Sunday, 27 March 2016

Full Lunar Eclipse in Libra - 23rd March 2016

If you've been having weird or vivid dreams and have been feeling extra sensitive, moody, irritable, depressed or out of kilter over the last several days it may well have been due to the waxing Full Moon, which culminates in a Lunar Eclipse (the Earth coming between the Sun and the Moon) tomorrow, Wednesday 23rd March at 3 degrees Libra. The influence of the Full Moon can be felt four days afterwards too but with a Lunar Eclipse the effects can be experienced for up to 3 months. A Full Lunar Eclipse is like having a spot light shining on what needs attention or may need to change. Full Moons and Eclipses are not to be feared, they simply amplify whatever is already present. The unexpected upheavals or changes, positive or negative, are rarely mild but it can be an exciting time too. With the recent Sun in fiery, self orientated Aries in opposition to this Moon in idealistic, indecisive air sign Libra matters related to relationships with our self, others and balance in life generally may come to our attention. Saturn Retrograding from 25th March in Sagittarius, until August, adds to this Libra Lunar Eclipse's influence of reviewing and reflecting about responsibilities and commitments as well as relationships and what no longer serves us. Jupiter Retrograde in Virgo in square to this Saturn in Sagittarius over the coming months may highlight themes linked to restrictions on freedom, re evaluation of laws, our inner beliefs and spiritual truths or how we wish to expand new horizons or systems. It may be helpful to know not to over extend ourselves or to take short cuts during this Saturn square Jupiter period. Just as Solar Eclipses can bring about positive new beginnings in coming months, lunar eclipses can bring matters to a head or an end and feel more emotional and sentimental.March is a full on month with lots of big changes and re structuring on the horizon for many.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Solar Eclipse in Pisces, 8th March 2016

Tomorrow Tuesday 8th March's New Moon is in Pisces, it is also a Solar Eclipse (when the Moon is directly between the Earth & the Sun) so it is like the sky's light will be switched off temporarily and with this may come feelings of opportunities being taken away. New Moons bring positive opportunities for new beginnings and Solar Eclipses are like amplifying these influences three fold so it speeds things up and moves events forward. Pisces is sensitive, imaginative, artistic, intuitive, spiritual, escapist, confused and indecisive and with Pisces Sun conjunct the South Node which relates to matters of the past (11th March) and Chiron on 24th (the planets of wounds and healing) it may be hard to ignore past matters relating to emotional wounds or healing.
Solar eclipses can bring about great upheaval or force us to look at options we wouldn't have chosen or considered but with great changes, new chapters can manifest over the months as a result. The effects of a Solar Eclipse can be 3-6 months, or sometimes even one year. Events can also be forced to be changed during Solar Eclipses due to being eclipsed by other major factors. A good example by astrologer Bill Meridian is when "Charles and Camilla who were supposed to marry just before an eclipse…and then the Pope died so that they had to change their wedding date!"
People with planets at 14 to 24 degrees of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) are most likely to be effected but this really depends on the individual natal chart.
As well as the conjunction between the South Node and Chiron, the past North Node is also conjunct to Mercury (17th March) and Ceres (24th March) as well as Venus (29th March). So past matters related to healing, new ways to communicate and deal with wounds from the past and issues related to nature and nurture (from Ceres) are themes that may arise. Ceres can also be about food and clothing as well as nurturing, so some people may embark on a change of appearance or a new food programme. This powerful emphasis on the South Node (karmic past) can force us to look at the old patterns of behaviour and how to approach these past pains in a new way. Letting go is a theme of this month.
Mars (the planet of action, energy, challenge, passion) has recently moved into Sagittarius a forthright, brave, adventurous energy until 27th September. Mars usually moves through every zodiac sign around 6-7 weeks but is in Sagittarius for months because it retrogrades from 17th April until 29th June. Mars retrograde means actions or plans may be thwarted or delayed, some plans may back fire, lose the drive to succeed or fail to happen at all. Some people may find they need to work extra hard to get things moving. Mars retrograde is a positive time though for planning projects or stategizing or getting ready to launch something when Mars goes direct and re enters Sagitarius on 2nd August. Mars will be reentering Scoripio during this Retrograde period on May 28th. Mars in Scorpio is persistent, determined, great at in depth preparation and investigating.
So, March is not a mild, easy going month with this Solar Eclipse (reminds me of the slash and burn agricultural technique) and the Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse in Libra 3 degrees on 23rd March (in opposition to the Aries Sun) with Jupiter square Saturn will throw many into a quandry about what decisions to make and what is no longer serving us. Self versus relationships will be relevent for many. I will write more about this month's Lunar Ecipse nearer the time which won't be easy as it can force us to look at our shadow self and the effects are generally felt for around 6 weeks.