to the Virgo Sun conjunct Mercury and the North Node (future lessons) and Jupiter (expansion) all in Virgo. So practical application and changes from these emotional realisations can bring about concrete steps towards positive changes in the future. Heightened sensitivity, romanticism, artistic longings and wanting to escape and makes changes from the past is possible too. But not everyone is effected by Solar or Lunar eclipses. People with Pisces, Virgo, Libra or Aries as a Sun or Rising sign may have felt the influences of these recent eclipses more but other people may be effected if these planets are in aspect to other natal planets. Mars square this Full Moon could explain heightened anger and people lashing out at those they love. Wounds and anger about the past may catalyse a desire for real change from Virgo energy. We generally wish to avoid pain but realisations about past matters can help set us free. In semi sextile to Uranus these sudden out of the blue revelations or realisations could have an amazing liberating impact in the next several months as the Lunar Eclipse is three fold the power of a simple Full Moon. It is worth mentioning Cancerians can feel Lunar Eclipses more strongly as the Moon rules Cancer.

Friday, 2 September 2016


With the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and North Node all in Virgo and with yesterday's New Moon, Solar Eclipse, 1st September 2016 at 9 degrees Virgo, it is a strong, positive time to embrace this earth energy to plan what you want to do! A Solar eclipse is when the Moon stands between the Sun and the Earth, cutting off the light to the Sun. Solar Eclipses herald big life news, often new beginnings or endings that will bring about new chapters. Eclipses force changes and help life to move forward. Dates that you will remember for years. If it doesn't impact you directly, then family or friends may experience these major life changes. Generally though New Moon, Solar Eclipses bring about new beginnings and new opportunities whereas Lunar Eclipses are more about emotional changes, revelations or facing the truth. Positive unexpected occurrences that bring about changes often happen as a result of a Solar Eclipse too. Virgo is an intelligent, practical, dexterous, perfectionist energy. The fact Mercury in Virgo is in Retrograde and Mercury rules Virgo, gives us an opportunity to re think and re do things, a second chance. A Solar Eclipse is a much more powerful New Moon and so it's effects and influence can be felt for up to three to six months afterwards. Not everyone will feel the effects of an eclipse strongly unless you have your Sun, Moon or Ascendant in this sign. It also depends in which house (which area of life) this occurs as to how it may manifest. What is not so easy, for everyone is the Saturn (in Sagittarius) square Neptune Retrograde (in Pisces) Saturn is about structure, responsibility, lessons/karma. Neptune is about illusion, mysticism and magic. Sagittarius is about freedom, truth, expansion and Pisces is about imagination and fantasy. Neptune in Pisces is rose coloured, romantic and sensitive. So this square can be felt negatively as fear, paranoia and a struggle between responsibilities and escapism. The harsh reality of life may leave you feeling bereft, disappointed or depressed. “The shattering of illusion is like waking up from a bad dream” Questions about what we believe in and dreams we have that have may have died pave the way for a new path. It's a hard time and there have been several squares between Saturn and Neptune since November 2015 but this final aspect culminates on 10th September. So once this influence settles after 10th, with open eyes we should find we are able to start to move forward and build new foundations or deal with the reality which will be less scary than feared.