Thursday, 23 December 2010


As Jung said:
The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed.

Very apt for synastry - whenever I look at relationship charts there are so many contacts between planets, it is no coincidence there is a connection. It's when there are few major contacts between two people's charts it's unlikely there will be any significance to evolve into a relationship, whether it be friendship or more. Synastry charts with few important contacts may like, respect and get on well with each other but it's when we are powerfully effected by a person and visa verse, that we are attracted to investing in a relationship as we know we will both gain something and be different as a result.

So, I so agree with Jung; through important relationships we learn the most about ourselves and consequently evolve.

As I say 'love is generally chemical or karmic'.

The Positive Side To Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde makes most people in the know groan in advance at the transport problems, delays, and communication breakdowns that are bound to occur. Yes these things happen all the time but more weird stuff happens with machinery, computers and travel during this three/four week period, three to four times a year than at other times.

This Merc Ret period turns direct on 29th December, hallelujah, although it takes a week for life to settle back to 'normal'.

Yet, for the first time, I experienced a wonderful effect from this influence. My CD player has been broken for over a year. Every time I've tried to play a CD it doesn't work. Of course, I did all the usual checks, plug on, wires all in, all the buttons properly on. And like an idiot (or child who believes in magic) I still try regularly, in the hope it will work. Yestereve, about three weeks later, I tried again. And hey presto! CD after CD worked. Musical Joy.

So, I have experienced Mercury Retrograde can increase the chances of technological breakdown yet if something was broken before hand in normal times, try it during this period and it may just magically work.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Winter Solstice - Full Lunar Eclipse

Winter Solstice Full Lunar Eclipse

Today’s full lunar eclipse is on this shortest day of the year. This unusual planetary alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth (the Earth in the middle) last occurred in 1638. It next returns in 2094.

A Lunar eclipse is fine to look at with the naked eye unlike a Solar, of course. Lasting for two to three hours many people worldwide will see a blood red moon due to the recent eruption of Mount Merapi in Indonesia.

People in Europe and especially North America and Greenland will be able to witness the whole event due to the perfect geographical position.

It would be great to see but personally seeing is not believing; by which I mean even if I can’t see what is going on far above us I still believe we are influenced (somewhat) by the planets. So, to be aware of the potential astrological influence of this unusual occurrence is helpful.

This Full Lunar Eclipse is in the mutable, air sign Gemini so this full moon is focusing on intelligence, ideas, thoughts and communication. Mercury is Retrograde at the moment (Dec 10th – 30th although it can take a week either side for everything to settle and feel less disrupted). So it is a time for reflection - people are wise to think before they speak and act. Travel and communication disruption is even more obvious with Mercury Retrograde in Gemini with this Lunar Eclipse in Gemini.

This Gemini Lunar Eclipse is forming a mutable T-square with Jupiter and Uranus, which suggests revolutionary ideas, new thought patterns and approaches to situations. So the need for flexibility to adapt to changes is helpful.

Big events, new ideas, more action, important messages occur around Eclipses which herald change, so be prepared for the unexpected. Many people will be feeling an impatient, restlessness with a need for change, which is quite fitting with the New Year only a few weeks away.

Happy New Year to you all.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

The Devil

Half man, half beast this winged monster evokes fear on first sight yet it’s purpose is to remind us we are human mammals with animal appetites, base needs and desires. (In psychology this is referred to as the ID - connected to the hypothalamus, the pleasure centre in the brain.) Some of the associations with the Devil card are sex, power, money, hunger, addictions, negative thinking and the mundane chores that we can get bogged down by or tied to, represented by the chains in the picture. Reversed this card shows the patterns and chains can be broken, the burden can be lifted. We as human animals can change our thoughts and behaviour with positive thinking and higher consciousness. No one says this is easy, of course.

During one reading, The Devil upright with the Chariot Reversed were selected by a client in question to what career paths he could consider.
I said “the word ‘mechanic’ springs to mind on seeing the Chariot yet I didn’t feel this was his vocation” and the Devil makes me think of physicality (I thought of a night club and/or naked flesh). So I said “it’s linked to physicality and the body and this business choice looks to be a good source of income, as it will always be in demand, regardless of the recession".
He enlightened me with the information he studied the mechanics of the body when he was studying to be a doctor but he has also tried some tattooing and was considering this amongst other things. So, I was part right and part wrong. .

I always feel fortunate when I have clients who are happy to give insight into the cards and help me continue to learn and grow as a tarot reader.

So, another interesting association with the Devil – tattooing.

It is worth mentioning that in the last century the Devil imagery has changed from full beast to half man, to reflect a popular realisation that we have animal appetites and have our own inner demons to face. Whereas the older representation was of a literal Lucifer.

p.s. In Austrailan Cricket the number 87 considered an unlucky score, known as the Devil's number. 87 added together equals 15 which is the number of The Devil card in the tarot. Thought worth mentioning.

Rituals and Traditions

I personally don’t believe that tarot cards must be given as a present, as many books and people say. I’ve always bought my own packs and haven’t encountered any problems as a result.
I don’t believe the cards have to be clothed in black velvet or silk. Of course it’s wise to protect them but again I often use plastic bags with no negative side effect.
I’m not being a rebel but I'm not superstitious. I simply believe the power of the cards lies in the symbols combined with the knowledge and intuition of the reader.
I do always use my left hand to select tarot cards asI do believe the intuitive right side of the brain that controls the left side ‘feels' the cards with the left hand. Although saying that I do believe one always picks the right card, even if it is with the right hand.

So, anything goes in my book.

The Element of Air

My boyfriend’s mother a wonderful, intelligent lady posed an interesting question to me the other night as we talked about tarot. I said I’d happily teach her tarot in easy steps if she’d like. I started explaining some helpful fundamentals; how the suits relate to the elements.
So Pentacles or Discs relate to the element of Earth (so they're linked to practical matters, every day, mundane life, finances, cards of doing);
Cups relate to the element of Water (so they're linked to feelings, emotions, relationships); Wands relate to Fire (linked to energy, passion, creativity, inspiration, anger);
Swords relate to the element of Air (linked to the mind, rationale, logic, communication).
She asked why are ‘swords’ used to represent Air? I didn't know and thought that is a good question, balloons relate better to pictorially representing air;  swords are made from metal/
steel. She thought aloud and came up with some good theories about how the mind can be penetrating like a sword, as just one example but her quesiton has left me with the desire to research how the pictorial elements were chosen. I shall let you know my discoveries.

The Power of Words, The Power of Silence

With each passing year I become increasingly aware of how powerful words can be. I truly believe words can kill, they can heal, they can move mountains. A book can change a person’s destiny through inspiration or knowledge.

So, the tarot reader’s responsibility is great. A good tarot reader gives an honest interpretation based on knowledge and intuition or however they receive information yet the delivery can make a huge difference. I think it is wrong to lie and give false hope to a client. If the cards are very dark and bleak, ask more questions to find light and positive matters to consider.

Sometimes, I can see things but nothing is set in stone, so I feel it is wiser for the client to discover this his/herself. No one said it is easy being a reader. Sometimes, less is best.

Experience Is The Best Teacher

If in doubt – don’t!

Sometimes it is preferable to politely decline reading somebody’s tarot, even having offered, if you feel it is unwise.

Many years ago, while visiting family in Israel less than a year into my experimentation with tarot one of my Aunt’s (who has since tragically passed away) asked if I could see how her pregnancy would be (it was for her first child).

Without hesitating, I picked some cards. Immediately it was obvious the spread was negative. I didn’t need to refer to my books to understand something was wrong. My heart sunk. I don’t remember the cards now, except The Empress Reversed (The Empress is the Mother card) and Strength upright, the only hopeful card in the spread. I lied, (I don't condone this behaviour now, more on this subject in another blog) but I couldn't say it looked bad, especially as I was a novice and couldn't explain the other cards. So I said the Strength card shows she will have great strength and courage; although it may not be an easy pregnancy everything will be fine. I apologized saying I didn’t understand the other cards. My Aunt’s English was minimal so it was left at that.

Time passed. Months later, the good news arrived that my aunt had a healthy baby boy, no problems. The relief was immense. Until I learnt trouble with breast feeding led to investigations that found cancerous tumors blocking her milk ducts, believed to have developed during pregnancy. Of course, the reading returned to me. That early experience taught me lots.

Medical Matters

At that moment of reading my Aunt's cards I decided I wouldn’t answer medical questions anymore. I do now, years later although like most tarot readers I prefer not to look at medical matters, as I am not a doctor. Of course, even when I tell clients this, they still ask me to have a look. I explain I’m happy to see if the cards suggest anything, but regardless of the tarot it is always advisable to seek professional medical advice/have tests etc if one has any health concerns. I say even if everything looks okay to me, and is nothing serious, get yourself checked out, even for peace of mind!

Anyway, experience has taught me to give careful consideration when asked to look at certain matters and to word the question carefully. Still to this day I associate the Empress reversed with blockages. Several months later during a part time job at a local newspaper a colleague ‘tested’ the cards when she learnt I read tarot, asking what’s going on with her house. I said the pipes are blocked,from a combination of cards including the Star reversed (Aquarius Water bearer) with the Empress reversed. She was amazed as this was correct.